Box of Amazing: Olympic Anger  
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I feel we are in the middle of a weird Venn diagram that includes a bad Internet, a bad pandemic and confused people. You'll see this as the theme of this week's curated pieces. I'm also pushing you to two long reads: One, The Jessica Simulation (T2) which talks about reliving relationships; and the one about Zuck - it's a corker (T7). 

Stay curious!

Onward! - Rahim

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My Reading Recommendations (A)

1. Why Not Use Self-Driving Cars as Supercomputers?  Link
2. Is the UK’s pingdemic good or bad? Yes. Link
3. The New COVID Panic Link
4. The Age of Cheap Stuff is Over Link
5. Wavy jet stream - the picture of radical climate disruption Link
6. Tokyo's Olympic Games have become the anger games Link
7. 15 Questions to Help Decide if a Relationship Has a Future Link
8. Loneliness: coping with the gap where friends used to be Link
9. What can the decline of the Roman Empire and the end of European feudalism tell us about COVID-19 and the future of the West? Link
10. The Truth Behind the Amazon Mystery Seeds Link

My Tech Recommendations (T)

1. The Inevitable Weaponization of App Data Is Here Link
2. The Jessica Simulation: Love and loss in the age of A.I. Link
3. Drones are zapping clouds with electricity to create rain in United Arab Emirates project Link
4. How Free to Play Video Games are Forced to Make Addicts Link
5. Why People Are So Awful Online Link
6. The Day the Good Internet Died Link
7. Mark in the Metaverse Link
8. A.I. Predicts the Shapes of Molecules to Come Link
9. What Ever Happened to IBM’s Watson? Link
10. You’re Missing Microbes. But Is ‘Rewilding’ the Way to Get Them Back? Link
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