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Morning all, and welcome to the final term of 2019. There's something about this time of year that just gets me pumped. In my schooldays I was a complete an utter geek and would chomp at the bit to get back into my usual routine after the summer holidays. I gave anyone and everyone a run for their money in the most organised pencil case department - no surprises there, eh? So today I thought I'd share a few ways in which I'm changing things up to channel some back to school energy into my working week, without a trip to Woolworths...

Lesson #22

How To Channel 'Back To School' Vibes Into Your Working Week

It's back to school time, which means that I can safely visit town again and the funny stories from my Teacher mates will start back up which is lovely because nothing makes me happier than hearing about 'World Book Day' shenanigans. For us non-students it also feels like the right time to make some changes. It's the final push before the year end so it's a nice time to sort some organisation s**t out and give yourself a fresh start. Fancy some tips you can do today to prep yourself for the week and term ahead? Look no further... 

1. Buy some new stationery. THE ULTIMATE 'BACK TO SCHOOL' VIBES MOVE. But, seriously sometimes I think a new stationery purchase can perk my productivity levels right up. I'm giving something new a go with my weekly planning and have ditched the Bullet Journal for a bit to give something more digitalised a go, so instead I'm just using my notebook for daily to-do lists. I purchased the Notem Weekly Planner* and new gold ballpoint pen which is perhaps the chicest thing I own and I got through every item of last week's to-do list which is surely a sign. 

2. Try an online planning tool. I've used my notebooks to plan out my content for my YouTube channel and blog for years, but in the past month or so I've tried something new and it's changing the game. Instead I now throw everything into (the fact that the Bon Appétit guys use it had absolutely NO INPUT in my choice to use it lol - consider me #Influenced) and having something that's visual, easier to share with others and update real-time and ridiculously satisfying is an absolute game-changer. If you too have resisted the change and hugged your notebook closer each time you've thought about making the move then I'm more than happy to give you a gentle shove in the right direction. I've never felt more organised and surely that's the best way to start the new school year. 

3. Think about your lunch. Of course we all know that packed lunches weren't cool and it was way cooler to club together your pocket money for a daily sausage roll in the canteen, but I just feel a little less bloated since I started to plan for lunchtimes more effectively; negating the need for a gigantic bowl of midday Shreddies. If you work in an office the easy option is to always cook more than you need for dinner, so you can take the leftovers in, giving yourself a hearty meal without any more need for prep. If you work at home then of course feel free to dig into leftovers, but I'd suggest the simple at-home lunch kit of an avocado, eggs, bread, baked beans and frozen peas. Feeling healthy? Have some avocados and smashed peas on toast. Feeling like you need some protein in your life? Dippy eggs and soldiers it is. Need some comfort food? Beans on toast for one thank you very much. Not exactly revolutionary, but a hot meal for lunch makes all the difference. 

4. Do your homework. I used to love getting home and reading a Sweet Valley High book over a post-school snack and then getting started with homework (I know, I'm rolling my eyes at myself right now), but self-study is something that I don't get as much time for these days. Of course it's different once you enter the world of work, but last week I tried to dedicate an hour of my day to some kind of additional practice; reading up a skill that would help me with editing or photo organisation or SEO and it was actually really nice to spend some time learning, instead of just grinding through a to-do list. So once you've got the organisation aspects of your week down, why not add in 30 minutes to an hour a day to learn; either something new or to water a new skill? Snacks optional. 

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'Peach-Plum Galette Recipe' by Carla Lalli Music for Bon Appétit I made this yesterday on my IG Stories and had *SO* many requests for the recipe so here you go. My top tips? Use slightly less fruit than it suggests (800g would have been perfect), and make the edges of the galette bigger than you think you need to avoid fruity sauce spilling over the edges and making a mess of your oven. 

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