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January 2019 Issue

Live with energy, enthusiasm and empathy

The first month of 2019 is almost over.  My 2018 festive season was spent being available for emergency cases at the two hospitals where I practice, and although I was kept busy during this time, at least the injuries were not too devastating and traumatic.

A wise professor advised me and my classmates to plan holidays first, and then plan my work around that.  I have done exactly that and look forward to the leave time planned for this year.  I have made provision for quality family time, several bucket list items and some more family time at the end of the year.  2019 will only be the second Christmas and New Year that I will not be on call since I started private practice in 2001.

For the past 18 years in private practice, we have always selected a theme for the year. That theme stands front and centre of my practice approach for the year, and the entire practice team supports the theme chosen. Our theme for 2019 is to LIVE WITH ENERGY, ENTHUSIASM AND EMPATHY.

A very dear patient forwarded a video clip to me, which you can view here. In it,  25 wisdoms to stay forever young are shared. The video plays with the background song of Cliff Richard, “The Young Ones”.

And while your resolutions for 2019 are still not totally forgotten, you might want to save these 25 wisdoms to live by daily – I certainly have:
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New Year, New Beginnings

Every new year brings new challenges and new opportunities. And so, 2019 will be no different.

Sr Beryl Mouton, already well known to my Blaauwberg patients, will spread her wings to my Vincent Pallotti practice this year. I am incredibly honoured and privileged to have this lovely lady as part of my team, and I am sure you will understand why once you meet her. Sr Beryl – thank you will never be enough.

Amori is taking a step back form practice management. She has spent 2018 training and upskilling my very competent practice management team. Kash is running my Vincent Pallotti practice, and Jurica my Blaauwberg practice. Amori has taken on the role as Practice Consultant, and will continue to play an important, supportive role in the practice, while she expands her newly found passion in skin care.

There are so many offerings of skin care and skin treatments, and my patients are often frustrated and confused. Amori has qualified as Pastiche Skin Care Diagnostician, which gives her the skill of being able to diagnose the reasons for skin ageing, as well as the specific skin cells and skin structures affected. Medical grade treatment plans with supportive products are then selected to fit the unique needs of each patient. In 2019 she will continue to expand her knowledge and skill, creating healthy skins, one patient at a time.

Planning your health in 2019

We tend to act responsibly when it comes to servicing our cars, or maintaining our homes, but forget about ourselves. So, before life gets in the way, remember that prevention and early diagnosis of medical problems are the two first steps of responsible self-care.  

Make your yearly appointments now and spread them over the year to help with financial planning.

If you make your appointment according to Health Awareness Months, you could probably make use of some special offers during these months. Not only that, you are sure to get an appointment if you make it now – you can organise the rest of your life around these appointments. Here is a handy list you can use.
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Ten things you should know in 2019

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Ten tips for a healthier, younger skin in 2019

Amori does not believe in turning back the clock on ageing, anti-ageing or making empty promises. Instead her passion is to give her clients healthy, glowing skins, and confidence.
She shares her ten tips for a healthier, younger skin in 2019:
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