Box of Amazing: Mini 3D-Printed Hearts and Dead Pigs' Brains  
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I have three things to say this week.
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3. Game of Thrones / AI mashup? - A machine learning algorithm predicts likelihood of death based on various features that we extracted for each of the more than 2000 characters in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series: Predicted likelihood of death in Series 8

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Onward! - Rahim
What's Amazing
1. 3D Printed Heart
In a world first, Israeli scientists have created a live heart in a revolutionary new 3D printing process that combines human tissue taken from a patient. In November, Tel Aviv University researchers said they invented the first fully personalized tissue implant engineered from a patient’s own biomaterials and cells, paving the way for new technology that would make it possible to develop any kind of tissue implant from one small fatty tissue biopsy. Now, these same researchers created a real heart. This is the first time anyone anywhere has successfully engineered and printed an entire heart complete with cells, blood vessels, ventricles and chambers.” Link
2. Hologram Presidential Candiate
Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has unveiled a 3D hologram that he intends to use to remotely campaign in key battlegrounds states. He said that it would allow him to be in two or even three places at a time. Yang also hopes to use the technology to drive home his message about the power of disruptive technologies and the need to change with them. Yang said that the hologram is “tied into the message of the campaign around the fact that it is 2019, and soon it will be 2020, and things are changing, and we can’t just keep doing the same things over and over again and expect it to achieve the results we need.” Yang has made headlines for his proposal to introduce universal basic income if he becomes president. Link
3. Cannabis Burger
Carl's Jr. has become the first major fast-food chain to roll out a cannabis-infused menu item — even if just for a one location, one-day event. The CheeseBurger Delight consists of two beef patties, topped with pickled jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, fries, and CBD-infused Santa Fe Sauce. Carl's Jr. has been working on the CBD Burger since its vegan Beyond Meat burger launch in early January, according to Patty Trevino, Carl's Jr.'s senior vice president of brand marketing. The Denver restaurant was picked as the 4/20 test spot in part because of Colorado's decision to legalize marijuana in 2014. Link
4. CRISPR Cancer treatment
CRISPR has been used to treat US cancer patients for the first time The gene-editing tool has been used in a trial to enhance the blood cells of two patients with cancer. The experimental research, underway at the University of Pennsylvania, involves genetically altering a person’s T cells so that they attack and destroy cancer. A university spokesman confirmed it has treated the first patients, one with sarcoma and one with multiple myeloma. Link
5. 3D Scanning & Notre Dame
The only saving grace in the horrible fire in Paris is that we are at a stage where we could replicate and rebuild the cathedral using the high res scans available. Also, this is a perfect project for robots to help in the reconstruction. Expect the Notre Dame to be fabulous again.  Link
6. Conscious Decoupling as a Business Model
Think about companies like Uber and Airbnb that have burst through into public consciousness in the past ten years. While many of them depend on the internet, their success is not down to any particular technological innovation of their own design. Instead, their secret lies in their business model. It is not a wholly new idea but it is the model that is driving consumer disruption.  Link
7. Borophene: The most exciting new material you’ve never heard of
Borophene, a single-atom layer of the element boron, is super-strong and super-flexible–plus it’s a superconductor. For years, the material graphene has entranced the scientific world because of its incredible strength and flexibility. It can conduct electricity better than any other material at room temperature. It has been engineered to store electronic data, and could transform the way we make computer chips. A three-dimensional form of graphene is our best candidate for building in space. People have wondered if the material will instigate the next industrial revolution. It has even made its way into consumer products, like lightbulbs and jackets, and graphene hair dye might be on its way. Link
8. The Capitalist Takeover of Higher Education
Regular readers will know my views on how broken some parts of the global education system is. This article exposes how private companies have infiltrated the US university system. As we have seen tuition prices increase, making higher education unaffordable for many, online program managers (OPMs) have come in and are taking the growth and survival revenue away from the universities. Where will this end? The universities have embraced OPMs to date with open arms but they may be their undoing. This is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of education.   Link
9. Pig brains kept alive outside body for hours after death
Revival of disembodied organs raises slew of ethical and legal questions about the nature of death and consciousness. In a challenge to the idea that brain death is final, researchers have revived the disembodied brains of pigs four hours after the animals were slaughtered. Although the experiments stopped short of restoring consciousness, they raise questions about the ethics of the approach — and, more fundamentally, about the nature of death itself. The current legal and medical definitions of death guide protocols for resuscitating people and for transplanting organs. Link
10. So, what is Amazon?
It started as an unbound Walmart, an algorithm for running an unbound search for global optima in the world of physical products. It became a platform for adapting that algorithm to any opportunity for customer-centric value creation that it encountered. If it devises a way to keep its incentive structures intact as it exposes itself through its ever-expanding external interfaces, it – or its various split-off subsidiaries – will dominate the economy for a generation. And if not, it’ll be just another company that seemed unstoppable until it wasn’t. - I've read Zack Kanter's narrative 3 times. You should too. Link
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