December 13, 2021 - DPSFC Newsletter #119

Community Service Committee

With great enthusiasm the Democratic Party of Santa Fe County announces the launch of the DPSFC Community Service Program.  DPSFC activities will be geared for electing Democratic candidates who will enact policies aligned with Democratic Party values.  

While policies are necessary, often citizens don’t recognize Democratic Party values and policies or how they improve the everyday lives of all.  The Community Service Program will be designed to create and organize volunteering opportunities reflecting democratic values and the DPSFC platform and will directly demonstrate and reinforce that the DPSFC is here to serve our community and build a stronger, healthier society for ALL.

The program will consider volunteer opportunities in the areas of climate change, water conservation, education, healthcare, affordable housing, jobs and labor rights, public safety, environmental protection, public safety, nuclear safety, immigration, criminal justice reform, civil rights, women’s rights, veterans, native Americans, food security, and other areas. 

While the possibilities are endless, initially a committee will select a few focus areas and establish partnerships with organizations that need assistance with existing programs.  The committee will also reach out to the community to determine other opportunities where volunteer assistance is needed.

The program is in its infancy as our organizing committee is in formation.  We plan to have volunteers on the ground in blue attire, designed for the program in January of 2022.

Updates on the program will be made available in upcoming DPSFC newsletters. Please join us and share your ideas for this high-impact community action program.For more information, please send an e-mail to

Party Leadership retreat

Democratic ward Leaders and volunteers from Santa Fe County came together to put their heads together Saturday, Dec. 4, 2021. Our leaders shared some of the challenges and obstacles we saw in the party, and we planned for ways to maximize our opportunities. 

Our goal is to get as many registered voters as possible to vote Democratic in the 2022 election, elect good Democrats, including Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, and to create the best Democratic county party possible. 

 The top challenge facing wards as well as everyone else is, of course, the pandemic. The inability for groups of people to get together has been difficult for everyone.  We also discussed challenges that had to do with the rural nature of some of our communities. Geographic distance between neighbors creates a barrier to easy door-to-door knocking opportunities that might otherwise be available. Other challenges included working people who don’t have time, and retirees who don’t want to go out to meetings or who don’t understand how to use technology such as Zoom that would allow them to get involved.  

Also discussed were the many sticky issues that people find themselves up against when people become polarized by one or two issues. Some of these issues might be anti-abortionist citizens because their preachers or priests tell them they can’t vote for a Democrat because of the party’s decision to support a woman’s right to make her own decision about what is best for herself and her family. And there is the challenge of gun rights advocates who fear that Democrats will take their guns away. 

These are people who would otherwise be totally in line with the democratic values. Democratic leaders agreed that the biggest challenge is how important it is to improve the party’s messaging. One group came up with the theme of Water is Life. When talking about climate change during this dry period, when it is becoming hotter and hotter year-after-year, this might be a theme that resonates. Another group talked about having a theme of “a chicken in every pot,” or “cookies for everyone” when talking about a more robust and equal economy, with prosperity for all Americans. 

We recognize that the GOP are experts at dividing us and using our fears to drive us apart. For gun rights advocates the NRA together with the GOP consistently fuels the idea that Democrats are coming for your guns. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many Democrats are hunters and gun enthusiasts. The reality is that we want to feel and be safe.

The preamble of the Constitution tells us we have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If people can’t attend school, go to a concert, shop at a local mall or go to a movie theater without the fear of being murdered by a wacko with an AK47, then our domestic tranquility and the right to the pursuit of happiness is severely threatened. Finding ways to verbalize this truth in a quick nugget size statement that resonates with the public is one of our biggest challenges. 

Lots of great ideas and solutions were generated for increasing get-out-the-vote campaigns and party participation. Some of these ideas: local level petition drives, deep canvassing, utilizing community emails, teaching everyone how to use Zoom, teaching social media and engaging in social media more often, making Democratic Party politics fun with good activities, encouraging better candidates to run for office, coffee clubs, pop-up social events, providing child care and dinner for working families who might be more inclined to participate, having game nights, and making sure our party is inclusive and culturally sensitive.

The group created a laundry list of sister organizations that we want to connect with and make sure we are able to recruit from those organizations to help support our mutual interests.  Some of the organizations that our members belong to include the following: 

  • NOW - Bernadette 
  • Compassion 4 Action - Heather
  • Sierra Club - Linda Burchfiel
  • SFCFDW - Jodi, Claudette, Cordy
  • Somos - David T.
  • SF Indivisibles, SOS - Bernadette
  • Human Rights Alliance - Roman
  • Youth Works
  • - Pat Cruz
  • Girls Inc. - Cindy Pabst
  • Labor Unions - David, Tim, Don (AFSCME), IATSE
  • Chainbreakers - David T.
  • YUCCA - Miguel
  • EarthCare - Betty Kuhn
  • Retake Our Democracy - David T.
  • Food Depot
  • Feeding Santa Fe
  • Kitchen Angels - Alexa, Cindy
  • Free Indian Market – Don & Jodi Dionne
Several great ideas were generated, new connections made, and good food was shared!
Santa Fe County Federation of Democratic Women Honor Our New Mexico Judges on December 4, 2021
Photos were taken by Roland Pabst
Top: Dr. Cheryl Ford without whose donation this event would not have happened
Second-row bottom left: MC Murphy Griffiths kicked things off
Second-row bottom right: The Wrays - Judge Katherine Anne Wray, New Mexico Court of Appeals and helpful husband
Third-row bottom left: Judge Gerald Baca, New Mexico Court of Appeals, and his wife Geraldine
Third-row bottom right: Santa Fe Commissioner Anna Hansen and Charlotte Roybal

Virtual Candidate and Elected Officials

A Special Session Download on Dec. 21 at 5:30 p.m. on Zoom. 

Event details: Join Rep. Kristina Ortez, Rep. Andrea Romero, Rep. Linda Serrato, Democratic Candidate for State Auditor Zack Quintero, and Gabe Vasquez Candidate for Congressional District 2 for a virtual hot chocolate, recap of the special session, and discussion on the upcoming 2022 elections. 

When/Where: Tuesday, Dec. 21, 5:30 p.m., on Zoom!


Contact: We hope you can make it and if anyone has questions please direct them to email us at or 505-585-4548. This is a privately organized event.

You can become a Voter Registrar - Yes, You!

The Democratic Party of Santa Fe County plans to hold voter registration training sessions starting at 6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 16, at the Center for Progress and Justice, 1420 Cerrillos Road.

Additional sessions will be conducted Monday, Jan. 10, and Wednesday, Jan. 26, both at 6 p.m. Sessions are expected to be finished by 7:30 p.m.

Training will be geared toward registering voters for the 2022 Democratic Party primary, which will be followed by the 2022 general election, a key to our continued success in New Mexico. 

Register Here and tell us which session you want. If you can’t attend either,  sign up to hear about future sessions.

For questions, contact DPSFC 1st Vice-Chair David Thompson at or 505-984-8496.
Remember:   Registering = turnout = success!!

DPSFC Launches its new website
Thanks to the dedication, perseverance and hard work of the DPSFC's Communications Team, made up of the Communications Chair Billie Blair, Communications Vice-Chair Cindy Pabst, web designer Charles Fox of Avian Design, our new website has now been launched and is functional. Past DPSFC Chair Marti Burt and Billie Blair are deeply appreciated for their generous financial contributions. Please check the new site by clicking here.  

Keep New Mexico Blue 2022 Digital Summit

County party leaders are invited to a Keep New Mexico Blue 2022 Digital Summit online Jan. 15, 2022, from 11 a.m. to noon. Statewide leaders promise a digital organizing training to build a grassroots campaign for next year’s election. Mark your calendars now and RSVP HERE.

Calling all Santa Fe Democrats!
We need your help!!

Team Teresa is gearing up for the 2022 election cycle and needs your help. The redistricting process has pushed a key portion of the  campaign timeline - petition collection, preparation for, and participation in the pre-primary convention - into the first three months of 2022. January through March of 2022 will be a hectic three months. The campaign wants to get organized and ready to hit the ground running now
Ahora es cuando to volunteer! If you are willing to help as a signature collector, data volunteer, or run as a delegate for a pre-primary, fill out THIS GOOGLE FORM today. If you have questions, email Political Coordinator Kat at: or make a phone call at 505.819.0574. The campaign will be hosting a variety of information sessions throughout the year. 

Help Get Our Candidates on The Ballot!

Nominating petitions are key to getting Democratic hopefuls on the ballot in major statewide races in 2022. Santa Fe County’s Democratic Party Vice Chair David Thompson encourages volunteers to start work now to help in this effort.
Those candidates will be on the form for download as soon as they are available. We will add candidates as they declare.
Candidates for other offices will also need signatures from voters in their districts, but with districts being redrawn the start of petitioning will be delayed. (See separate request from the Teresa Leger Fernandez campaign in this newsletter.) 

If you’re gathering signatures for your favorite candidate in one of the statewide contested primaries, please also collect for our Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, and State Land Commissioner. You can get tips on how to collect signatures and download petitions for candidates by CLICKING HERE
Even candidates who are unopposed in the Democratic primary need to collect signatures to qualify for the ballot. Candidates for statewide office need more than 3,500 valid signatures, and it’s up to us to get out there and collect them. To sign up and collect petition signature CLICK HERE

Please note: The Democratic Party of Santa Fe County does not endorse individual Democratic candidates before the primary election held in June.  We DO encourage Democrats to get out there and support their favorite candidates in the primary.

Disclaimer: The Democratic Party of SF County does not endorse individual Democratic candidates before the primary election held in June.  The Party will provide publicity for all Democratic candidates, whenever the information is provided to us in advance of an event.
Volunteer Today!
DO YOU LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA? Join our team! Contact Cindy Pabst at to learn more. 

Send us your tips and news!

Have an event, issue, or action we should all know about? Have an idea for Hablamos Politica, our DPSFC newsletter? Write it up or send us the information for an article -- and let us do the writing -, and copy Michael Kelley, at


~ January 15, 2022: Keep New Mexico Blue Digital Summit
~January 21, 2022: Airport Road, 10:30 a.m. Coffee Event 

~ February 19, 2022: DPSFC Preprimary Convention
~ March 2, 2022: Mardi Gras

~ May 2022: DPSFC Golf Tournament Fundraiser

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