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Editor's Note
I'm sometimes reminded about how technology played a part in critical moments in history. Future generations will look back at the chaos that unregulated tech had on key moments in society. Good or bad, the shutdown in America and the Brexit chaos have both indirect causes and results. It's clear that tech had something to do with the US election and the Brexit vote. There were, of course, other factors. But we are now seeing the impact and will continue to. For us in the UK, external investment in tech and future-focused initiatives like the one that Hitachi just pulled out of show that if we cannot control how tech is used, it can have devastating effects. Instability in the UK and the US is just beginning - and this is a new era for the East.

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What's Amazing?
Self-Lacing Nike trainers: Nike's new bluetooth enabled trainers are called Adapt BB and they are the next realm of connected tech. These are shoes that are self lacing, but I think that's a gimmick that people want to see. The real exciting element is that way that they could loosen if your feet are swelling and how data could be transferred and logged. But this is the very beginning for this type of tech: "The tightening technology relies on a single cable loop that’s threaded through the motor, which acts as a spool. When the shoe tightens, the cable winds around the motor. Wearers can customize three presets in the app, ideally for warming up or gameplay. They can access those presets from the app, or hold down a button on the side of the shoe to go all the way from tight to loose. They can also make more precise adjustments from the app or by using those buttons. The shoe will remember the last tightness setting and default to that when being worn again." Much as I would love to, I haven't got the $350 to spend on this. (Nike, please send me a pair - I'm size 8 UK / 42. Thanks in advance ;>)   Link
Netflix vs your attention: If Netflix hasn't increased in price in your country, expect rises shortly. We have all been hooked to SaaS type or subscription products over the past years, Prime, Spotify etc., broadband, phone, data and once the price goes up, do you still pay or do you look for a substitute? What if there isn't a substitute or what if you have already substituted? Netflix are having that problem and are being hit on all sides. Firstly Disney and other licensed content are soon to be pulled as we come close to a world with a plethora of digital TV content. But apparently, that's not the only issue at hand: Netflix declared that it didn't think it competes with HBO, Disney or any of the other pay TV companies. Instead, Netflix names literally anything else as a competitor: "We earn consumer screen time, both mobile and television, away from a very broad set of competitors. We compete with (and lose to) Fortnite more than HBO. When YouTube went down globally for a few minutes in October, our viewing and sign ups spiked for that time." The smartphone's explosive growth around the world drove unprecedented innovation, new ideas, and staggering scales. Now, Facebook competes with Netflix, which in turn competes with Fortnite, for eyeballs, as all that matters is syphoning off your time to win."     Link
Genetic Disorder Face Scanning: AI can now determine traits associated with a genetic disorder. "The study involved 17,000 kids with 200-plus genetic disorders. Its best performance came in distinguishing between different subtypes of a genetic disorder called Noonan syndrome, one of whose symptoms includes mildly unusual facial features. The A.I. was able to make the correct distinction 64 percent of the time. That is far from perfect, but it is significantly better than human clinicians, who identified Noonan syndrome correctly in just 20 percent of cases." This is yet another case where big data sets, machine learning and AI are being used to solve problems and speed up tasks and research. Further magic comes when you can blend this sort of AI with CRISPR changes or personalised medicine and data monitoring. Being able to treat conditions in a less invasive way also makes for a better and less painful place.  Link
Quotes Worth Pondering
What’s the connection between a non-profit foresight organization and a private foundation dedicated to improving education beyond high school? Simple: a shared desire to maximize individual opportunity, boost economic growth, and help ensure social stability.

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