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Welcome to the first ever ‘An Edited Life’ newsletter! Well this is a bit different isn’t it? Firstly I have to say thank you so much for signing up! Secondly, thank you for having faith that this newsletter isn’t going to be complete bumf. I know that they can be a royal pain in the ass sometimes, but I promise to serve up something monthly for you that isn’t just a prompt to empty your wallets at your favourite shop because THE SALE IS HERE! I’m hoping to drop a motivational kick up the rear into your inbox on the first Monday of every month. Expect tips on how to declutter your possessions, mind and routines and points in the right direction of content that will have you positively exploding with boss lady attitude, so you can fine-tune your editing processes and actually get s**t done. Right - let’s do this…


Lesson #1


I spent the whole of August banging on about it on the blog, but for the past month I’ve been embracing my inner homebody. I’ve politely declined meetings, events and social bits and bobs that previously I would have gone to and been completely knackered, in need of a nap and massively behind on work after attending. That’s a topic for another month, but being based at home for the majority of the month has meant that I’ve actually spent time at my desk, instead of writing posts on the train with a person squished next to me who has so many bags that they have blocked out all visible signs of daylight, or replying to emails on my phone as I play a game of human bowling walking down Oxford Street.

When we lived in London my workspace was a flimsy IKEA glass laptop table that was propped up next to the kitchen bin. Not only did it feel like it was constantly about to topple over, it wasn’t the greatest smelling spot if we’d had fish for dinner the night before. In our current home, I’m lucky enough to have a whole room for my office and when we first moved in I kitted it out like I was aiming for some kind of Pinterest world record. I loved it. However, two years later things felt a bit stale and one afternoon, as I’d snuck out to write a blog post from bed and tried not to give into my urge to nap, I realised that it needed freshening up.

I think this is where we so often get it wrong with our workspace. It’s drilled into us that once we’ve furnished and finished a room that we’re all done for the next 20 years - yes parents I’m looking at you with your bedroom furniture that you’ve had since I was born - but in a space where we’re supposed to be at our most creative, we need to re-jig things around every now and again. Whether it’s a laptop desk by a bin, a desk in an office of many, or a room to itself; it should be a place that’s not only practical and functional, but a space that gives our brain a tickle. A spot that looks so inviting that you have to stop yourself from taking an Instagram of it every darn day, that’s also comfortable to sit at every darn day. That’s what we’re aiming for here.

Pimping up my workspace meant making the room feel more feminine and fun. I’ve added a fluffy pink pillow that is so soft that it makes me want to buy a cat and I’ve switched up my outdoorsy prints for a quote that’s a play on Nelly’s ‘Hot in Herre’ lyrics because it makes me laugh. I've switched out my fancy looking, but not-so-comfortable plastic chair for a cushioned blue velvet one that SPINS! Seriously, it’s so fun. I’ve also invested in some storage to tidy-up areas of the room that had become a mound of unwanted beauty products stacked up in tote bags.

So now, not only does my workspace feel more ‘me’, it makes me feel good to be in there and has sparked a handful of new routines that I feel have also turned up the dial on my productivity knob. I have begun lighting my candle stash and after years of keeping them out for decorative purposes and special occasions only, I feel like I may not need to buy a candle for at least five years. It smells good, it gives good ambience and it makes me feel like I have my s**t together. Because of my new fancy chair my butt has been going straight from bed and into it, instead of working in bed which just makes me feel like a giant unproductive marshmallow. Being situated at my desk more than I’ve previously been has also got me back into writing weekly to-do lists (and we all know how I feel about those).

The moral of the story is that no matter the size or whereabouts of your workspace - be it a cubicle in your uni library or four walls of your own - giving it a re-jig and personalising it to you, will make you want to spend more time there and get a creative kick out of it. The chances are that from that you’ll get more done and feel flippin’ fantastic about it. So treat yourself to a new print, a paperwork organiser (the best motivation to sort through through it all - FACT), light a candle, move some stuff around from other rooms if you’re on a budget, buy a chair that SPINS, and I promise you that once you pimp your workspace, working becomes a whole lot nicer.

P.S) The only exception to this is answering emails. No amount of fluffy pillows will sort that. They always sucks balls.

A Point In The Right Direction

The ‘Being Boss’ Podcast There's nothing better than when you find a podcast that puts a rocket up your arse and there are over 100+ episodes to catch up with, right? The podcast is put together by business buds Kathleen and Emily and covers everything from being a working mum (they each have a kid), to how to hire a virtual assistant (which until that episode I didn't even know was a thing, but now I need one). 
Entrepreneur Magazine's Interview with Emily Weiss Being a complete fangirl of anything that Emily does, uses or wears, I walked into a bush whilst being glued to this article. Not only does it further prove that she is one savvy gal, it also charts the rise of Glossier and the tools that they've used over their lifetime to track social interactions with the brand and their products. Analytics nerds, this one goes out to you. 
The Elgin Avenue's 'How To Enjoy Working at the Weekend' I find Monica's site to be one humungous pool of inspiration and find myself nodding along to practically every sentence. Now I'm someone who tries my best for work not to spill into the weekends, but sometimes it does for whatever reason and this article makes some good points for why it can sometimes be a good thing, as long as there's still time for a Domino's-fest too. 

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