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Brexit has been delayed again and global uncertainty continues. There's not much you can do about it so I invite you to consider where the future is going. Technology demands it and you must demand it. 

My recommendations for this week:

1. How to Think Without Googling Link
2. The Wild West of Kidtech Link
3. I Accidentally Uncovered a Nationwide Scam on Airbnb Link
4. Why You Never See Your Friends Anymore Link
5. Porch Pirates - stealing Amazon Packages Link
6. Why Millions of Teens Can’t Finish Their Homework Link
7. The Gross Margin Problem: Lessons for Tech-Enabled Startups Link
8. Everything is Amazing, But Nothing is Ours Link
9. Highest and lowest paid jobs in the past year Link
10. New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete (parody - but needs to be watched!) Link

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What's Amazing
1. Biology is Eating the World
"Our ability to engineer biology will fundamentally transform how we diagnose, treat, and manage disease. The first great leap forward took place in the early 1980s with recombinant DNA technology and the first biotech drug, thanks to our newfound ability to insert human genes into bacteria to produce human insulin. Today, modern tools like CRISPR and gene circuitry enable us to to program biology with greater and greater precision and sophistication, from bacteria that is engineered to produce new chemicals and proteins, to cells that are engineered to attack cancer. The explosion of “programmable medicines” (in the form of genes, cells, microbes, even mobile apps and software that can improve our health itself) are today leading us closer than ever before to that holy grail of medicine, the cure."   Link
2. Upskilling 2.0
If you consider that we are moving fast to a world where new skills are required, how do you look at the skills - how do you acquire them, how do you employ them. I like the 5 models identified in this article:
1. Onramps: Help me find quality, diverse candidates, for hard-to-fill roles.
2. Upskilling: Help me keep my workforce relevant
3. Reskilling: Help me retrain my workforce
4. Outskilling: Help me support employees who should transition to another company
5. Education as a benefit: Help me recruit and retain top talent.
If employers are now open about this - how do you position yourself either as an employee, a candidate or a supplier?     Link
3. Technology & Media Outlook 2020
This 200 page deck from Activate is a must read, covering:
*$300 Billion Global Internet and Media Growth Dollars by 2023
*Consumer Attention: 12:40 Hours of Technology & Media Per Day
*Super Users: The Imperative for Technology & Media Companies
*Social Splinter: The Social Media World Expands
*eCommerce: Shrinking the Divide Between Physical and Digital Shopping
*Digital Marketplaces: New Inventory, Price, Transparency, Ease of Use
*Video Gaming: The Next Streaming Battlefront
*Esports: Sport of the Future
*Video: Streaming Stacking, Battleground Households
*Sports Betting: The Next Big Financial Trading Market
*Sports: More Viewing, Emerging Sports, Better Fan Experiences
*Music: The Discovery Challenge
*Podcasting: New Listening Experiences and Explosive Growth
*The Networked Body: Quantified and Connected Human
*Digital Consumer Finance: Next Generation Services Go Mainstream
*Connectivity: Enabling the Next Wave of Technology and Media Growth  Link
4. Uber Money
"The ride company announces a new division called Uber Money, which includes a digital wallet and upgraded debit and credit cards. The emphasis, at first, will be expanding Uber’s efforts to give its 4 million-plus drivers and couriers around the world access to a mobile bank account so they can get paid after each ride. Uber could one day offer a bank account to consumers on its platform, according to Uber Money head Peter Hazlehurst." These mega-platforms can offer all range of services and this makes complete sense to immediately target drivers then consumers. Expect huge incentives as Uber starts to evolve fully across the money value chain - from money to spending.  Link
5. Is Crispr the Next Antibiotic?
In nature, the gene-editing tool Crispr protects bacteria against viruses. Now it’s being harnessed in the fight against superbugs and the flu. Desperate to find new medicines against pathogenic microorganisms, scientists are turning to Crispr, the gene-editing tool. Crispr has typically been considered for macroscopic tasks: altering mosquitoes so they can’t spread malaria, editing tomatoes so they are more flavorful and curing certain genetic diseases in humans. Now researchers are harnessing Crispr to turn a bacterium’s machinery against itself, or against viruses that infect human cells. “Crispr is the next step in antimicrobial therapy,” said David Edgell, a biologist at the Western University in London, Ontario, and the lead author of a study published earlier this month.  Link
6. Chinese Smartphones - should you worry?
This interview with security analyst Samantha Hoffman gives clarity around China's use of technology.

Here is a snippet: "So we should be cautious about buying Chinese smartphones and smart home products?
I would be. You may think “I’m not researching the CCP or testifying in Congress, so I don’t have anything to worry about”. But you don’t really know how that data is being collected and potentially used to shape your opinion and shape your decisions, among other things. Even understanding advertising and consumer preferences can feed into propaganda. Taken together, that can be used to influence an election or feelings about a particular issue." Link
7. Facebook's Music Strategy
"What has gotten lost in the evolution of music to digital is the ability for artists to tell their stories outside of their music, to connect the tracks on an album together, and to connect with fans. We’re seeking to fill that gap, which we think is an important opportunity both for artists and for people. That’s our main goal." Link
8. AR in Sports
"Augmented reality has penetrated into various sectors like education, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. It was often overlooked in the sports domain by businesses as well as consumers, yet not anymore. The use of augmented reality in sports is bringing about significant changes in the way people consume and enjoy sporting events. It also provides valuable insights to professional players and coaches. This helps in improving their performances significantly. Businesses can capitalize on the vast market potential of the sports and entertainment industry worldwide. Augmented reality is now seeing wide application across various sports. It provides for jaw-dropping experiences for fans and new financial opportunities for businesses engaged in augmented reality solutions."  Link
9. Care Robots in the UK
"The U.K. government has launched a research program that will focus on “making autonomous systems safe and trustworthy for public use”. The scheme, backed by funding of £33.9 million ($43.54 million) across five years, could result in the development of sophisticated “care robots” which would be deployed to assist the elderly. Actions that could potentially be taken by such robots include helping people up after a fall, making sure medication is taken, and delivering meals. The idea of developing “care robots” comes as the U.K. faces an ageing population, with the government stating that one in seven people were now expected to be over 75 by the year 2040." Link
10. Handwashing Robot
"In rural India, only about 18 percent of people wash their hands with soap, and the way to change this is to start teaching hand washing as a skill at a young age. It’s especially important to do this in schools, which are both places for teaching things as well as places where diseases get transmitted (although hopefully more the first thing than the second thing). But we don’t want teachers spending their time standing by the bathroom sink nagging their pupils, and we don’t have to, because robots can help with this. Amol Deshmukh, a researcher at the University of Glasgow whose work (in collaboration with Amrita University in India) using robots to transport water in rural villages in India we wrote about last year, has presented some new research last week on the development of a social robot that can encourage hand washing in rural Indian schools. The robot’s name is Pepe, and Deshmukh hopes that by just hanging out by the bathroom sink and doing some polite reminding, Pepe will be able to save kids’ lives." Link
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