April Newsletter
Hello you lovely lot! How are we all? I'm writing this newsletter on Good Friday because of course it makes complete sense to have a HUGE rocket of motivation up my arse on a day that everyone else has filled with lie-ins and Mini Eggs (don't worry I have a Dairy Milk Easter Egg on the go too). I put this sudden burst of energy down to two things (well, three if I include my current chocolate to body composition ratio). Firstly there is something about having no distractions, aside from a husband who goes to the supermarket to fulfil your craving for Easter eggs. No calls, no emails, no extra pieces of work being put on you. IT'S BLISS. Secondly, I'm off to my in-laws for the weekend later today and with this deadline imposed on my (semi) working day, I'm working to the clock in a more efficient way than I have done in WEEKS. Speaking of the clock, I've recently discovered three ways to make it work for me, so I thought today I'd let you in the methods that keep things ticking over nicely.

Lesson #8

Make The Clock Your New BFF

In one way or another we're constantly clock watching. We begin work at a certain time, we leave at another and set our alarms to wake up so we can do it all over again the next day. It's cool, it adds structure to our routines and keeps us accountable, HOWEVER sometimes I feel time slipping through my fingertips like bleeding sand and when you feel like you're not at your most productive, it's not exactly the most calming of emotions. So I've found a few ways to make the strokes on the clock supplement my productivity. They're not exactly long-term solutions, but if you need a kick up the rear in the efficiency department, then these might be worth a go. April is going to be CRACKING, let me tell you... 

Clock-In. How often do you get to the end of the day and feel like you've done NOTHING *feebly raises hand*. I think at least once a week Mark gets home and one of us will say that we've felt like we've done sweet F.A at work that day. Of course unless you've spent the period from 9-5 tuned into ITV's daytime TV offering, then the chances are that you have actually done something. When a few too many of these days start cropping up, I like to use the stopwatch on my phone to clock-in just how many hours of pure straight-up work I'm inputting. The minute that you start - go, the minute that you stop - pause it; basically it's that on repeat. If you start wandering off to watch labour and delivery vlogs on YouTube (#NotPreggo, just an odd pastime of mine at the moment), then pause it and restart when you get back on task. I promise that you'll be impressed with your score at the end of the day and no more 'I haven't done ANYTHING' moaning.

The 1 Hour Window. It's really quite incredible what you can get done in one hour. Just 60 minutes of uninterrupted, head-down, no browsing, no getting up from your desk to have a chat in the loo with your mate, work. It's self explanatory here, but by setting an alarm to ping off in a hours time, I use it as a window to have a power hour of my own. It's a great tool to whip out when you're feeling restless and you just can't seem to concentrate on one task. This ticking tock has an incredible ability to make me focus without getting bored or feeling like it's a real drag. Often I find myself so engrossed in what I'm doing that if I haven't finished by the time by phone rings to signal the end then I keep on going! I understand this one might be a little tricky if you're in an office, but maybe try putting up a physical barrier with some big ol' 'PLEASE DON'T TALK TO ME' headphones. Remember to turn your emails off, your phone on silent mode and if you have an activity that you can do without an internet connection then switch off the Wi-Fi too (LOLZ - do those tasks even exist!?).

The 1 Hour Window: The Chill Edition. Of course sometimes we just need a break and no stopwatch or power hour will do anything good for you; physically or mentally. In those moments where the above methods are trying and failing horrendously, then all there is left to do is to let yourself off the hook and give yourself a break. I did this earlier in the week and went for a walk along the beach. Of course the social media itch kicks in and you find yourself snapping a million photos of the horizon and seeing if you can angle yourself for a grid-worthy selfie, when in actual fact it's time to put your phone away and just CHILL OUT. If you can do it without resisting the urge to grab your phone then go ahead, but if you're feeling itchy then set yourself an alarm. One hour, 30 minutes, 10 - whatever you can fit in - set your alarm, tuck your phone in your pocket and breathe. 

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