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We've made it to June! How are we all doing? VIBE CHECK? May has been a bit of an up and down month for me I will admit, but after a bit of a break from my phone and with the beginnings of summer well and truly in swing, I'm feeling much perkier. I hope you're all fine and dandy! With summer looking set to be a little different to usual, we've been thinking about things we can do or things we can add to our lives to make the most of it. Camping chairs! Picnics! A never-ending pile of books! Some of which are detailed below in a by no means exhaustive list of things that are putting a smile on my face right now...


Lesson #31

A List Of Things That Are Cheering Me Up Right Now

This might feel like a super random list of things, and it is - heck, there is a paragraph on why I love tomatoes - but writing this newsletter has been v.therapeutic. If you too are feeling a bit of out of whack, then the simple exercise of noting down some things that are putting a smile on your face, no matter how far-reaching they sound, might be just what you need. Here's what's been cheering me up over the past couple of weeks... 

Sitting in the park. As a garden-less couple, the lockdown change to allow people to sit down in outdoor public places has been an absolute dream. We've lived in this flat for over five years now and had never set food in our local playing field (usually the beach is out first port of call!), but it's been absolutely blissful. I now have my 'park bag' ready to go at all times. 

Our camping chairs. Speaking of which, we're preparing ourselves to spend a lot of time at the park and other outdoor spaces this summer, so we finally got round to buying some camp chairs - something we've been meaning to do for the past like, three summers. We picked up these ones* and they are so, so perfect. They fold up tiny, weigh less than 1kg so are easy to carry and are pretty comfortable for something so small. 

Reading. Reading relaxes me. Some days I feel like I'm holding so much tension in the back of my neck that a masseuse would have a FIELD DAY, and when I have those moments a solid 30 minutes of reading and truly relaxes my mind and my body and feels so darn good. I highly recommend 'The Dutch House' by Ann Patchett*, 'Commonwealth' by Ann Patchett* and 'Dominicana' by Angie Cruz*. 

Pink nails. I know this might sound a little strange, but last week I painted my nails for the first time with the CND Clay Canyon Gel Nail Polish and it's cheered me up no end. I'm such a nude nail person, but actually this light pop of blush pink makes me feel a little cheerier. 

Tomatoes. Ok, another random addition, but now the weather is heating up all I want to eat are tomatoes. Little, tiny sweet ones with lots of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and salt please and thank you. We haven't been as great at meal planning over the past two weeks, but as long as some of these are in the fridge then we're all good. 

Chilling out on the video calls. I have officially reached my peak of FaceTime/Zoom/Houseparty fatigue. I mean haven't we all? As we begin to be able to see friends and family outside at a distance, we're thinking of new ways of keeping in touch. Each picking up fish and chips and then all sitting to eat it in the park? Honestly, that sounds like a dream right about now, but even just the thought puts a smile on my face. 

Miso & Peanut Butter Cookies. I am of course to my own cookie recipe, but these New York Times Peanut Butter-Miso Cookies make a nice change if you like a salty/sweet combo. Pretty easy to make and with a few substitutions we already had everything we needed to make them. SO DELICIOUS. 

Linen everything. I'm preparing for the slouchiest of summers so I felt the need to up my linen game a little (haul coming soon), and have basically bought every single matching item from the ARKET website. Think this shirt*, with these shorts* and this top*, with these trousers*. Absolute working from home in your comfies BLISS. Elasticated waistbands make me very happy. 

BodByRod. Rod has bought so much happiness into my lockdown routine, I have no idea where to start. He does some of the Barre classes over on the Psycle Instagram and he is a RAY OF SUNSHINE in my day. Any friend that I've convinced to join me virtually to do one of his classes feels the same way. SO MUCH FUN. He does dance breaks and motivation pep talks where sometimes I don't know if I'm sweating or crying. It sounds intense and it is, but mentally and physically they are the best part of my day. 

A Point In The Right Direction

This article basically sums up everything I've been feeling in the past two weeks; I needed to hear it. Thanks to the lovely reader who DM'ed me the link! 
An important exploration and discussion into the Alison Roman controversy and the intricacies of ingredients, origins and race in the cooking world. 
As someone who follows the #Benana drama very closely thanks to the Who Weekly podcast I found this look at the BTS of celebrity pap pics right now very interesting. 

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Mango Textured Top*I'm not crazy about colour, but I do love a light lemon.
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