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Part of curating this list is deciding what the must-reads are - and that can vary significantly person to person. Inevitably, the articles I recommend to you are the ones that I inevitably believe that you would most benefit from. That said, what I learned the most from this week sits squarely in the tech section especially in trying to understand methuselarity or the prevention of ageing. 

This week, I recommend all my articles! But I especially recommend A7 which explains to you how the influencers of the world work, especially through one of the biggest out there Addison Rae. I'd spend 5 minutes on the chaos of what the Internet has become (T5) and I'd spend 30 minutes on T2 to see which companies are defining our new world. 

Despite these recommendations, many of you will be drawn to A3, because it is covid related, A4, because your sleep pattern is so messed up after a year, but also A2 and A1, because you're still struggling with your work colleagues and you're worried your boss is watching you at home.
Stay curious!

Onward! - Rahim

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My Reading Recommendations (A)

1. 'Missing from desk': AI webcam raises remote surveillance concerns Link
2. What a Year of WFH Has Done to Our Relationships at Work Link
3. COVID-19 Is Different Now Link
4. Why You Stay Up So Late, Even When You Know You Shouldn’t Link
5. People in China Left Wondering, ‘What Happened in Xinjiang?’ Link
6. What’s the Minimum Dose of Training to Stay Fit? Link
7. The Beauty of 78.5 Million Followers Link
8. This Is Where 150 Years Of Ignoring Anti-Asian Racism Got Us Link
9. The State of Studying: How the Pandemic Has Affected Study Habits Per Country Link
10. Too Much Focusing Is Draining. Here's A Better Strategy Link

My Tech Recommendations (T)

1. Methuselarity by 2035 – and it’ll be free Link
2. The a16z Marketplace 100: 2021 Link
3. The big reset: Data-driven marketing in the next normal Link
4. Scientists Created an Artificial Early Embryo From Human Skin Cells Link
5. The internet is chaotic. Is it also boring? Link
6. Making honey without bees and milk without cows Link
7. Outgrowing software Link
8. What Data Can't Do Link
9. Buy This Column on the Blockchain! Link
10. The debate about cryptocurrency and energy consumption Link
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