Box of Amazing: Vitamin D and Covid-19  
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How will we look back on 2020? We talk of it being a reset moment in society, but, to me, 2020 feels like a new era that starts with a blur, almost a cacophony of conflicting societal priorities that sit amongst the backdrop of the virus. The left versus the right. Astounding technology versus extreme poverty. Power versus hacktivism. 

In twenty years time, there will be memories of low-fi masks we needed to wear, the convoluted steps to join a "zoom" call, and being "locked down" to save us from death. This week London returned to multiple restrictions with confusing rules while places around the world are rocketing to their highest daily infections. 

This winter of discontent is just beginning. I draw your attention to article 7, so that this winter and, indeed, this era, don't completely feel like the most depressive days of our lives!

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10. Google Street View for the human body: New virtual reality software allows scientists to 'walk' inside cells Link
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