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On this May Day
12PM: May 1, 2020
MB Legislature

Facebook event page here
Communities Not Cuts Website

From Community Not Cuts Facebook Event Page:
**Socially-Distanced Action at the Legislative Building on May 1st, 12pm: a Honk-a-thon and Signs! **

By cutting jobs and social services that people desperately rely on, the Pallister government is hurting Manitoba. These cuts will hurt vulnerable Manitobans the most, and are out of step with what economists, academics, other governments and community agencies recommend to maintain a stable economy and position Manitoba properly for the post-pandemic future.

We are protesting these cuts. We support community, not cuts.
If you want to see our government make better choices,

If you want to see our government investing in our communities instead, participate in a socially-distanced action at the Legislative Building on May 1st, 12pm: a Honk-a-thon and Signs!


STEP 1: Make a sign
- Tell Brian Pallister why we need investment in communities, not cuts!
- Make sure there is a way to stake it in the ground! We will also have some extra stakes available on Friday.
- Want to join others in getting creative? Join the online art-build tomorrow (Wednesday the 29th):

STEP 2: Email ( to arrange drop off or pick-up of your sign
- Multiple locations are available for drop-off around the city or volunteers can come pick-up your sign on Thursday night
Email ( to arrange sign pick-up or drop off
OR/AND take a picture of your sign at home with you and your family and share it on social media! Use the hashtags #badMoveBrian and #communitiesNotCuts

STEP 3: Join the Rally at Noon to make some noise (and take some photos)
- Arrive by car or bike at 12:00pm at The Leg on Friday, May 1.

- If you’re driving: BE AN ALERT DRIVER & keep everybody safe - take it slow, honk your horn, and watch out for folks on bikes.
- If you’re on a bike, wear a mask, ring your bell, and stay at **minimum** 2m apart.
- Watch out for cars and cyclists and pedestrians.

STEP 4: Share your Story
- Take a photo of your sign with you and your family and put it on social media
- Share how the pandemic has affected you, your family and your community
- Share how Pallister's cuts will affect you, your family and your community
- Share using the Hashtags #communitiesnotcuts #BadMovesBrian #BadNewsBrian
- Share by sending us your story:

STEP 5: Sign up to be part of CNC and help build stronger communities at

Online Education Series: "Preparing for the Struggles Ahead" 

We've already had the first one, but there are 4 more you can attend. The next one will be on May 6, 2020.

Free but registration required.
Here are the details on how to sign up.

This is a series for people who believe that the key to changing society is building powerful mass social movements and that ecosocialism is the alternative to capitalism we should fight for. If you have questions about these ideas, we suggest you read the book Confronting Injustice or the Belem Ecosocialist Declaration. 



We are a small group of ecosocialists working to lay the basis for an political organization that's active in workplace and community organizing. Why is such an organization needed? Read this. For more information about Solidarity Winnipeg, see here.  
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