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 Why La Paz is known for its glorious sunsets

 Fotografía: Oscar Ponce Ángulo
Today, August 10th, one of our listings was reduced in price from $450,000 USD to $325,000.  WOW!  For you developers out there, that's quite a price reduction.  It's a beautiful property north of La Paz...481 acres!   Check out the listing HERE.  
            CASA MARIPOSA    

Casa Mariposa is the perfect place to relax.  This just-about-new home is located on a no-thru road in a quiet neighborhood near El Centenario.  Perfect for full or part-time living, and great potential as a rental.   

                              View the listing and all the photos HERE.


Healthcare in La Paz 

- the third in a 5-part series on options for expat medical care

Option #1  -Seguro Popular  (see our May newsletter)
Option #2  - IMSS  (see our June newsletter)

Option #3  - PRIVATE HOSPITAL CARE         - Miriam Welldon

 Care in the local private hospitals is generally excellent.  To give you an overview, I met with Dr. Salvador Belilty, the Medical Director of The Medical Centre (locally and fondly known as ‘The White Hospital’).  Founded 8 years ago by a group of specialists as a day-time walk-in clinic, the hospital is now a full-service facility, 24 hours a day, and includes emergency services and ambulance.

Continue reading about private hospital care on our website HERE.  Next month's newsletter will feature PRIVATE INSURANCE.

Robin and Miriam bought an affordable lot in El Centenario and are building a casita (small home) on it.  An excellent investment, it already has renters in the wings!
They have helped many clients build their homes over the past years and are happy to share their experience with those wanting to take advantage of this excellent time to build.  I feel confident in saying that you will NOT find realtors that are more in touch with the building process and the contacts and contractors they know and respect.            -Fern

BUILDING A NEW HOME IN LA PAZ                -Miriam Welldon

We purchased the lot beside us a few months ago and, after a lot of deliberation, decided to build a casita on one half and use the other side to add to our property.  Working with a young architect/builder who is also our friend and colleague, we put together a design that would fit on a 10m x 40m lot, leaving us with the same size lot beside our home for a future garage/storage area.  Building started May 7th, the day the first truckloads of cement and rebar arrived.  But before that, we had lots of fun working with our architect to first decide on the concept (a rental home) and then to design it to meet our needs:  it should only take 1/2 of the existing property, take advantage of airflow, have a large kitchen open to the living areas, make good use of existing patio and outdoor space.  Here a few photos of the hourse being built.  In our next newsletter, we'll show you the final result!


         POURING THE FOUNDATION:                                          

                      POURING THE ROOF:                                                   

This is a short excerpt from our new blog, This Baja Life, a treasure trove of interesting and informative articles written by our very own Rebecca and Jim MacDonald.


Beach camping in Baja is one of the many reasons to love living in this magical place. As a reluctant camper, I wasn’t always convinced this would be the case. But a recent weekend spent camping with friends on the beach at El Sargento has changed my tune, and I’m now looking forward to more weekends where perfect seaside days don’t have to end when the sun goes down...

Check out our blog and continue reading this article HERE.

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