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The big news?! WE ARE HALFWAY THROUGH 2020!!!! FINALLY!! I hope you are doing well and are keeping safe and I'm sending you all the good vibes for the second half of this quite frankly *BIZARRE* year. If you missed my Life Update Vlog then have a watch of that if you'd like like to know the changes that I'll be incorporating going forward to curate a more inclusive and diverse online space (and a big thank you to everyone who watched that video as 100% of the ad revenue will be donated to Black Lives Matter). 

I felt a little stumped as to what to share organisation-wise this month, so I asked on Instagram for your questions and you guys SHOWED UP. There were so many questions that wouldn't be full posts on their own, but still felt like they might be helpful to answer so I've collated them together in an FAQ featuring a bit of everything; from the storecards that *NEED* *TO* *GO*, to the best way to store paperwork. Oh it's sexy. Enjoy. 

Lesson #32

'How Can I Store X, Y, Z?': Answering Your Questions

You asked - I answered. Although I didn't manage to get through all 1000+ of your requests (THANK YOU!), here are the most frequently asked ones surrounding the organisation of all those little bits and bobs that you've got no idea what to do with... 

'How do you streamline your purse?' - Honestly I don't keep too much in my purse. I have a big wallet that I store all my cash, coins and cards in (any coins under 50p get put into a piggy bank and we change it up into the big bucks whenever it gets full), and then I have a small coin purse that I use if ever I'm trying to pack light or going on holiday. My general rule is don't keep store point cards that have gone unused for over a year - you're never going to use them, and for gift cards I put reminders in my diary to use them before they run out. 

'I would love to see a streamlined activewear edit!' - Well, your wish is my command because the answer to that question already exists in the form of this video. Although it's been over a year since I made it, most of my gear is still the same. Invest in it, make sure it makes you feel fab and it will be an age until you have to re-buy pieces. 

'What's your cleaning schedule?' - We do the bulk of our cleaning at the weekend and split the flat into two - Mark takes on the bathroom and kitchen and I do the rest and it usually takes us about an hour. Although we keep on top of things throughout the week - loading the dishwasher, wiping down the sides in the kitchen and generally keeping things tidy - we do a full hoover, mop and dust every weekend and that's enough for us. 

'How do you organise your junk drawer?' - I always say that this is the best place to start if you're itching to reorganise something. It's small enough that it won't take you too long and so ridiculously satisfying. The first step is to get everything out - half of it I bet you don't even need. Try to group things roughly together 'clothing care' and 'stationery bits' for example. If your junk is in a drawer then invest in some drawer dividers so you can give everything a home, or if it's a cupboard get a small set of acrylic storage drawers and group similar items together so they are easy to find. 

'Where do you keep your jewellery?' - Sometimes you can make do with what you have storage-wise, but with jewellery I'd recommend investing in something that's specific to that need, especially if you have a lot. Missoma* have some gorgeous leather-made pieces and that's what I store mine in, although if you fancy a cheaper alternative this roll* is great and nice and light so easy to store and travel with too. 

'What's the best way to store paperwork?' - Call me Mystic Meg because I have a whole newsletter dedicated to that exact topic. You might have missed it because it was all the way back in January 2019 which feels like a LIFETIME ago, so here it is for you. The long and short of it is that a lot of stuff we don't need to keep and for those things that we do they can often be stored digitally. It's a fair ol' job to do, but it's a one-off and extremely satisfying (if also extremely boring - soz, you can't sugarcoat that one). 

'How do you deal with digital storage and email inboxes?' - Digital storage is a skill that I'm particularly lacking in if I'm honest. I have over 50,000+ photos on my phone but an uncanny ability to find whatever picture I'm looking for in sub-five minutes, so I'll have to get back to you on that one. But when it comes to emails I recommend keeping it simple - the search tool on whatever inbox system you're using is so powerful and useful that you can completely forgo dropping each email into a highly specific folder if you don't fancy that (you know me and OF COURSE that's what I do!), so in the interests of keeping it simple just have three inboxes - your current inbox which is where everything gets delivered and then a 'no further action' folder for emails that you might need to reference but don't need to do anything about and then a 'to action' folder that you can use as a current and up to date to-do list. As you action each email drop it into 'no further action'. This system might need tweaking slightly depending on your work set-up, but you don't have to have 190971 different folders. Learn to search well, flag items if possible and you can always find what you need. 
For more organisation ideas and tips check out my book 'An Edited Life' - I still find that crazy. 'My book'. LOLZZZZ. 

A Point In The Right Direction

'David Sedaris, Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go' by Sarah Lyall for The New York Times I'm a sucker for anything on David Sedaris and this short and sweet piece for the NYT is a gem. 
'Articles To Read For Self-Education About Racism in Britain and The Black British Experience' by Aimée Grant Cumberbatch & Charlie Mock for Bustle Not sure where to start? Here's a detailed list of articles to add to your reading list. 
'Our Lives Happen in Restaurants' by Various Writers for The New York Times  Writers detail their most memorable meals out and the Samantha Irby one about the Cheesecake Factory had me HOOTING out loud. 
'Bon Appétit's Week From Hell' by Margot Harris for Insider The best write-ups of the B.A controversy online tend to be behind a paywall, but this is a good round-up if you're not in the know as to what's been going on. 

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