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Woah, wasn't January LOOOOONG? When I wrote the January newsletter I was in New Zealand still on honeymoon, which now feels like something we did in a past lifetime. Seeing as we were on foreign soil when the clock stroke midnight on the new year, we were a little slow to properly start 2018. In fact the first couple of weeks were sprinkled with weird jet-lag quirks; like falling asleep on the kitchen bench at 2pm and waking up at the crack of dawn and feeling wierdly, flipping fantastic. The latter is something that I've been clinging onto and have actually managed to pretty successfully thanks to our bathroom renovations, which the builders rock up to anytime from 7am (yes, they did once catch me in my PJs). Getting up early though hasn't been difficult, because I've got this real fire of motivation in my belly right now and it's ROARING. Side note: I jumped out of bed at 7am on a Sunday to write this and I ain't mad about it. Here's how I've gone about getting s**t done so far in 2018... 

Lesson #6

How To Get S**t Done

Savour your peak productivity time. You lot know that I'm an annoying morning person. To the point where Mark usually rolls over and just wails 'HOOOOOWWWW?' at me, does a long, exasperated sigh and goes back to sleep. The morning is when my brain functions best and I can plough through a to-do list at lightening speed. The afternoons however, are a different story and I can often be found scratching my head, fighting off the want for a snooze and wondering if it's acceptable to eat my fourth round of snacks for the day. So with that in mind, I'd suggest looking at your working day, noting when you are most productive and playing up to it. I schedule in meatier tasks in the morning and leave other items that don't require as much brain function for the afternoons. 

Block time effectively. Something that I've been testing this year is to block out days for particular tasks. So doing all my blog admin, scheduling and writing on a Monday, filming, editing and scheduling a YouTube video on a Tuesday, going to London or having my photographer over on a Wednesday to shoot - you get the gist. Of course there has to be some flexibility worked in there, but actually it's going pretty well. The idea of taking a whole day to a dedicated area of what I do, has allowed me to fully focus without my mind wandering elsewhere. If you too have your fingers in various different pies, then this might be one to try. 

STOP PROCRASTINATING. I'm a horrible procrastinator. This week I found a deep hole in YouTube dedicated to Cardi B best-bits and let's just say, I spent way longer there than I should have (P.S Cardi B is the ultimate diva and I love her). However with the recent bathroom and hallway renovations that we have quite honestly put off for YEARS, it's made me realise that once you decide to put a bit of acceleration behind something, change happens and it's really quite wonderful. Why did we hold down the breaks on it for so long?! It's a weird comparison to make, but having a brand new bog has made me lift the blocks on a few other tasks and projects that I've been holding back on too. 

Add something new into the mix. I've recently started working on a new project that is unlike anything I've ever done before (I know, such an eye-rolling tease, but I promise it's a good'un). There's a possibility that adding in something new or increasing your workload might put a rocket up your stress levels, but actually it's put a rocket up my ass. I've had some cracking weeks, am enjoying trying my hand at something new and it's made me be much more efficient with my time because overall there's just less of it for me to sit and watch Cardi B compilation videos with. 

Plan ahead. I know I'm always bleating on about this, but the other week I didn't set out a plan and subsequently felt like I spent my time in a hamster wheel not really getting anywhere, because there was no way of me tracking what I'd actually got done. I like a list. I like to make my little crosses though completed items. Without that I feel like I'm not being productive AT ALL. So for the week ahead, I sat down on Friday night and planned for it. There's something about doing that which means that I can have a super chill weekend knowing that next week is going DOWN, plus I hit Monday morning running. LET'S DO THIS. 

A Point In The Right Direction

'How I'm Sorting Out My Complicated Relationship with Money' by Kristabel Plummer A good one to read if budgeting and getting your head around your finances was on your New Year's Resolutions list *raises hand*. 
'What 13 People Wore To Their Interview with Anna Winter' by The Cut A fascinating read that makes my heart POUND imaging what it would be like to get a call to say that you're being interviewed by Ms Wintour herself, in less than 24 hours. Sweaty pit/panic central. 
'How Ed Sheeran Made Shape of You, the Year's Biggest Track' by The NY Times  Love him, or hate him, there's no denying that 'Shape of You' is as catchy as hell. Turns out, he wasn't even writing it for himself! Make sure you watch the accompanying video, because the graphics are outstanding. 
'Dolly Alderton: I Was Reckless, I Took Too Many Risks' by The Irish Times  Dolly is out doing the publicity push for her new book, Everything I Know About Love (which I pre-ordered and have waiting for me on my nightstand) and I'm LOVING it. This piece in particular struck a chord about love, life and friendship.

In case you missed it

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Office Aruba Leopard Print Boots This are the best dupes for the Whistles boots that I wear ALL THE TIME, that I've found.
things-post-thumb-1.pngNARS Radiant Longwear Foundation I mentioned it in yesterday's video, but I'm pretty into the high-coverage finish. 
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