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Dear Colleagues

Welcome to the first ASN Safety Bulletin, where we will send you information about important safety projects and ask you to help disseminate this worldwide. 

The first project is the launch of the low-cost Impact Data Recorder (IDR), for which we are seeking widescale adoption in grass roots competition. We encourage all ASNs to take advantage of our offers to receive these devices for free.  

A demo pack containing a working IDR device is being sent to each ASN that registered for the recent ASN forum, but if you didn't register and would like to receive one, please send an email to: 

We would also like your help to publicise the launch of this ground-breaking device to your championships and competitors. To do so, could we ask that you publish the following post, along with this image, on your social media channels to ensure that fans get the message? 

The @FIA has launched a low-cost Impact Data Recorder that can be installed in any competition car to record data from an accident and help improve safety worldwide #FIAVisionZero 

You can also download this draft article that you can adapt and publish on your websites. 

And for your information here is an info sheet

The full article about the launch of the IDR is below. 

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FIA Safety Department


FIA Launches Low-Cost Impact
Data Recorder 


ASNs encouraged to adopt device that will help reduce fatal 
accidents in grass roots motor sport worldwide.


National Sporting Authorities across the world are being encouraged to adopt a new low-cost Impact Data Recorder (IDR) that has been launched by the FIA to reduce fatal accidents around the world and improve safety in grass roots motor sport. 
Developed by the FIA Safety Department, in collaboration with AiM Technologies, the new IDR costs just £25 and is a small fraction of the price of the current Accident Data Recorder (ADR), which is used in top-flight championships such as Formula One and the World Rally Championship. Due to the cost of ADRs, they are currently only fitted to less than one per-cent of racing cars around the world.
Each ASN will be able to choose from two options to initially receive IDRs for free from the FIA (only import taxes/duty to be paid by each ASN). Option 1 provides 50 units to each ASN with no obligation. Option 2 requires that an ASN commits to mandate the IDR in their national championships in 2022 and in all ASN-sanctioned competition by 2024, which will enable them to receive up to 500 units for free. 
Graham Stoker, FIA Deputy President for Sport, is encouraging all ASNs to take advantage of these offers: “This is a remarkable opportunity to improve safety in grass roots sport worldwide. We have created an affordable data recorder using modern technology that can be used in any championship and we want everyone in the pyramid to fit this to their competition vehicles.
“Ultimately using an IDR has to become part of the safety system in the vehicle, like putting on gloves or wearing a helmet. There is no excuse now - it’s affordable, the technology is there, we’re going to use it in the right way to improve the sport, and so when you’re sitting in that seat of the rally car, dragster, touring car, or single seater, I would like people to think: “Have I got an IDR with me?” that’s part of the safety package.” 

One of the primary objectives of the FIA Safety Department is to learn through the study of serious accidents how best to reduce the risk of fatal injuries, and to do this researchers rely on data to determine the most effective way to improve survivability. 
Worldwide accident data collected by the FIA shows that 99 per cent of fatal accidents occur in amateur level motor sport and contain no accident data recording, which makes it very difficult to attain a detailed understanding of the crash sequence and to learn from an accident to improve safety for the future. 
This is why the FIA Safety Department developed a product that can easily record data to analyse accidents but at a very low cost to the competitor. It was also designed to be easy to install and can be operated without the need of special technical support. 

The result is a novel device that features no wires or mounting requirements, an internal battery life of two years, and syncs with a smartphone app via Bluetooth to send data. It kicks into action once a car suffers an impact above a minimum threshold and can record over 80 accidents during its lifetime. This data is sent directly to a cloud storage service location, which is selected by the ASN that is responsible for the sale of the device. This data can then be viewed by the safety experts within the ASN, enabling them to make informed choices regarding their national technical and sporting regulations as well as safety equipment. Alternatively, the data could be sent to the FIA for analysis, following which the FIA will provide a data report to the ASN.
Some ASNs may find opportunities to reduce their insurance premiums in events where the device is deployed, exploiting the value of accident data capture to companies dealing with liability.
Adam Baker, FIA Safety Director, said: “By utilising recent advancements in consumer electronics we have been able to achieve a very low-cost device, making it possible for widescale adoption in grass roots competition. We encourage all ASNs to integrate this innovative new data recorder into their range of safety devices.” 
The free IDR units will be delivered by the end of Q1 2021 and made available for purchase by ASNs from Q2 2021 onwards. To purchase further IDR units, ASNs can place orders through the FIA Safety Department for £25 (GBP) each at a minimum quantity of 100. 
For orders or further information contact:


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