September Newsletter
'Babes - it's September!' Mark called out to me from the kitchen today as I sat in my office. 'Yes I know!', I replied, 'It's my favourite month of year!'. It might seem like a bit of a random choice and I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it's my birthday month AT ALL (spoiler: it definitely does), but there's something about the 'Back to School' vibes in the air, along with the dawn of autumn and the end of summer that just puts me in the mood to organise. It's the perfect time of year to iron things out, re-group and de-clutter and generally pause to take a moment so you can catapult yourself to the end of the year with your foot pressed firmly on the productivity pedal. Here's why I love September so much and what I'm planning to do over the next four weekends... 

P.S) This newsletter marks one year since I sent the first ever one. So if you've been here since the beginning, or you've just joined - hello! - I want to say a huge thank you for letting me drop into your inbox on a monthly basis. This month I might be making a mid-month appearance with some good news, so keep your eyes peeled for that. I. CAN'T. WAIT.

Lesson #12


It's a well known fact that very little gets done in the world of work over the summer months. The same goes for the Christmas period too, but the summer season stretches out looooong and the out of office replies come thick and fast over a three-month period. I get it. Summer is great, the weather means that we spend a good majority of our free-time socialising and the distractions are plentiful. Now I ain't bashing that, but for me the beginning of September is a bit of a signifier to pull up my socks, get my head down and make a final big push to get what I need to get done before we wave goodbye to 2018 for good. I find I'm at my most productive when I'm feeling on top of shit and when I'm feeling on top of shit, I'm organised. Summer has meant that there are a few corners of our home that have seen better days, so over the next month I'm planning to put that right. Here's the plan: 

WEEKEND ONE - Capsule Wardrobe: I am ITCHING to get on the autumn capsule wardrobe train, so that is going to be my first port of call at the weekend (if I make it till then!). Thankfully the weather has cooled right down in the U.K and is at that glorious temperature where you can wear a jumper with jeans and sandals, which we usually have for about 5 days of a year, so I'm currently making the most of that. For a step-by-step on how to create your own capsule wardrobe, check out my quickie guide here, which shouldn't take you more than an afternoon from start to finish. 

WEEKEND TWO - The Kitchen: Another area that I've been eyeing up for a de-clutter over the summer months are our kitchen cupboards. We've now settled into a routine where we do a food shop online every one-to-two weeks and order a food delivery box that sorts us out for three dinners a week. So really we're just not buying as much food as we previously did and whilst the fridge and freezer are looking pretty Instagram-worthy, our cupboards are a complete wreck and I feel like we're just not utilising the space as best we can. So I'll be scouring on Amazon over the next couple of weeks to find some solutions and will put them in place, along with a serious de-clutter of our pantry goods over this weekend. 

WEEKEND THREE - Storage Space: Mark and I have said we'll 'sort out the loft' for approximately the past 46 weekends. Every weekend we say we'll get round to it and every weekend we find some excuse or accidentally make plans that overrun it. But this weekend it's happening and I'm going to make sure of it. Going through any dedicated storage spaces is best done in this kind of weather, before it turns into an ice box up there. I reckon there's a couple of things that we could sell, a few things we could get rid of completely and maybe even a couple of items that we can find a way to store more efficiency so we can enjoy them. It's a minefield up there, but I know we'll feel all the better for getting it done. Lofts are both a blessing and a curse let me tell you. 

WEEKEND FOUR - Nothing: Four weekends of organisation - are you mad? I feel like that's more than enough to get your teeth into, so for the final week don't mind me. We'll be away in Amsterdam and I'll be eating my bodyweight in Stroopwafels because even though summer is sorta over, I'm not ready to go into hibernation just yet. 

Fancy taking on the challenge with me? Shall we do a hashtag? Yeah go on, that means we can all egg each other on when all we want to do is re-watch the first season of Gavin & Stacey for the 13th time. You in? Let me know by using the hashtag #AnEditedSeptember. It's virgo season betches.

A Point In The Right Direction

'30 Things I've Learnt About Life at 30' by Dolly Alderton I read this side-by-side with my mate whilst we were away in Madrid and we both laughed, cried and re-read practically the whole article to each other.
'Jameela Jamil on What Young Women Need To Know About Content' on The Times Just when I thought that I couldn't love Jameela Jamil anymore, she hits the nail on the head again. My new life motto? 'What would Jameela do?'.  
'ASOS Off-Cuts Will Be Turned Into Sanitary Pads for Young Women in Africa' on Vogue  What a great story. MORE OF THIS PLEASE!? Great to see one of the biggest names in online fashion making some serious waves in sustainability. 
''Do I Really Need That?' Pandora Sykes Opens Up Her Wardrobe To Question The Way We Shop' on ELLE Such a thoughtful piece on what happens when the power to influence becomes a by-product of your job. Pandora took the words right out of my mouth.

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& Other Stories Belted Coat A great dupe for the tan Whistles number that I wore solidly last year.
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer Coverage that isn't cakey and suitable for under-eye use? YES PLEASE.
& Other Stories Buckle LoafersI wasn't sure I was much of a loafer kinda gal, but they are now my autumn staple. 
Sarah & Sebastian Letter Gold NecklaceThere is something so nineties about owning items with your initial on, but I'm so, so tempted.
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