On Site Program Updates

As of June 6, 2022 SLEC will be moving into the next phase of our reopening plan.

What does this mean?

  • Clients will no longer be required to be in cohorts

  • Clients can attend multiple days* (50% Capacity)

  • Client Program Hours: 7:45AM - 6:00PM

  • Daily Rapid Testing for clients

  • Volunteers and students are welcomed back on site (with the same restrictions as staff)

  • Virtual Programs will be changing (see below)

*Note: clients can only attend ONE day program at this time

Introducing: Virtual Rec Connect

SLEC is excited to announce that we are part of a collaborative effort with other day programs in our region to continue offering virtual programming to clients who attend our programs or are waiting to get into our programs. This new program is called Virtual Rec Connect and will be launching as a pilot in mid-June. As such, our current virtual programs will be on pause as of Saturday June 11, 2022 while we transition clients to the new platform.

Clients currently attending virtual group or one to one programs will be contacted about the upcoming change and walked through transitioning to this new platform.

Click below for our June Virtual Program Calendar.

June 1 - 10, 2022

June Virtual Programs