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I'm starting to wind down for 2018. There's time enough for one more newsletter next week - I hope you have enough time to read this one and that. In the mean time, there's a new miscellany section of links for those interesting links that don't quite go anywhere. Hope you'll like the diversion.

Have a great week!

Onward! - Rahim
Must Reads
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What's Amazing?
Your apps are giving away your secrets: We knew it already, but the New York Times proved it. Their investigation demonstrated a massive “anonymized” dataset showing location data from a third-party vendor could be de-anonymized, and track people's lives at multiple location. You knew your phone was tracking you. You didn't realise it could be easily figured out. Hack that data with other data that an advertiser might know about you based on your location, and you are a sucker. Both the GPS chip in your phone and your access to an internet connection gives away your location. The advice is to really think not only about giving away your location data but also whether you need the app in the first place. Critically, you should think about why an app on your phone might be free and how the business model might be monetising you for the benefit of the developer. Delete the apps you don't use, read the article   Link
The State of Startups: First Round Capital interviewed 500+ founders to get their views on the industry. It's worth a read, but some highlight stood out for me. There was a perception that the best new founders would come from existing startups. Which ones were most cited? Uber...followed by Slack, Stripe and AirBnB. Which is the startup whose valuation will skyrocket most over the next ten years? Stripe. 40% believe that China will be the epicentre of tech in ten years time.   Link
Plant controlled robots: Scientists have developed a robot that can detect a plant's electrochemical signals and goes where the plant wants it to go. This sounds like some crazy sci-fi novel, but it's actually got a name - cybernetics. "Cybernetics usually refers to humans enhancing themselves with robotic parts. Sometimes, we heard about animal-robot cyborgs, or insect-robotcyborgs. It’s not all that often that we hear about plant-robot cyborgs, because what’s a plant going to do with a robot, right? But you could argue that plants have the most to gain from robotic enhancements, because otherwise, (with a few totally cool exceptions) plants aren’t capable of mobility or manipulation at all." The difference between this experiment and others is that the plant is actually controlling the robot. The plant moves the robot showing that there is some sort of conscience of demand. Remember that when you forget to water your Philodendron. Link
Quotes Worth Pondering
This, then, is the state of technology in 2018: the enterprise market is thriving, and the consumer market is stagnant, dominated by the “innovations” that a few large behemoths deign to develop for consumers (probably by ripping off a smaller company). Meanwhile a backlash is brewing on both sides of the political spectrum, but with no immediately viable outlet through competition or antitrust action, the politics surrounding technology simply becomes ever more rancid.

The State of Technology in 2018
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Tech, Science and the Future
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Improving Your Life
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