October Newsletter
Welcome back to the 'An Edited Life' newsletter that I'm currently writing from under a blanket and approximately three layers of clothing because Mark won't let me put the heating on until at least November. AT LEAST! The evenings are dark, the mornings even darker and that 'back to school' shine has worn off, so for this month's dose of productivity/organisation bumf I thought I'd give you a boot up the rear when it comes to errands, which are perhaps my least favourite task of all. The picking up of post, the weekly food shop, the birthday present buying, the never-ending need to buy toilet roll; they are mundane and time-consuming, but more often than not, necessary . So here's how I schedule them into my week so that they actually get done...


Lesson #23

How To Fit Errands Into Your Schedule & Actually Get Them Done

Some people are just naturally good at getting s**t done. And I'm not just talking work-suff here, I'm talking about life-admin. The errands and bits and bobs that keep the everyday moving efficiently and the plate-spinning game that some seem to do with absolute ease. I'd say that's not something that comes naturally to me and keeping on top of errands is something that I really have to keep an eye on or else these small tasks compound into something way bigger than they need to be; impacting my stress levels and my free time. Here's how I get it done (kinda, mostly, sometimes)...  

Have a set day to complete certain tasks. Isn't it funny the things we pick up from our parents? My Mum and Dad always did the housework on a Saturday and it's the day that my sister and I were made to clean and tidy our bedrooms too (of course this was HEAVEN to an organisation nerd like me and hell for my sister who is way cooler and had way more pressing things to do like going out on her Vespa or skateboard). So it's now our designated chore-day too. Unless we're away or we have friends coming to stay for the weekend, so will somehow sandwich it in to our Friday, we do our weekly housework on a Saturday morning. It gets it out the way; Mark does the kitchen and bathroom and I do everywhere else. Having some kind of routine means that you actually get it done and doing it once a week means that it's not a horrible task that takes hours each week. 

Chip away at things. We all know that chipping away at things slowly is often the best way to get something done and for it to feel manageable. But I'm an all or nothing kind of gal and so I sometimes find this approach extremely unappealing ('BORING' shouted in my Villanelle voice). However, it's one that I embrace when it comes to errands. Popping in and dropping off a return on the way back from a meeting, or a workout is much easier than filling up three tote bags and it taking 30 minutes out of your day just to make the trip. These days I try and keep on top of all little bits and bobs tasks that can easily mount up to something way more time-consuming if I start to slack. If you're starting to dread it - DO IT - before it gets even worse. 

Automate as much as you can. Lol - how many times have I given this titbit of advice? But seriously, automating the majority of our household tasks has made a huge difference to our lives. Automation is most easiest to do when it comes to food shopping. We buy a weekly recipe box that contains three of our dinners a week and buy the rest of our groceries for the week online, going to the supermarket or local markets occasionally at the weekend to pick up a few extra bits if we're entertaining or I've been bitten by the baking bug. The recipe box sorts us out for three dinners a week and quite often there are leftovers for the following night or enough to do us for lunch. Then online I've created lists of our most purchased items to make it quick and easy to dump them into the trolley. We eat so much healthier, have takeaways every couple of months now instead of every week and our food bill has dramatically reduced. 

Our weekly errand routine. Here's how we break it down on a weekly basis:

Monday - Plan work tasks for the week ahead. Recipe box and online food shop arrives. 
Tuesday - Put the bins out. Select meals for next week's recipe box. 
Wednesday - Do the washing (this way it's dry and ready for the weekend!). 
Thursday - Book next week's online food shop. 
Friday - Try and fit in any post office/royal mail trips in our lunchbreak. 
Saturday - Household chores. 
Sunday - Package any returns. Sort out any paperwork. Do extra wash if required. 
See, it's nothing but fun here at Chéz Newton! 

A Point In The Right Direction

I am gobbling up Jennifer Lopez's YouTube channel because there's just nothing else out there quite like it. It makes me tired just watching. So Hustlers is top of my to-watch list right now and this is the article that inspired the whole film. Fascinating
An article about why my favourite podcast is so great? I stan. Lindsey! Bobby! Is that the cat who broke the snow globe and lapped up the glitter water, or the other one? A recipe for joy indeed. Download Who Weekly? immediately and get ready to end every voice note by saying 'Crunch crunch! Scar Jo Yummy Pop! Women Don't Belong in Balloons!'. 
I have absolutely no idea how I missed this article first time round when it was published in 2016 because this has me written all over it. A deep dive into the production, filming and BTS secrets of The Hills (a.k.a the best teenage reality show ever). 
I can't lie. I have absolutely no idea about what TikTok is, how it works or how to create one, but I do enjoy all these snappy music-led videos that keep creeping onto my Twitter feed. I'm currently reading Jia's book, so I'm dining out at the Jia writing buffet currently and I loved this article and I now understand TikTok approximately 11% more than I did. 

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