Box of Amazing: The Future of TikTok  
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As the US gears up for the next election, the distraction games have started with TikTok being cited as having security issues. This issue has a selection of articles on the issues - and whether TikTok manages to save an iteration of itself in the US or not, we will get a deeper view of how it operates. 

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My recommendations for this week

1. The Future of TikTok is African Link
2. The story of U.K. lockdown through Google Trends Link
3. The Economy Is in Record Decline, but Not for the Tech Giants Link
4. Why America Is Afraid of TikTok Link
5. COVID-19: The Great Reset (1 hour) Link
6. How fiction can help us imagine the future Link
7. How a Chinese agent used LinkedIn to hunt for targets Link
8. Can China’s Military Win the Tech War? Link
9. There Are Other Options Besides Reopening Schools Link
10. The Tech Giants Are Dangerous, and Congress Knows It Link

My Tech Recommendations for this Week

1. Tech Sector Feeling COVID-19’s Economic Pain Link
2. The Gig Economy Is Failing. Say Hello to the Hustle Economy. Link
3. Regulating technology Link
4. E-rranged marriages Link
5. There’s No Such Thing as Family Secrets in the Age of 23andMe Link
6. Op-Ed: The real reason we’re afraid of robots Link
7. Where AI Is Delivering A Competitive Edge In 2020 Link
8. How Not to Know Ourselves Link
9. How Do You Know a Human Wrote This? Link
10. Car Companies Want to Monitor Your Every Move With Emotion-Detecting AI Link
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