Box of Amazing: Maintaining Masking  
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What's kept you sane during lockdown? It's a question that we have all asked each other this past 18 months? The question will remain as we move out into a new hybrid world where we can try and do something of normality. The big question for me is what will you continue to take past this Covid Era? Mine are:

1. Unbiased Curated News. I talked a few weeks ago about how The Factual is one of my new tools of choice in keeping me updated. Sign up for the free trial and you'll understand how you can get balanced news on a whole variety of topics. Only 20 bucks for the year which is a steal when you are talking about gatekeepers to your brain.
2. Concise Knowledge: Blinkist remains my knowledge download of choice, especially on audio and on 1.5x speed, and also when I need to school upon a specific subject. 
3. Walking: Usually while combined with 2, above. 
4. Gardening: Surprised me also with my anti-green fingers, but lawn health and weed eradication is my new obsession and also frees my mind from the multidimensional world. 
5. Yoga/Pilates: Another surprise, but I'm convinced by the benefits. I use Alomoves, but there are others out there!

An online tool that I tried this week was PhotoFeeler. It gives you a quick view of what your photo says about you. My current LinkedIn profile photo is way out of date, pre-covid and with a completely different haircut - but I wanted to get a feel for what that photo said about me. Apparently, quite competent and influential (top 2%! ), and quite (but not very - top 40% ) likeable. It's free - and you earn credits by voting on others or paying for credits. I can imagine that is also good for those on the dating scene or influencing on Instagram or TikTok (not me!).

Masks (A3), Remote (A4, A8) and a follow up on the Dystopian Metaverse (T5) are part of my recommendations this week. Make time for A2 if you can and if you love Matt Damon as an actor you'll love A10.

If you are going to do one thing this week, join The Factual. It's a no-brainer and you won't regret it! I'd also appreciate you forwarding this email to those who you believe to have curious minds!

Stay curious!

Onward! - Rahim

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My Reading Recommendations (A)

1. Why is Delta such a big deal? Link
2. I just learned I only have months to live. This is what I want to say Link
3. 4 Reasons I’m Wearing a Mask Again Link
4. The Pandemic Reset the Balance Between Workers and Employers. How Bosses Respond Will Shape the Future of Work Link

5. Intrinsic is Alphabet's (Google's) new Company Link
6. 21st Century Olympic Doping Link
7. Hundreds of Ways to Get S#!+ Done—and We Still Don’t Link
8. Why Managers Fear a Remote Future Link
9. The best four years of your life? Link
10. Matt Damon’s Disappearing Acts Link

My Tech Recommendations (T)

1. Groceries in 10 Minutes: Delivery Start-Ups Crowd City Streets Across Globe Link
2. NFTs May Seem Like Frivolous Fads. They Should Be the Future of Music Link
3. “Fantasy Hollywood” — Crypto and Community-Owned Characters Link
4. Facebook’s next hardware launch will be its Ray-Ban ‘smart glasses’ Link
5. The Metaverse Has Always Been a Dystopian Idea Link
6. Why AR clothing try-on is nearly here Link
7. 3 tech giants report combined profits of more than $50B Link
8. Ultrafast Delivery: The $28B Market to Build the On-Demand Bodega Link
9. CRISPR therapy cures first genetic disorder inside the body Link
10. When Will It Get Too Hot for the Body to Survive? Link
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