Box of Amazing: AI beats lawyers, hologram education and AI lie detection  
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What's Amazing?
AI beats 20 too lawyers: As new tech such as AR, IOT and AI advances, people get worried about the changing landscape and invariably their own job. Certain jobs will be displaced and some will morph. For certain tasks machines are just more efficient than humans.This week In a landmark study, 20 experienced US-trained lawyers were pitted against an Artificial Intelligence algorithm. "Each lawyer and the LawGeex AI were given five nondisclosure agreements to review for risks. The humans were given four hours to study the contracts. The results were pretty remarkable.The lawyers took an average of 92 minutes to complete the task and achieved a mean accuracy level of 85 percent. LawGeex took only 26 seconds to review all five contracts and was 94-percent accurate. The AI tied with the highest scoring lawyer in the group in terms of accuracy." Is it significant? Perhaps. It does show that AI can be more efficient if the AI is trained on good data - and that some parts of a lawyer's job are at risk.  Link
Hologram Education: I speak endlessly to people about how education hasn't had a game-changing shift, and even with apps and MOOCs, education hasn't really changed, the access to education has changed. There hasn't been the "I know kung fu" moment made famous by the Matrix. I remember reading a few years ago about holograms and how they were the next big thing for meetings, education, retail - but that hasn't quite happened. It certainly looks like they could be deployed in education but I don't think they are the next big thing. "University classes are set to be given a futuristic spin by letting lecturers appear as hologram-like apparitions beamed in from afar. It believes it will be the first academic body to do so regularly. Imperial will initially limit its use to its Business School's activities but expects the technology could eventually become common." This is probably a version 1 and needs significant advancement. You can certainly see university being an AR experience in years to come. It is cool to have a lecturer hologramed in though! Link
AI Lie Detector: Brexit is just around the corner and an automated lie-detection system will ask travellers specific questions during a six-month pilot starting this month at four border crossing points in Hungary, Latvia and Greece with countries outside the European Union. "The pilot will involve actual travellers, who will be invited to use the system after they have passed through border control. It won’t affect their ability to travel. But the plan is that the system will eventually be able to grant people permission to cross a border by automatically assessing a range of information, including official documents, biometric data and social media activity – as well as the truthfulness of responses to security questions. The tool is intended to make crossing into the EU quicker and safer, and identify anyone wishing to break laws when entering a country, such as staying longer than allowed." Essentially, this tool will try and determine whether someone wishes to commit crimes. Will it work? Probably not.  Link
Quotes Worth Pondering

"Scientists are hoping to hang the man-made moon above the city of Chengdu, the capital of China’s southwestern Sichuan province, according to a report in Chinese state media. The imitation celestial body — essentially an illuminated satellite — will bear a reflective coating to cast sunlight back to Earth, where it will supplement streetlights at night."

Source: China to Launch Artificial Moon to Light Up Night Skies | Time

"Walking around downtown Orlando, you might not notice the lightbulb-sized camera affixed to one of the traffic signal poles along the city’s palm tree–studded avenues. But it’s there, scanning all the same. If it sees you, the camera will instantly send a live video feed over to Amazon's facial “Rekognition” system, cross-referencing your face against persons of interest. It’s one of three IRIS cameras in the Orlando area whose video feeds are processed by a system that could someday flag potential criminal matches — for now, all the “persons of interest” are volunteers from the Orlando police — and among a growing number of facial recognition systems nationally. "

Source: With No Laws To Guide It, Here's How Orlando Is Using Amazon's Facial Recognition Technology

"The year is 2038. After 18 months living and working on the surface of Mars, a crew of six explorers boards a deep-space transport rocket and leaves for Earth. No humans are staying behind, but work goes on without them: Autonomous robots will keep running a mining and chemical-synthesis plant they’d started years before this first crewed mission ever set foot on the planet. The plant produces water, oxygen, and rocket fuel using local resources, and it will methodically build up all the necessary supplies for the next Mars mission, set to arrive in another two years. "

Source: How NASA Will Use Robots to Create Rocket Fuel From Martian Soil - IEEE Spectrum
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