Box of Amazing: 50 Emerging (Technology) Themes to watch out for in 2022  
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Editor's Note
Happy New Year from London!

Wishing you all a successful safe and healthy 2022. Regular readers know that I curate an annual list of the trends and predictions for the coming year. This year I nearly didn't do it, just because the breadth and depth of coverage are so much larger. I guess people in the prediction game are more in demand in a time of certainty. I digress. 

In this email, you will find my annual list of 50 curated expert predictions for the year. As expected, you’ll find web3, crypto, metaverse, NFTs, AI Tutors but you’ll also find potato milk, femtech, senior smart spaces, vegan vacations and anti-covid pills. If you check out the article, you will find deeper dives to all of the areas - with links to the reports. 

Feel free to forward this email or link to your friends and colleagues. In previous years, I have had feedback that teams use this list and the lists from where they have come from as a marker to understand whether they have the bases covered. If you do use this, please let me know how it goes! 

50 Emerging (Technology) Themes to watch out for in 2022

Much to look out for in an uncertain time. Enjoy - and all best for the year

Stay curious!

Onward! - Rahim

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50 Emerging (Technology) Themes to watch out for in 2022
Read the details: 50 Emerging (Technology) Themes to watch out for in 2022
  1. More Metaverse Confusion
  2. Year of the Wearable (Redux)
  3. Crypto Investing Goes Mainstream
  4. VR workouts
  5. Ransomware, everywhere
  6. Non-Alcoholic Goes Mainstream
  7. From B2C to “all to all”
  8. Privacy-Enhancing Computation 
  9. Space Races
  10. Micro-moments and personalization
  11. Signalling status and identity through virtual ownership.
  12. The “emotion” choice filter.
  13. AI Tutors
  14. The Pandemic’s Wake Drives Automation Trends
  15. Vaccines for HIV and Malaria
  16. 3D-printed bone implants
  17. Nike / Apple buy Peloton
  18. Merged Realities
  19. The End of Anonymity
  20. Digital Audio Ubiquity
  21. Crypto/NFT/Blockchain Growth is Inevitable
  22. Opt-in Ads
  23. An ongoing Redefinition of Hybrid Education.
  24. A workplace revolution
  25. Using AI for DEI
  26. Marketing Through Connected TV
  27. Increased Workplace Automation
  28. Integration Of Siloed Data
  29. Life Science Tech Momentum
  30. From 5G to 6G and Satellite-Based Internet Usage
  31. The Age of Self
  32. AI Cybersecurity
  33. Robotic  Prevalence
  34. Cyber AI
  35. Potato is the new milk
  36. Vegan vacations
  37. Autonomic systems
  38. Hyperautomation
  39. Data companies continue to achieve astronomical growth. 
  40. Biotech Cosmetics Mashups
  41. Hotter HealthTech & FemTech
  42. Fintech dominates BNPL
  43. Senior Smart Spaces
  44. Ethical Hacker Consultants
  45. Missing Chips
  46. In Search of Web3 Applicability
  47. Smart cars get hacked by smart chargers
  48. Big appetite for climate micro-degrees
  49. The Anti-Covid
  50. Young Forever
Check out the detail to this list here:  50 Emerging (Technology) Themes to watch out for in 2022
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