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I can't stop hearing people talking about the Corona Virus. And boy, is there a lot of junk being spread. I've decided to deep dive on some addition COVID-19 articles which are the best of the best on what's out there. I hope they provide further insight for you, your families and your teams. In the meantime, I'm abstaining from handshakes. 

My recommendations for this week:

Your COVID-19 Recommendations
1. You're Likely to Get the Corona Virus Link
2. Covid-19 Will Mark the End of Affluence Politics Link
3. iMask? Companies Race To Build Next-Gen Facewear To Block Germs Link
4. How Iran Became a New Epicenter of the Corona Virus Outbreak Link
5. Covid-19 Is Traveling Along the New Silk Road Link
6. How coronavirus cases exploded in South Korean churches and hospitals Link
7. How to respond to COVID-19 by Bill Gates Link
8. Quarantine on cruise ship resulted in more Corona patients Link
9. Virus Scenarios by Kevin Kelly Link
10. What are the best coronavirus treatments? Link

Your regular recommendations:
1. Up to 91% More Expensive: How Delivery Apps Eat Up Your Budget Link
2. Ranked: The Most Innovative Economies in the World Link
3. Breakfast Is Canceled Link
4. How Apple killed the Swiss watch industry Link
5. McKinsey study of 1,700 companies reveals CEOs don’t understand design leadership at all Link
6. Economy Class Sleeping Pods Link
7. An A-Z of Words That Defined the Internet in the 2010s Link
8. Amazon’s bestselling products read like a coronavirus prep guide Link
9. The Gig Economy Has Never Been Tested by a Pandemic Link
10. China’s Quarantined Club Kids and Gym Rats Turn to Livestreaming Link

Have a great week!

Onward! - Rahim
What's Amazing
1. MIT Technology Review's 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2020
Unhackable internet
Hyper-personalized medicine
Digital money
Anti-aging drugs
AI-discovered molecules
Satellite mega-constellations
Quantum supremacy
Tiny AI
Differential privacy
Climate change attribution  Link
2. The Government Wants to Use Your Brainwaves to Train Swarms of Military Robots
In what sounds like a Black Mirror-esque approach to military strategy, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is funding a study that will use gamers' brain waves to teach hives of defense robots how to swarm together to complete missions. DARPA has given a $316,000 federal grant to the University at Buffalo Artificial Intelligence Institute to study gamers' brain waves and eye movements. The aim is to improve organization and strategy among autonomous air and ground robots.  Link
3. How The Robots became our Boss
The robots are watching over hotel housekeepers, telling them which room to clean and tracking how quickly they do it. They’re managing software developers, monitoring their clicks and scrolls and docking their pay if they work too slowly. They’re listening to call center workers, telling them what to say, how to say it, and keeping them constantly, maximally busy. While we’ve been watching the horizon for the self-driving trucks, perpetually five years away, the robots arrived in the form of the supervisor, the foreman, the middle manager. Link
4. Cancer Sniffer
An electronic device that “sniffs” breath may offer a new way to identify people with a condition that can lead to cancer of the oesophagus, researchers have revealed. Recent figures suggest there are about 9,000 new cases of oesophageal cancer, or cancer of the food pipe, every year in the UK.  Link
5. No Email. No WhatsApp. No Internet. This Is Now Normal Life In Kashmir.
On a cold winter morning in late January, a dozen of these armed men stood atop the roof of a one-story restaurant in Srinagar, Kashmir’s largest city and the region’s summer capital, and gazed down at the traffic below. I watched them watching my car, their bodies silhouetted against a steel sky. Blocks of snow lined the road, and as my car trundled into the heart of the city, my breath came out in misty puffs. When I instinctively pulled out my phone to check the weather, however, it was useless: Since August 5, Indian authorities have kept the people of Kashmir in a digital blackout, restricting most internet access. At 205 days and counting, it’s the longest-running internet shutdown in any democracy so far, seven months in March. That means no email. No WhatsApp. No maps. And no weather.  Link
6. Here’s What Happens When an Algorithm Determines Your Work Schedule
Many large retailers and restaurant chains in the U.S. and abroad have deployed software that uses a variety of data to fine-tune and automate their employee’s schedules, according to press releases, public statements, and employees interviewed by Motherboard. These systems are designed to track employees’ time and activity to cut labor costs and maximize profitability for shareholders.  Link
7. Hologram Whitney Concert Begins
An Evening with Whitney kicked off this week featuring a hologram of Houston performing her greatest hits accompanied by a live band. Production company Base Hologram has a proven track record of bringing legacy acts back to life, with successful concert tours of Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, and opera diva Maria Callas.  Link
8. Unlimited Coffee Subscription
Panera is unleashing a radical new weapon in the fast-food-breakfast wars: an unlimited-coffee subscription. The subscription provides unlimited hot coffee, iced coffee, or hot tea at all Panera restaurants for a monthly fee of $9, or about $108 annually. Panera is rolling it out nationwide over the next week to members of its MyPanera loyalty program. Subscribers will start saving money after about their fourth cup of coffee, according to prices in Richmond, Virginia, where a single cup of Panera's coffee costs $2.20. Link
9. Why Humans must Collaborate with Machines
Productivity is the main reason companies want to automate workforces. Yet, time and again, the largest increases in productivity don’t result from replacing humans with machines, but rather from augmenting machines with humans. It’s all about collaboration.  Link
10. This tech quickly searches your blood for more than 1,400 pathogens
The testing is generally as accurate as traditional testing. (Unlike Theranos, a startup that also touted fast analysis of blood samples but was later proven to be fraudulent, more than a dozen peer-reviewed papers have been published demonstrating that Karius works in different patient types.) The technology can also identify pathogens that don’t appear on other tests, such as more than 30 species of the Legionella bacterium. Because the tech uses machine learning, sorting through tens of millions of data points to identify pathogens, it will also get more accurate over time as it’s used more.  Link
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