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HAPPY AUGUST! August for me always feels like the last stretch of summer before the new school year begins. The last chance for putting away the laptop an hour early on a sunny day and sneaking off down to the beach for a pre-dinner ice cream. *That's* what it's all about. So I thought in preparation for September I'd share you with the five best organisation tips that have changed the game for me so far in 2020. I'm also including a recipe-only recommendations section if you fancy having a few summer-appropriate meals up your sleeve and have a scroll to the bottom of the newsletter for my top shopping picks (including the t-shirt that I now have in three different colours)... 

Lesson #33

The Organisation Advice That Has Changed The Game For Me in 2020

As a 30 year old woman I have no idea why the appeal of a new school year is still there for me, but honestly if Woolworths was still a thing in the U.K, I'd be doing a supermarket sweep for more scented gel pens come the end of the month. Instead of giving you a rundown of my favourite scents from blueberry to bubblegum, I thought instead I'd attempt something more helpful and share the organisational changes I've made to my routine that have had the biggest impact... 

Finding the perfect planner for me... Towards the end of last year I picked up the Appointed Year Task Planner (currently only available for the next academic year, but they'll release the 2021 planner towards the end of the year) and to me... it's perfect. With one week's worth of planning over a double-page spread it gives me just the right amount of space to plan my week, without it ever feeling overwhelming and keeping track of my daily to-dos, a list of priorities, extra tasks *and* with space left over for additional notes. Finding has just clicked my weekly planning into place. 

Going digital with the rest of my planning... That being said, although all my daily to-dos live in my written planner, in the past 18 months I've changed the way I keep track of all my editorial and commercial work. For a place to organise all my commercial work I use Trello - which is a great collaborative project management-type app. A spot to dump all documents, notes and updates in. Then I use Monday to sort my editorial calendars across all my different platforms and check whether things are written, edited, scheduled and ready to go. I used to do all of this before by hand which meant that I wasn't able to share things and used Tipp-Ex ALL THE DARN TIME. What was I thinking?  This has made my working day much more efficient. 

The 'Two Weeks Ahead' Birthday rule... I keep everyone's birthdays in my iCal and I make it part of my Monday morning routine to see if there are any birthdays in the week that's two weeks ahead. Two weeks leaves long enough incase there's a bit of a backlog on something you want to order and makes me feel prepared AF. The same goes for any weddings or anniversaries. 

Letting go of meal planning... Now it's not like I've let go of meal planning completely, but meal box services are so bloomin' good and mean that our weekly shopping list is minimal. Less time working out what we want to eat = more time working/thinking that I should be on my spin bike/watching POSE. We now get enough meals to last us four nights, we treat ourselves to a takeaway on Friday and then that's us sorted for Monday to Friday if we just pick up a few bits for breakfast and lunch. I save all my fancy schmansy cooking to the weekend when I have a bit more time on my hands.

Once you start it, finish it... This one is easier said that done, but it's a concept I've mentioned before and I've really put into practice this year. It's the 'one-touch' rule - once you start a task you finish it, so ultimately you don't start tasks until you know you have time to get them all done - you complete it with 'one-touch'. I find this has really helped me when it comes to correspondence mostly. I reply to all my Instagram DM's in one go and the same goes for my inbox. It means I do these tasks just once or twice a day instead of dipping in and out and distracting myself from the bigger task on hand. 

A Point In The Right Direction

A panzanella recipe that's so good to make for lunch and great for using up leftovers. I'm not the biggest fan of capers or anchovies so I leave them out, but it's super tasty, refreshing and the perfect 'quick to rustle up' summer salad. 
Pasta dinners are notoriously quick and this one is no exception. I personally altered the sauce ingredients a little, using more parmesan, garlic and chilli to oomph up the flavour. But hey - pasta and a dose of your daily greens. What's not to love? 
This is the one recipe from the three that I've yet to make, but I've made a few bits from this blog and they've yet to disappoint. Honestly have a scroll and I dare you not to bookmark a page. These are next on my 'to make' list. 

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ARKET Shirred Sundress* Such a basic, 'goes with everything' piece to own.
& Other Stories Heeled Sandals* Basically the high-street dupe of the LOQ ones I LOVE.
ARKET Heavy-Weight T-Shirt* A stiff-fabric t-shirt that holds it's boxy boyfriend shape.
Acne Studios High-Rise Jeans* My latest denim purchase. Such a nice vintage feel fit.
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