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Box of Amazing is a weekly digest curated by Rahim covering emerging technology, trends and extraordinary articles, hand picked to broaden your mind and challenge your thinking.

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Editor's Note
I was asked recently why I put this email newsletter together every week. There are lots of reasons. One of the main reasons is because I strongly believe that we are living at an extraordinary time in history. In semi-recent history, I think we can go back to some critical moments to understand things in context. We had life before electricity, life before the Internet and now we are moving to a new phase. Whether it's AI or AR or another emerging technology that becomes front and centre of where we see ourselves going, this new phase is happening faster and with groups of new technology. Some call it the Fourth Industrial Revolution. I'm calling it the new normal. 

Have a great week!

Onward! - Rahim
Must Reads
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What's Amazing?
Brainjacking: Is it inconceivable that a future thief could steal our thoughts in the future. As humans, we aspire to the faster and better and when it becomes a commercial reality, we will all plug ourselves in to increase our processing power. In a parallel path, neurotechnology is advancing at a rate and in the future, we will be able to upgrade and rewrite our brains, but such advancements leave us open for manipulation. "But the consequences of control falling into the wrong hands could be "very grave". Imagine a hacker has broken into the neurostimulator of a patient with Parkinson's disease and is tampering with the settings. They could influence his or her thoughts and behaviour, or even cause temporary paralysis. A hacker could also threaten to erase or overwrite someone's memories if money is not paid to them - perhaps via the dark web."   Link
Innovation rules the world: Who are the companies that will rule us in the years to come? Well, we know the Unicorns and those that dominate our daily lives already. But who are the companies that are evolving a new age - and who are the ones that are pushing the boundaries of the status quo. You will know many on the list. There are a few surprises and you will learn about new business models in play around the world.  Link
Cashless: It's only the barber and the piano teacher who still want my cash. Everyone else is cashless - but we are not yet a cashless society. Countries are trying to move forward with initiatives but invariably don't have a practical plan to deal with the issues. But it looks like Sweden is going to be the first country to really go cashless. "For the past years, in Sweden, almost all purchases have been paid electronically, by debit/credit card using chip and Pin rather than the old-fashioned magnetic band, using contactless technology, or the mobile application Swish especially designed to help Swedes embrace a cashless life. This means, now more than 80 percent of all retail transactions have been conducted electronically. This is similar in the rest of the other Nordic countries which include Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland. The way the Nordics are quickly embracing a cashless lifestyle strongly contrasts with the countries in the south of Europe, where cash is still a strong form of payment and with several places accepting only cash. This is the complete opposite of what happens in Northern Europe where cash is no longer accepted in many establishments. Moreover, in Sweden, businesses, where cash is still accepted today, are going to stop accepting cash in 2023. "    Link
Quotes Worth Pondering
Your online data is a bit like single-use plastic: there’s tonnes of the stuff and it’s very hard to get rid of. When you die, your physical body will slowly decay, or be sent to a crematorium or dissolved in a tank filled with potassium hydroxide. But that pesky digital corpse? That’s going to be around for a while, like a data soul stuck in online purgatory, never to receive salvation. Unless, of course, you set it free.

The weird rise of cyber funerals
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Tech, Science and the Future
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Improving Your Life
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