So the world's worst kept secret is out of the bag - I'VE WRITTEN A BOOK! Due to the Amazon link going up early and me dropping a ridiculous amount of hints over the past 12 months, I'm sure it will come as no surprise that the big secret project that I've been squirrelling away and working on for what feels like a lifetime, is a book. A life organisation book OBVIOUSLY. As someone who actually enjoys clearing out their kitchen cupboards at the weekend and even has a newsletter dedicated to all things organisation, I unsurprisingly didn't find it too hard to prattle on about my neat-freak routines, methods and habits for 80,000 words and the end result is packed up and ready for you to pre-order NOW!

'An Edited Life' - available to pre-order here

So, say hello to 'An Edited Life'! The one-stop shop for simple steps to streamlining your life, at work and at home. The structure is simple and the book is broken down into three sections that cover life, work and home. Of course there are some topics that you'll be au fait with if you're a regular around these parts; the capsule wardrobe concept, bullet journals and scheduling. But there's new ground covered here too, like how to create a budget, money-saving tips, sticking to deadlines, the method that makes decluttering a BREEZE, cleaning routines and motivation-inducing and procrastination-stalling tips galore. It's not a rule-book as there's no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to life organisation, but instead it's a guide to cherry-pick from. With the ultimate aim of editing your life in a way so that there's more time for you to spend doing whatever makes you happy. Less time picking clothes up off the floor and more time seeing your mates after work. Less time spent at things that you wished you said no to and more time picking the cookie dough bits out of ice-cream whilst binge-watcing Netflix. Less time spent getting stressed by your workload and more time spent completing tasks to the best of your ability. Amirite?

'An Edited Life' will be released in the U.K, Europe and Australia on 10th January 2019, and in the U.S and Canada on 5th February 2019, but this fancy link will take you to wherever is best to pre-order from, wherever you are in the world. 

I just can't quite believe that this is all happening to little ol' me and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have a case of the shaky hands whilst I was writing this newsletter. After keeping it a secret for so long, I feel both terrified and like it's Christmas morning in equal measures and I just want to say a huge thank you for your continued support. Without it there's absolutely no way that I'd have written a book that's going to be published worldwide. NO WAY! You're all babes. The lot of you. And whether you're more of a Phoebe or a Monica, I hope that you'll all benefit from some life editing...
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