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Many thanks for the feedback on how Box of Amazing is evolving. I've tried to roll up some of the feedback into this new design. I have tried to organise the content a little more, starting with the "must reads" (articles I think are important), followed by "What's Amazing?" (commentary on some important themes), "quotes" (from some great articles which may lure you in), and the Links (covering tech/sci/future, improving your life and a new section called 'top of the news'). I hope that gives some structure to what you find interesting. Many of you have replied back to tell me that Box of Amazing is become your staple reading to keep in the know. (and something that you look forward to on a Sunday - which is nice to know!) Box of Amazing not intended to provide high tech coverage but it is meant to curate the best sources to help you stay ahead of the game. 

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Must Reads
A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley  Link

The AI Cold War with China that could Doom us all Link

It Might Get Loud: Inside Silicon Valley’s Battle to Own Voice Tech Link

Uber’s Secret Restaurant Empire Link
What's Amazing?
AI Morality & Mortality: Who decides what AI should learn? What happens when cultural differences exist that would help feed and AI engine to help determine decisions. This is the quandary of AI morality - and the decisions that we must make at this stage in the technology. For example, if an AI is going to crash and it has to make a decision on whether to kill the older or younger human, Asian countries are more likely to save the old, while European ones will save the young. China and France would be at loggerheads. The complexity starts there. It gets worse: do you save the pedestrian or the passenger? What about jaywalkers versus legal crossing folk? Whose life is more valuable?   Link
AI Perfume: AI is starting to infiltrate industries at will, usually behind the scenes as AI engines can now power the determination of what you would like to smell. "IBM and flavour and fragrances producer Symrise have paired up to create an artificially intelligent computer that can act as a modern perfumer. Dubbed “Philyra,” the AI can create new scents for home products, fine fragrance and personal care products, like lotion and face wash, by the analyzing over 1.9 million digitally archived formulas Symrise has created for clients, as well as thousands of raw ingredients across different markets. Depending on the client guidelines given, it then analyzes and creates to understand what scents are suitable or not  While something as simple as a chatbot can be considered artificial intelligence, Philyra has the advanced capacity to learn from formulas." Philyra is a machine learning AI and it has learned to understand the nuances of perfumery  - and can now make whole new different concoctions that we won't have smelt before. Expect personalised smell sensations to hit the market, maybe not immediately but this is pushing innovation in an age-old industry.   Link
VR Food: Is it possible to make food taste better? That's the premise of VR Food. In an experiment by Cornell University, cheese eaten in different surroundings were found to taste better. "About 50 panelists who used virtual reality headsets as they ate were given three identical samples of blue cheese. The study participants were virtually placed in a standard sensory booth, a pleasant park bench and the Cornell cow barn to see custom-recorded 360-degree videos. The panelists were unaware that the cheese samples were identical, and rated the pungency of the blue cheese significantly higher in the cow barn setting than in the sensory booth or the virtual park bench." This isn't really a story about VR food, but how multi-sensory effects can change outcomes.  Link
Quotes Worth Pondering

"In other words, the virtual reality market is fundamentally constrained by its very nature: because it is about the temporary exit from real life, not the addition to it, there simply isn’t nearly as much room for virtual reality as there is for any number of other tech products. "

Source: The Problem with Facebook and Virtual Reality – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

"The term “disruptive innovation” was coined by Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen in the mid-90’s to describe a particular business phenomenon, whereby established companies focus on high-priced products for their existing customers, while disruptors develop simpler, cheaper innovations, introduce the products to a new audience, and eventually displace incumbents. PCs disrupted mainframes, discount stores disrupted department stores, cellphones disrupted landlines, you get the idea. "

Source: An Alternative History of Silicon Valley Disruption | WIRED
Amazing Links Worth Your Attention
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Top of the News
Silicon Valley Nannies Are Phone Police for Kids Link

Silicon Valley's dirty secret: Using a shadow workforce of contract employees to drive profits Link

'I wanted to go after big tech': ex-Google exec's novel rips Silicon Valley Link

How Amazon is changing the way we shop  Link

Lyft is speeding up Link
Tech, Science and the Future
What’s the point of a blockchain phone? Link

Digital strategy: The four fights you have to win Link

Alibaba Used Shoppers' Data to Invent a Spicy Snickers Bar Link

100 Websites That Shaped The Internet As We Know It (Understand the past to understand the future) Link

Uber may start delivering burgers by drones as soon as 2021 because its CEO says 'We need flying burgers' Link
Improving Your Life
This16 Characteristics of Critical Thinkers Link

Can’t sleep? Perhaps you’re overtired Link

How To Easily Build Good Habits: 4 Secrets From Research  Link

Fasting power: Can going without food really make you healthier? Link

The Japanese Way to View the World Link
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