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In the journey that we will make towards an AI-centric world (are we there yet?) I recommend reading the words of Daniel Kahneman (T1). The article hints at an inevitability of a world where we don't win - and if that is the case, how do we play? And if AI is a subject that continues to intrigue you, there are a couple of other article that will support your education, including PWC's report (T3).

I'm still a little in shock at the unravelling of Bill Gates (A6) and wonder if legacy will maintain. But I'm most worried about how Covid is ravaging the Seychelles when vaccinations are so high there. (A1)

For something a little more mind boggling, imagine what sport will be like in thirty years (T10).

Stay curious!

Onward! - Rahim

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My Reading Recommendations (A)

1. COVID is surging in the world’s most vaccinated country. Why? Link
2. What Would It Take to Vaccinate the World Against Covid? Link
3. The Anxiety of Influencers Link
4. You Can Only Maintain So Many Close Friendships Link
5. The Pandemic Was Bad for Our Teeth. Will It Change Oral Health Forever? Link
6. Bill Gates will never be the same Link
7. Numbers won't tell us when the pandemic is over Link
8. Lessons from the pandemic’s superstar data scientist, Youyang Gu Link
9. A customer-centric approach to marketing in a privacy-first world Link
10. Scientists say there's a clear link between Facebook and depression Link

My Tech Recommendations (T)

1. Daniel Kahneman: ‘Clearly AI is going to win. How people are going to adjust is a fascinating problem’ Link
2. The app that lets you pay to control another person's life Link
3. AI predictions 2021 Link
4. The Pentagon Inches Toward Letting AI Control Weapons Link
5. AI’s Future Doesn’t Have to Be Dystopian Link
6. NFTs: Are they the future of the music industry? Link
7. How Roblox Sparked a Chaotic Music Scene Link
8. Neuroscientists Have Followed a Thought as It Moves Through The Human Brain Link
9. Cryptocurrency in 2021: still dysfunctional nonsense, unusable by normal humans Link
10. Sport 2050: 60-minute matches and rolling subs - a World Cup like no other? Link
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