Box of Amazing: My Dilemma around the Social Dilemma  
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It seems that everyone is talking about the Social Dilemma, the Netflix documentary that essentially covers the problem surrounding technology and the unintended consequences of usage of technology, the addiction to our phones, and not being able to address other issues, the issues of the world and of humanity. The documentary itself is eye-opening with many industry experts giving their view on what went wrong - but I feel that there is a onesidedness to it which didn't give the full overview - the point of social networks is to be addictive. We also have a choice on what we do, whether we watch that TikTok video - whether we use our technology as a tool - or whether we let technology rule us. That may be an unpopular view when it comes to the industry - but I still think the documentary is a must-watch. I'd also suggest the "further reading" on the site. and also that you put your phone down from time to time!

Stay sane, stay safe!

Onward! - Rahim

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