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Read below for an update on all things Baskerville . . .

Greetings from The Haid (well, actually, my house again)!

We persevered and are finally able to bring you Ken Ludwig's Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery online! Apart from the COVID exposure concern which cancelled the final week of performances last month - no one got sick, thank goodness! - and figuring out how to hold one more performance, the final unexpected hurdle occurred last Friday, when there was absolutely NO time for catastrophe, when the original upload to the restricted YouTube channel was blocked by YouTube censors.

YouTube censors certain musical pieces, and we had no knowledge to indicate that the copyright owner of a specific classical recording would block the use of the work. A piece of music that, as the script dictated, was interwoven with the dialogue and throughout this fun and compelling story. This was certainly a lesson learned for future endeavors.

“Now, Watson. Let us think. . . How shall we outsmart this YouTube?”
Sherlock Holmes (Troy Feay) and Dr. Watson (Ethan McEntire). Photo: Heather McEntire

If at first you don't succeed. . . .we are putting those wise words to good use continually!

After successfully re-editing the video, we then had to request new dates for the online performance, wait for those updated contracted and permissions to be approved, and pay an additional royalty fee before we could announce to you that were were online. And all of that was finally - FINALLY! - accomplished late yesterday, effective today.

This is a recording of one performance straight through, as required by our contract, with a very small, socially-distanced and masked audience. The only edits made were to switch camera views, and to make it all look and sound as good as possible post-performance. Apart from the music added to the opening and closing credits, what you are about to watch really is a recording of a live performance.

Please keep in mind that the lighting and sound for this production were beautifully designed for the stage and not the camera. While we're glad we have a chance to share this with you, there are a few moments where we had wished for a little more clarity in the eventual footage we were able to capture. Still, those moments do not take away from the overall success of this show. I am learning a lot and am even more excited to continue to work to bring you online offerings until we can be together in person again!

The Cast of Ken Ludwig's Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery. Photo: Heather McEntire

Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to this cast and crew who faced numerous challenges in bringing us one more excellent live performance of Baskerville, to send this show off in style, and to capture a recording for online patrons.

Sign up HERE for this free event! Per contractual obligations, registration is required, and the online window to view ends Sunday, 3/28.

Thank you for your patience, kind words, and support!

Til we meet again,

Margaret Petrey Smith
Marketing Director - The Abbey Players

ps - find out more about the legendary Ken Ludwig, who has been called American’s preeminent comic playwright, HERE

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