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I'm writing this on the US Independence Day weekend, just before England's quarter-final in the Euros. The holiday and the extent of sport (Football [aka Soccer] / Wimbledon / Olympics [soon]) to watch with stadiums make the world feel somewhat normal. But we're not quite there just yet. Even if North America and Europe are 60% vaxed, you only need to look at the data to see that Africa sits at 4%. The danger of delta (A1) is real, especially if unvaccinated, and even if that is not you, that's the world. With booster rollouts being talked about, the real race is global vaccinations. That 4M global deaths number will continue to increase at a steady rate if we don't vaccinate. I state the obvious because world normal doesn't return until we support the countries behind the curve. 

For anyone wanting to understand Gen-Z, the Bain report is excellent. This generation, so different from the millennials, will be the leaders of the future. (A2). I'm also biased because I want to understand what makes my kids tick. 

If you have read anything stoic related by Marcus Aurelius, it's time to get with the program. (A8) T5 is a primer on how data and AI is changing work while T9 helps you control the algos in your life (T9).  A10 is an intricate look at the world as a media platform, at how we talk at our audience as if we are friends - just like I'm talking to you right now, because we are, right?

A4 is is terminator long read nostalgia for anyone who remembers how groundbreaking it was.

Stay curious!

Onward! - Rahim

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