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Editor's Note
This week, research around edtech and education took me to a great study by the Institue for the Future who have covered global youth skills. There are three areas including nine archetypes of working and learning in the future: stories of possible paths that can help you plot your own future; a Youth Guide that helps position today's youth against a checklist of future-ready patterns, and learn from the 2030 archetypes; and an Innovators Guide for entrepreneurs and investors, educators and policymakers to jump-start a new generation of learning and working. The report is highly accessible whether you are in education, being educated or an entrepreneur or investor. I would highly recommend at least skimming through the report.    
I'll be sending around an email this week to a few of you to get your view on the format of this newsletter. I evolve this newsletter every year to try and make it relevant and valuable, and I'm looking for your views on what works for you. If you have any ideas, then feel free to reply to this mail on what you might change or not. You may actually just like it just as it which case please forward this email to whoever you think would love it as well! If you're a regular reader you'll get a quick survey to fill in. It will take you less than a minute - and I'd be really appreciative if you could help.

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What's Amazing?
Bot Journalism: The bots are telling us the news. Quartz have released their first piece of journalism that uses an algorithm to analyse the data in a potential news story: "For the story, Quartz reporters trained an algorithm to examine the section of ride-hailing app Lyft’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) that lists risks the company anticipates — and to identify the most “distinctive,” or unusual, things that rattle Lyft’s executives. The resulting list of Lyft’s unusual concerns range from the fairly obvious to the moderately surprising. In addition to having concerns about “public perception,” the company’s leaders are also worried about how healthcare privacy laws will affect customers who use its service to catch rides to medical appointments. They’re also sweating whether cyberattacks could affect Amazon Web Services, which runs its platform." These are the new tools of business. It may start to support journalism more, but tools like this could be applicable to other modes of work, especially those that can be interpreted by a machine. This is the story  Link
Self Charging Socks: "Tracking your daily physical activity could be as easy as putting on a pair of socks. Self-charging socks that are powered by your steps can monitor walking patterns and could also power wearable devices. The socks are coated in a material that conducts electricity. Contact between them and either the floor or a pair of shoes creates a small electrical current from static electricity." Although this may sound like a gimmick, any movement of energy could be saved for use later, whether it's clothes or shoes. Clothes-tech in the future could actually house data and other functioning apps as chips get faster, and tech gets smaller...and we become super connected. But for now, we will wait for our socks to power our phones Link
Self-cleaning Hotel Room: The worst thing about hotels is the fact that thousands of people have slept in the bed before you, and who knows whether the maid has cleaned the carpets or scrubbed the floor properly? For my fellow OCD sufferers, I tell you that our prayer have been answered in Denmark, where Copenhagen’s Hotel Ottilia is one of the first to embrace a self-disinfecting technology, so you—and housekeeping—can rest a little easier. It's not quite the all-encompassing  cleaning solution, but it does take cleanliness to another level: "The hotel has partnered with Danish company  ACT.Global in order to use its proprietary ACT CleanCoattechnology, which is transparent, odorless, and activated by sunlight. The main ingredient, titanium dioxide, is also found in sunscreen. In tests from national research organizations such as Denmark’s National Research Centre for the Working Environment, the antibacterial spray has been shown to break down microbes that range from influenza and salmonella to mold spores and allergens. Cover a room like invisible insulation, and it can purify the air for up to a year, removing contaminants such as cigarette smoke or other odors." Add a Roomba, and a robot butler that scrubs and it may actually a hotel room that I'd be happy to stay in.  Link
TikTok Trojan Horse: Before there was TikTok, there was and before there was Douyin. What's Douyin? Its the original predecessor that took over China. And now that Tiktok has permeated a new generation in the West, it's time to roll out its game plan for world domination. Apps like WeChat haven't quite had the same impact outisde of China, but TikTok has and it can now use its position for its benefit. "Where Instagram and Snapchat have slowly evolved in enabling companies and influencers to sell on their platform, social commerce is already very common in China. Most major platforms like Douyin, WeChat, and Little Red Book enable users to make in-app purchases effortless and efficient. With years of experience, TikTok could be the catalyst for this trend to fully take hold in the West. Since early last year, Douyin has been offering social commerce in-app. Chinese users with a minimum of ten videos are allowed to start selling on the app, linking products from China’s most popular e-commerce websites — such as, Tmall, and Taobao (similar to Amazon, Ebay) — to their Douyin store. It would not be a surprise to see something similar in an Amazon x TikTok collaboration where brands and users are able to sell Amazon products in their videos and on their profile." Could this be the first real push of social commerce and short video to go big commercially?  Link
Quotes Worth Pondering
The problem is our technology has become more and more sophisticated, but our thinking on what is free speech and what does a free market economy look like has not become as sophisticated. We tend to resort to very basic interpretations: Free speech means all speech is free unless it butts up against libel law, and that’s the end of the story. That’s not the end of the story. We need to start having a more sophisticated and intelligent conversation about our current laws, our emerging technology, and how we can get those two to meet in the middle.

Why AI is a threat to democracy—and what we can do to stop it
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Adventure cocktails 
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