Box of Amazing: Robot Wolves saving Japan  
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If you have time to read just one article this week, please check out Article 4, which is a series of visualizations that show the likelihood of spreading COVID-19 in three indoor settings: at  home, going going to a socially distanced bar, or sitting in a classroom. All three scenarios don't look great, but the visualizations show how wearing masks and proper ventilation can significantly increase protection of the people in each location. Given we are into the colder months and likely staying indoors more, this shows how important venitaltion is. Share this article with anyone and everyone, the naysayers, and those tempted to break the rules over the coming months. It's a very accessible way to understand what we need to be aware of. 

Stay sane, stay safe!

Onward! - Rahim

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My recommendations for this week

1. The future of business: Reimagining 2020 and beyond Link
2. The Challenges We Face Once a Coronavirus Vaccine Is Found Link
3. What It Takes to Lead Through an Era of Exponential Change Link
4. A room, a bar and a classroom: how the coronavirus is spread through the air Link
5. JPMorgan Invites Banks and Fintechs to Build on Its Revamped Blockchain Network Link
6. Japanese Towns Use This Robotic Wolf to Scare Off Bears, and It’s Terrifying Link
7. The unseen machine pushing Trump’s social media megaphone into overdrive Link
8. America: In Search of Healing Link
9. Is this an age of division? Link
10. Meet the 'Dark Tourists' Booking Trips to Wuhan Link

My Tech Recommendations for this Week

1. How Discord (somewhat accidentally) invented the future of the internet Link
2. The great rebalancing: working from home fuels rise of the 'secondary city' Link
3. China experiencing a drone ‘revolution’ in agriculture Link
4. Don’t drop your diet yet, but scientists have discovered how CRISPR can burn fat Link
5. Can lab-grown brains become conscious? Link
6. China: State of Surveillance Link
7. A New Way to Plug a Human Brain Into a Computer: via Veins Link
8. The Most Famous Paradox in Physics Nears Its End Link
9. The Epigenetic Secrets Behind Dopamine, Drug Addiction and Depression Link
10. 3D-printing "error" used to produce high-tech textiles Link
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