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This week: Apple look to be serious about AR iGlasses with their latest acquisition, Dell are making Alexa and voice a mainstream for laptops and Toyota are investing $500M in Uber to change the driving landscape. If you haven't read the stratechery piece on Uber Bundles as well as Ben Evans' in depth piece on Uber, you need to.  Enjoy the week. Onwards! - Rahim

What's Amazing?
AI Hospitals: Shortage of staff in medicine is a real problem, particularly so in Japan whose government is dealing with a crisis. "The government is expected to invest more than $100 million in the effort over half a decade, with a target of establishing 10 model hospitals by the end of fiscal 2022. AI will help with tasks from updating patients' charts to analyzing tests and parsing images to help with diagnoses. The effort aims to address structural challenges to health care, including the chronic lack of doctors and nurses in some areas and rising medical expenses. The initiative will also help make Japan more competitive on the world stage, giving AI development a shot in the arm and helping boost exports of medical equipment." This is an important demonstration of how technology is a solution for modern problems around the workforce. More often than not, technology is pushed aside because we are too scared that it may change our lives.  Link
Nanobot Swarms: Nanobots can now swarm like fish to perform complex medical tasks. Technology application today astonishes me. "The nanobots, millions of magnetic nanoparticles, can change their form to whatever environment they're interacting with. They can reportedly extend, shrink, split and merge, in their swarm. The method could be used by surgeons to send the nanobots through hard-to-navigate spaces, the researchers say. They could also reportedly be used for targeted drug delivery, cancer therapies and eye surgeries." This research from Hong Kong feels like we have been catapulted to the future. If we have been able to use nanotechnology in this way, then the future is indeed awesome. Link
AI Website Creation: I remember first coding away to simple HTML. That time came and went, was superseded by platforms like Wordpress and website creators like Wix. The web seems to have taken another step forward. There's now no need to code your webpage yourself. Microsoft says that all you need to do is draw it and their AI will do the rest. Essentially this means bots are trying to shift web designers into more of an overseer role. "Microsoft, keen to coax customers toward its AI-oriented Azure services and to flaunt its data-processing prowess, would have web designers trade keyboard for pencil and let clever code interpret designer intent from doodles instead of relying on some app to slavishly respond to explicit commands."  Link
AIi Everything: Jack Ma is now a household name, and Alibaba is one of the largest companies in the world, although when I did a spot test on a few friends, none really could explain what they do. The latest article from HBR is a clear view of the strategic direction of the business. "Alibaba today is not just an online commerce company. It is what you get if you take all functions associated with retail and coordinate them online into a sprawling, data-driven network of sellers, marketers, service providers, logistics companies, and manufacturers. In other words, Alibaba does what Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Google, FedEx, wholesalers, and a good portion of manufacturers do in the United States, with a healthy helping of financial services for garnish. Of the world’s 10 most highly valued companies today, seven are internet companies with business models similar to ours. Five of them—Amazon, Google, and Facebook in the United States and Alibaba and Tencent in China—have been around barely 20 years. Why has so much value and market power emerged so quickly? Because of new capabilities in network coordination and data intelligence that all these companies put to use. The ecosystems they steward are vastly more economically efficient and customer-centric than traditional industries. These firms follow an approach I call smart business, and I believe it represents the dominant business logic of the future. "  Link
Amazing News Nuggets
What's amazing?

"“In the midst of all this we were looking around and we said, ‘God there were a lot of failed robotics companies!’ and we asked ourselves why did that happen?,” Voorhies recalled. “A lot of the hardware companies that we’d seen, their plan was: step one build a really cool robot and step three: an app ecosystem will evolve and people will write apps and the robot will sell like crazy. And nobody had realized how to do step 2, which was commercialize the robot.”"

Source: Robotics-as-a-service is on the way and inVia Robotics is leading the charge | TechCrunch

"Space travel is about to change. Ever since Yuri Gagarin’s pioneering flight in 1961, only spacecraft built by nation states have carried humans into orbit. But sometime soon, as early as next year, the world’s first private, crewed spaceship will take off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida and head for the International Space Station."

Source: NASA’s New Space Taxis | Space | Air & Space Magazine
Key Findings

42 percent of the world’s top 50 universities now offer at least one course on crypto or blockchain

Students from a range of majors are interested in crypto and blockchain courses — and universities are adding courses across a variety of departments
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