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HEY MARCH - HOW YOU DOING? Things have started off a little chilly this month in the U.K, but March is an odd month that can begin with blizzards and end with days that just require a chunky knit and a leather jacket. Spring is round the corner - THANK GAWD - and with that comes a welcome change in temperature and usually for me some colour in my wardrobe and a new injection of creativity too. Speaking of which, seeing as Thursday 8th March marks International Women's Day, I thought I'd share the women who consistently inspire me creatively and personally; whether it be in my work or home life. Right, let's just try not to cry as I type this out...

Lesson #7


My Mum. My Mum is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. FACT. I love nothing more than camping out in my parent's front room eating her homemade cakes and snuggling next to her on the sofa as we watch 'Homes Under The Hammer'. She's a selfless human who is always doing things for others and is gentle and caring and just overall a dreamy Mum, who I know I'm lucky to have in my life. I'm forever grateful for how hard she and my Dad worked when my sister were I younger (my Mum used to look after us all day and then go to work an evening shift when my Dad got home), so we never went without. She also has the most contagious laugh, which makes the rest of my family cry with laughter when she really gets the giggles. 

My Grandma. The similarities between my Grandma and I are endless. We both LOVE to exaggerate. We're both feeders who adore cooking. We both could have a conservation with a brick wall. If I had a penny for each time my parents had said 'You are JUST like your Grandma!' then I would be a millionaire. See? Exaggeration. We love it. My Grandma is the women who taught me how to bake. She'd bring round all the bits we needed to make the craft project in our magazines when we were younger. She's a keen painter and knitter and there's umpteen photos of me on her knee at Christmas teaching me how to get the hang of needles. I've never really reflected on it before, but aside from my chatty tendencies, she really encouraged my sister and I to be creative from a young age, so thanks for the creative juice Grandma! 

My Sister. Ah, my sister. We have the classic sibling relationship to the point where I received an Instagram DM from her yesterday accusing me of stealing her hat. LOLZ. I used to create signs for my bedroom door that instructed her to pay me £1 each time she entered my room (hustler from a young age), but I can't imagine life without her. Although we couldn't be more different in our temperaments and careers, she's always taught me to be calm, chill out and take a rational approach with situations (she's a cool cucumber like my Mum and I'm a hot head like my Dad). The question 'What would Megan do?' is one I often ponder. She's also extremely supportive, as I am of her - we've got each other's backs, which I am forever grateful for. 

My BFF's. I'm lucky enough to have a handful of special women in my life who I would class as my BFF's, one of whom I've know since playgroup and the others since Senior School. We've been tight since day one, but over the past 15 years we've yelled at ex-boyfriends in the playground, traipsed up and down the country to visit each others Universities and new housemates, we've got engaged, married, moved in with BOYS and one of them gave birth to my new favourite person last year. I see them fortnightly for dinner and chats and I'm lucky to have each one in my life for different reasons. Together they inspire me with their combined career drive and their non-judgemental advice, to be the best friend that I can.

My Work Wife, Lily. Without Lily, I'm not sure they'd be this newsletter today. One, because I've just finished reading her book which launches THIS THURSDAY - 'The F Word' - which has got me in the mood to talk about all things female and two, because she was one of the few who encouraged me to take my blogging hobby into a full-time thing all those years ago. That's the thing with Lily, she's always encouraging me to do more and like a true colleague who's lept into 'real life BFF' status, we celebrate each other's successes as we would our own. She's a true cheerleader and forever a sounding board for ideas, projects and general 'What the hell am I supposed to do NOW?' advice. My 'big sister' style work wife who I'm forever thankful encouraged me to try avocado all those years ago (and make me quit my job too). 

My Manager, Lucy. I work with some flippin' awesome women (shoutout to Georgia, Millie and Abi!), but they would all agree that Lucy is seriously girl crush goals. I've worked with her for the past five years since she first joined at my management agency and I don't think I know ANYONE who gets s**t done quite like she does. There's that cliched perception in business that you have to be a right ol' piece of work to get to the top, but she's managed it by being an absolute babe with a massive dose of determination and a smile on her face. I'm forever floored by how much time, love and commitment she puts in to what she does and she inspires me to do the same. She also gives amazing hugs, which is a very important trait to have. 

...OK, so I actually cried on four separate occasions writing this. SO EMOTIONAL. Of course the list is potentially endless and there are countless women who put a rocket up my arse daily with their can-do attitudes and ability to see the world with such an optimistic and humorous view. Funny, loving people are my favourite kind and I'm thankful to have them in my life; whether it be knowing them personally, or hooting to myself at their Instagram Stories. Right, time for me to grab a tissue.

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