MJP Conveyancing relocate to state of the art premises.

We spoke to David Pett, Director at MJP Conveyancing and Jonathon Simpkins, Managing Director at Bluespace Ltd to find out more:

Why the move? 
David: I wanted to improve the work environment, providing staff with improved facilities and to make the workspace a fun place.  We have outgrown our current space with 41 members in the team. 

What changes have you implemented in the working environment?
David: I employed the services of interior office designers, Bluespace Ltd. and invested a significant amount of money to making sure the office will present a more peaceful and enjoyable work space.  
It comprises a new kitchen and dining area with free fruit, together with a more relaxed space for reading, music and gaming.   We recognise the importance and benefits of providing staff with a space for relaxation and recreation.

Have there been any challenges along the way?
David: Finding the ideal location to ensure minimum disruption is caused to staff travel arrangements.  We are very happy in the new offices which are located along Thorpe Road, close to the river and Norwich train station. 

Working to David’s spec of creating a peaceful and enjoyable work space, what processes were involved to ensure you met his expectations?

Jonathon: We worked closely with David and his team to ensure we created an engaging environment for staff and visitors, the open-plan culture brings a positive energy to the office, the new tea making and dining area and adjacent soft seating area helps make the space unique and offers a warm and friendly spot for staff to get away from their desks. Hanging acoustic screens help to separate the spaces and upholstered sofas help with acoustic issues which can be a problem. A striking vinyl wood plank floor in a dramatic curved shape defines the soft seating area and is superbly practical, pendant light fittings in bright chrome and bold corporate accents bring the look bang up to date. A poseur high counter extension provides a great spot to enjoy the view over Thorpe Road and a shared dining table ensures the teams can all eat together on occasion.
Low units have been added to bench workstation ends to tidy the look and provide personal locker storage.
The suite has a professional looking new lobby area with bold signage, a smart credenza and a wall mounted screen with a welcoming message.
We wish MJP every success with their new office and are proud to have worked with David and his team to create this new wonderful new space.



Ensure your property is passed on as you desire.

While you might want to leave property to people you love, things are not always as straightforward as you would hope. When two (or more) people purchase property or land in England and Wales, the way in which it is owned and registered could affect what happens to it after you die. Worryingly, if you don’t put the proper provisions in place, this could prevent your property going to your intended beneficiary.
If you want to leave a property in your Will, there are several factors you need to consider. You’ll need to know how your home is registered.
Tenants in Common.  This means each owner has a set share in the property, and, if someone dies, that share is passed on as stipulated in their Will. If no Will exists, the Rules of Intestacy come into force. This means the property does not automatically pass to the survivor and the relevant share could go to someone you do not want.
Beneficial Joint Tenants. Under this arrangement, both people own 100% of the property rather than having separate shares. So, if one person dies, the survivor automatically owns the whole property.
Today, man people are reviewing the way their property is owned to provide for their loved ones, future generations, and protect a home from being sold to pay for care costs.
Offering an in-depth personal service in the comfort of your own home, we make sure that the necessary ownership agreements are in place. We can do this in addition to your drafting your Will and funeral plans, and Powers of Attorney.
Providing professional, honest and friendly advice, we ensure you always understand what is happening. Furthermore, we make sure you have all the time necessary to ask questions and get the information you need.   
Find out more about Pembroke Will Writers            

MJP Conveyancing are entering the prestigious industry awards 
and hope to bring home a third Gold. 

The ESTAS is the largest independent award scheme in the UK property industry.  The scheme measures firms on the level of customer service provided by conveyancers based on research conducted through their clients. 
Focusing solely on standards of service received during the home moving process, winning one of these awards demonstrates a conveyancer’s commitment to delivering the highest standards of customer service and at the same time provide valuable client feedback data helping firms improve their services in the future.
The winners will be announced at the 3rd annual ESTAS Conveyancer Awards in October 2019 at the Grosvenor House London.  Host, TV Property Expert Phil Spencer said “Taking part in the ESTAS sets firms apart from their competitors.  It sends a clear message that they are passionate about customer service, prepared to go that extra mile for their clients and ready to listen to feedback”.
Simon Brown, founder of The ESTAS says “Our job is to put the spotlight on property professionals providing exceptional levels of customer care through the moving process. At The ESTAS we believe the only way to judge the performance of a conveyancer is to ask the clients who have experienced the whole service. It’s often later in the process when a conveyancer really shows their worth and at those times its their experience and professionalism that gets the transaction completed.”

If you completed with MJP Conveyancing on your residential sale, purchase, remortgage after 1st September 2018 you can vote for MJP here

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