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Hello from our honeymoon on the other side of the world! How are we all? I hope you all had a cosy Christmas and cracking NYE celebration. Is your head still hurting? FAB. It feels like it's been yonks since I caught up with you all, but in actual fact it's been all of about three weeks so I'll cut back on the sentimental gushing and give it to you straight. I LOVE NEW ZEALAND. I love the people (hugs goodbye from your airbnb hosts are the norm - SO CUTE). I love the views. I love getting lost and finding a jaw-droppingly stunning beach and whipping out my swimming costume. I love driving an automatic car (who knew?). I love spending time with Mark and I'm 99% sure he's still fond of me after being attached to his hip for the past 24 days. It might sound sickly sweet (so get ready to pass the vom bucket), but I don't think I could be seeing in 2018 any happier. Here's why... 

Lesson #5

Try New Things (Groundbreaking, I Know...)

I'm a slave to my gut. Once I get a gut feeling about something - be it good or bad - it's hard for me to shake. Often it's a handy hack that allows me to make decisions speedily and in a way that doesn't make me toss and turn at night, but sometimes it acts as a stubborn barrier, getting in the way of new opportunities as I pre-empt that they're not my cup of tea without being open to the idea of giving them a go - 'NOT TODAY SIR!'. But being aware of your flaws is the first step to kicking them in the ass, right? I know my gut can sometimes give the middle finger to things that I could at least dip my toe into, so I'm working on it. Case in point - our 26 day honeymoon to New Zealand. 

I'm sure it will come as no shock to you that an adventure packed, hiking-filled, outdoorsy honeymoon wasn't my idea. You've met my husband right? If you would have asked me this time last year what my perfect honeymoon would have looked like I would have answered with the blogger-cliched response of the Maldives, or somewhere equally hot and sandy, with lots of paddling/book reading potential. Now don't get me wrong because the Maldives is most definitely on still on the list (Hey Lily - fancy a girl's holiday?), however through giving something new a go, I've found a way of holidaying that ticks all the boxes for me that I never previously thought would have been the case. 

The main revelation to me, aside from the fact that New Zealand is dreamy (COME VISIT! I've convinced my parents to book a trip here through persistently sending them pictures of the view outside our bedroom window each morning), is that travelling almost every day is quite the adventure - in a good way. As someone who spends a lot of time at home, sitting on my arse, I was convinced that the constant cycle of arriving at a place, spending a night or two there and then re-packing and trekking off to another destination, would leave me needing at least three naps a day. However the complete opposite has been true. The road trip aspect has meant that we've never got bored, always have something new to see or do and have managed to squish in the NZ highlight reel into under a month. Because our time in each spot is limited it makes you want to do stuff ALL THE TIME. Side note: packing cubes are marvellous and have made the unpacking/repacking episodes a piece of cake. 

So outdoorsy road trips float my boat! Who'd have thought it? A girl who once threw such a tantrum as a teenager at Centre Parcs because she didn't want to ruin her hair by wearing a helmet, enjoys kayaking for five hours straight. And mountain biking until she has bruises on her inner buttocks that last a week (SO PAINFUL). And throws herself off a 100 metre canyon swing. I think my Dad might fall off his chair when he reads this (HI DAD! Thanks for subscribing to my newsletter!). Through shifting outside my comfort zone a little I've had a honeymoon that has been so good that I get a little emosh when I think about flying home and have got my juices flowing for a whole new way to travel. 

Next on the wish-list is a west coast U.S roadtrip, but before that it's back to the grind which is one thing I'm actually excited to get back to, along with a delayed Christmas Day dinner with my family and being reunited with my foot file. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! 


Fjallraven Kanken Backpack I've worn this practically everyday we've been here and it gets a huge thumbs up from me.
things-post-thumb-1.pngSwell Water Stainless Steel Water Bottle This bottle keeps water ice cold even in the boiling heat for like, two days. It's incredible. 
things-post-thumb-1.pngG4Free Packing Cubes Value Set I borrowed these from a mate and they have made packing dreamy. Top marks for the mesh window.
things-post-thumb-1.pngThe White Company Cashmere Hoodie Again something I've worn daily, this is my long haul travel essential. Great for getting cosy.
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