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Father's Day Gift Idea
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Click for more details of this Father's Day pecial.
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"My Father had a Profound Influence on Me. He was a Lunatic." ~ Quote by Spike Milligan

Generations of Aussie families have fond memories of Jenolan Caves.  With Father’s Day coming up, it’s a great time to reminisce.  Fathers influence kids in many ways.  Family visits to Jenolan left many children with such great memories that they now work at the caves.
For example, Scott Melton has been a cave tour guide at Jenolan for 27 years, but his Mum and Dad brought him to Jenolan Caves in 1974, age 8. He said, “Our family first visited Jenolan Caves on the June long weekend. We arrived in the recently purchased HQ Premier (which Dad still has) just before 8.00pm - too late to go on a tour. Of course, I was upset, so I then started an almost weekly ritual of pestering Dad (& Mum) to take us back to Jenolan Caves.


1960s Memories of Jenolan's Blue Lake

Jenolan caves ranks amongst nature’s most marvellous masterpieces.  However, Jenolan offers something else of great beauty, not made by nature - the Blue Lake platypus habitat.  The Blue Lake is actually a dam, built in 1908, for the hydroelectricity system, which provided lighting to the caves and Caves House hotel. Its builders had no idea that the tiny lake would become such a source of wonder – a stunning and popular feature. Water flows through the caves into the lake, picking up dissolved limestone on the way. In sunlight, the dissolved minerals turn the water of the lake a heavenly shade of blue.

Recently, a former staff member contacted us to share his 1960s memories of the Blue Lake.  Young Tom Willoughby and his bride Shirley came to Jenolan in 1960 for their honeymoon, then again for a holiday in 1963. Six years later they were still at Jenolan.  Tom became a versatile cave guide, who assisted on the project to steam clean the Orient Cave. He also drove the tractor, to clean out the Blue Lake. His reminiscences open a little door through which we can sneak back in time.


"In Beer There is Freedom, In Wine There is Health, In Cognac There is Power." ~ Anon

For such a refined drink, Cognac has humble history. It was created out of necessity in the 16th century, when Dutch settlers travelled to France to purchase salt, wood, and wine. The merchants could not preserve their wine on the long journey back, so decided to distil it into ‘brandwijn’ or burnt wine, hence the name ‘brandy’.  It was then watered down to try to recreate the original wine. Sounds awful! So how did cognac become a symbol of excellence?  And what has it got to do with Father's Day at Jenolan Caves?


Support Our Tourism Industry - #holidayherethisyear

2020 will be remembered as the year we wish we could forget. But, through the worst, we have seen the best of Australians. Generosity, resilience and a sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of each other that can only be described as mateship. And yet the challenge isn’t over.

The Australian communities who rely on tourism to thrive need our support. Tour guides. Restaurateurs. Cabbies. Dive instructors. Baristas. Hoteliers. Retailers. Artists… the list is endless. And most of them are good to go, ready for your visit. That’s why we’re asking everyone to get out there to see our beautiful country. Book a week or weekend away. Revisit your favourite spot or discover somewhere new.

There are beds aplenty at hotels, resorts and campsites. And locals just waiting to say ‘G’day’. See Australia. Our home. And support all the incredible people who live here. Because now, more than any other time, Australia needs you to say, “I’m going to holiday here this year.”
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