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Morning you lovely lot! UK lads and ladies, isn't this weather GRAND? It's partly the reason why this newsletter is coming at you freshly squeezed and a little later than usual, and also responsible for the freckles that are cropping up all over my cheeks and the large amount of ice cream I have consumed. I am aiming to head down to the beach again today, making it a three days out of three home-run for beach attendance over the Bank Holiday weekend. A goal I am very happy to work towards. Speaking of goals, I thought today I'd have a chat about five productivity methods that have really come in to play for me over the past month. I've spent two weeks out of the past four away from home and my desk, yet I've still managed to get s**t done thanks to these tips...

Lesson #9

Five Tips To Help You Get S**t Done, Like NOW

#1 Podcasts are your new BFF. Something strange is happening with me and podcasts right now. In fact I think that I listen to them more than I watch YouTube videos and THAT'S NUTS. The audio-only nature of a podcast means that you can multi-task and of course that's a majorly appealing aspect. Although I don't find them useful to turn up my productivity levels when it comes to work necessarily, I do when it comes to errands and long ol' tasks. Hanging up the washing? Stick on a podcast. Making dinner? Crank it up! Need to unpack your suitcase that has been sitting there for four days unopened? Give yourself the time it takes to listen to an episode to get it completed. I'm currently loving The High Low, Love Stories and Who Weekly

#2 The smaller the list, the better. Back in the day I would write a to-do list for each day that would often trickle on to two pages. It was vast, with every little detail from every little task detailed and ready to be completed with its very own tick box. Here's the thing though; it was so long and ambitious that I never got to the end, and instead of there being just one or two tasks to complete, there'd be upwards of 10. Now that's not a particularly motivating thing to look at. These days I limit my task list to just three to five to-dos (instead of including every minute detail of each one) and I find myself actually getting to the end of it. Plus if I don't, it seems much less daunting to just have one or two extra things to tack on to the next day. 

#3 The early bird catches the worm. Now this one is quite specific to those who would class themselves as a 'morning person', as night owls might struggle with this. However I've found that waking up an hour earlier in the morning has been a huge helper in getting me through my daily to-do list, especially when I've been away. Sure on the mornings where I'd had a fair few glasses of Pinot Gris the night before, the alarm call wasn't particularly pleasant, but just 60 minutes of uninterrupted head-down work will see you power through a fair amount. Especially early on in the morning when your inbox is quiet and there isn't much to see on social media because it's 6am and ain't no one putting up Instagrams at 6am. 

#4 The app that will change your life. Download the Moment app NOW. It's an app that tracks your total phone usage over 24 hours, including information on how many times you pick it up and how long you spend on it during each of those sessions. The chances are that the results might make you feel a little ill. It's very gross to know how long you spend on your phone in total each day, especially when you're an avid Instagram-scroller, but it has helped me to think more about putting it down and decreased how long I spend on it each day. When I first downloaded it I was averaging about four to five hours of phone usage a day (I KNOW!) and these days if it's the weekend I can easily get it to under two and for a weekday to around the three hour mark or just below it. It's simple but less time on my phone has meant more time at my laptop tapping away and getting the things I need to get done completed. 

#5 Planning ahead is THE ONE. I used to create to-do lists fresh every morning. I've since graduated to planning out the week ahead either over the weekend or on a Monday morning. However because I've been so here, there and everywhere this month, I've ended up planning for the whole four weeks so that I knew that I'd be able to get all my tasks completed on time. Of course I've had to do some re-jigging here and there and there are still a fair amount of items that remain unticked (the cracking weekend weather might have had a role to play in that!), but actually it's been nice to know that I can sit back, work my way through tasks and know that I'm on schedule (kinda). More monthly planning to come I reckon. 

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