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There are a couple of TikTok articles this week (A1, A4) - I find this juggernaut of a movement astonishing as a vehicle to deliver snack-sized news to the Gen Z masses. But the article you should read is the one about Jeff Bezos (A7) and the therapy hackers (T1).

The line that haunted me from A6 about the Gates divorce was this: "If the Gateses, with all that money, a joint project that had made a real impact, three kids and 27 years under their belt, couldn’t make it, what hope is there for the rest of us?" 

Stay curious!

Onward! - Rahim

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6. Why Would a Long-Term Couple Like Bill and Melinda Gates Get Divorced? Here's What Marriage Therapists Say Link
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6. Persuading the body to regenerate its limbs Link
7. Covid vaccines: what is patent waiving and will it solve the global shortage? Link
8. Do people aged 105 and over live longer because they have more efficient DNA repair? Link
9. The Chip Shortage Keeps Getting Worse. Why Can’t We Just Make More?  Link
10. How Much Energy Does Bitcoin Actually Consume? Link
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