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Welcome to the first working week of December! I am ready for lunchtime mince pies to become a daily occurrence, Christmas tunes to replace all audio listening and Elf is downloaded and ready to go for me to watch as many times as I convince Mark to over the festive season (estimated times I can convince him to watch it with me: one at a push). Whilst Christmas is exciting and all, there is another day that's hurtling towards me at a rate of knots and that's my BOOK RELEASE DAY that comes just two weeks later! I'm in full-on 'An Edited Life' mode doing interviews, organising book events (dates to come soon - promise!), send out lists, writing articles, shoots - the whole shebang! And because you lot are just the nicest bunch ever, I thought it was about time that you got the first exclusive look inside the pages. So read on for a section all about diary organisation which will be a good one to return to come January and the details on how to win yourself a pre-release signed copy.



An Edited Diary: My Top Tips

Your calendar should make you feel organised to the point where you feel like you want to take a step back, take it all in and give yourself a pat on the back. Be proud of your diary! Sure, we can’t always control what’s being put into it, but we can control how we keep on top of it. Here are a few tips to incorporate to make your schedule do the hard work so you don’t have to:
  • Add in birthdays and pop in a reminder a week before to send a card, and a gift if they’re lucky. If you’re using a digital calendar make sure it’s set to recurring. I also add notes of things I’ve heard that person say that they’d love, which is why my mate Matt is getting a pasta maker this year.
  • The same goes for weddings and due dates. The minute I get a wedding invite I take a picture of it in case I misplace it, add the date to my diary with any extra notes regarding location, wedding lists and dress codes. Then for my mates’ due dates I add those in my diary too. One, because it’s nice to keep yourself a little free around that date to drop over a lasagne, and two, because it’s handy for budgeting in for things like baby showers and expensive gifts from The White Company.
  • Work-wise, add in your deadlines – even if they’re miles away – with a monthly countdown reminder if you feel that will put a rocket up your arse.
  • Write in the locations for meetings to save yourself desperately trying to find the original email as you elbow your way onto the bus. If you’re going digital, make sure you send an invite to all attendees and add in notes or links that might come in handy during the meeting.
  • This tip only works if you’re doing the digital diary route, but if you’re not already, then operate two calendars. Keep one for personal appointments – like workouts, dentist/ doctor appointments and evening and weekend plans. Then have a work one for all your meetings, deadlines, project go-live dates and whatever else you need to keep tabs on. You can then always share your personal calendar with whoever you fancy, and your work calendar with colleagues – without your boss seeing that you’ve got a gynaecologist appointment tomorrow lunchtime.
  • If you’re sticking with a paper diary then whip out those highlighters and colour-code so it’s easy to differentiate your personal tasks from your work ones, and your birthdays from your BodyPump classes.
  • We can be unrealistically optimistic when it comes to time, so make sure you have enough minutes between meetings to evaluate, catch up on missed tasks and head to the next. Meetings overrun and traffic is a royal pain in the arse, so always overestimate your timings and revel in your earliness at your next appointment. LOOK AT YOU!
  • Unfortunately, diaries don’t plan themselves, so try and get into a routine where you can plant yourself down for 20 minutes to plan, re-jig and use your diary to plan out your schedule for the week ahead. I find that a Friday evening or some time on a Sunday works best for me. I know, a Friday evening? Such a party animal, me.
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Fancy yourself a pre-release signed copy of 'An Edited Life' before it hits the shelves? Here's how to enter:

I want to see your #AnEditedLife transformations; whether it's your capsule wardrobe, photo albums, makeup drawers, storage space, your kitchen cupboards or your bathroom cabinets - whatever you've given the decluttering treatment! Upload the before and after pictures onto Instagram and tag @theannaedit and #AnEditedLife in your caption so I can spot it. 

The competition will close at midnight GMT Saturday 8th December and I'll DM my five favourites on Sunday 9th December with the details of how to claim your prize. HAPPY EDITING! 


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Topshop Susie Two Part Heels Such a classic party shoe. There's leopard print ones too *nudge nudge*.
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