Box of Amazing: 50 Themes to watch out for in 2019  
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Editor's Note
This will be my last newsletter of the year - and it's a slightly different one! This issue looks at the themes for 2019. Over the last month, I have read, digested and reviewed a large number of prediction pieces that people have put forward for 2019. Many are on point. Others are crazy. And some are surprising! 

I have put together 50 themes taken from these lists and curated them into an uberlist of sorts. These are the themes that I found most interesting and not necessarily the most obvious. Ultimately, these are relevant to what might happen in 2019. There are a few curveballs in there which will hopefully send you down some interesting rabbit holes. All the reports from where these are derived are referenced in the LinkedIn post. You can find the list below. Feel free to like, share and comment on the post.

I wish you all the best for 2019! I hope you have enjoyed reading Box of Amazing this year and it has provided you value.

(My last request this year - Please forward this email to friends, family and colleagues who will appreciate that we are fast moving into a new era of humanity). 

And with that....

Onward to 2019! - Rahim
Must Reads
50 Emerging Technology Themes to watch out for in 2019 Link
What's Amazing?
50 Emerging Technology Themes to watch out for in 2019

You can find the detail behind these themes on this LinkedIn post

1 - Personalised Nutrition becomes a thing
2 - Maps become Personal
3 - The Internet of Bodies will exist within us.
4 - Space becomes an investment race
5 - Robolawyers go mainstream
6 - VR Gaming becomes normal
7 - Bitcoin will bottom out and ICOs will die 
8 - The Digital Swag Market grows
9 - WFH becomes the norm, not the exception
10 - An Autonomous Car crosses the US
11 - Weed gets branded
12 - AI, Robots and "AI Robots" shake up the jobs market
13 - Less Social Media, More Social
14 - Your Digital Identity becomes you.
15 - 5G will have us livin’ on the edge
16 - Drones will deliver
17 - Soft skills will be the X-factor in the workplace.
18 - Companies will need Data Ethicists
19 - eSports continue to surge
20 - Smart Homes are attacked
21 - Black Mirror Social Credit algos move outside of China
22 - It's GenZ Time
23 - Dynamic Pricing Everywhere
24 - Immersive reality will transform new sectors.
25 - More #MeToo
26 - Voice Shopping in Vehicles
27 - Electric Scootermania!
28 - Medicine goes B2C
29 - In Public Facial Recognition becomes normal.
30 - Amazon will move into Hospitality
31 - Digital Selection of Services becomes scrupulous
32 - Tech goes to Sleep
33 - Digital brand relevance first.
34 - Amazon could still buy Target
35 - Knowledge Mechanics will become a new job
36 - Emerging Technology Buzzword Convergence
37 - Blockchain takes a step up in Financial Services
38 - More Brands will move to becoming Life-as-a-Service
39 - The beginning of the end of exams (AI in schools)
40 - Blockchain technology finds its second killer application.
41 - China's connectivity kickstarts new digital business models
42 - The Rise of Augmented Analytics
43 - Robots reimagine talent management
44 - Digital Banking takes off
45 - AI gets humanised
46 - Crimeware-as-a-service
47 - Video surpasses Voice
48 - There will be Iron Men
49 - The ‘mobile workforce’ will dominate the new economy.
50 - Tesla Model Y Launch Will Cement Mass Market Electric Vehicles

These themes have come from a variety of industry experts, commentators and the like. You can find a paragraph on each theme here, which links to all the relevant reports.
Quotes Worth Pondering
"It is said that the present is pregnant with the future." - Voltaire 
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- Rahim

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