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Moving with the Times

What a start to the year we’ve had with some significant changes to the way assistive technology is funded through the NDIS!
As you probably know, from 1 March this year, the NDIS announced an updated process for AT equipment, with the aim of quicker access and less red tape. Essentially, once a mid-cost AT item (up to a value of $15,000) has been accepted as reasonable and necessary and added to a Plan, a participant can purchase that item, without the need to forward a specific quote and gain final approval from the NDIS.

Of course, there is still a process that needs to be followed. Clear evidence is required to support the need for the item at time of your Plan review to gain approval. The NDIS has published new guidelines for AT, which is worth reading. This has been an exciting change for the industry, which will enable more choice and flexibility for participants in accessing their AT.   
Our team are reviewing our procedures and updating them to reflect the new NDIS guidelines, so you will see some changes in the way we work with you. As always, our number one priority is to work closely with each family we support to discuss the equipment options available and find the one that will best meet your needs. We’ll always be happy to discuss your AT needs, provide information, conduct trials of our great products and support you through the process.

If you’re unsure about any steps or are having difficulty determining the value of your equipment needs, please get in touch with us so we can steer you in the right direction. Keep an eye on our website for more detail of our new procedures in the near future.  
In this newsletter, we’ve included some new products and product updates, as well as a feature on complex positioning. As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.  Stay warm as we get used to the cooler months again!

Kind regards,
Simone Fejer

Spotlight on: Sharky

The Sharky Bathroom Chair is a multifunctional commode for bath and shower use manufactured by Hoggi. It’s a versatile, practical and functional aid designed to make bath and toilet time as simple as possible. The Sharky is available in two sizes to suit young children to teenagers.
The Sharky Bathroom Chair features a 45° tilt-in-space mechanism with locking bolts, guaranteeing safe tilting of the user whilst showering. Two stainless steel gas pressure springs enable easy – and comfortable – height adjustments.
It can also be adapted for use over a toilet and in a bath. The bath frame adaptor along with the slim design of the removable seat makes it very easy to use in the bathtub, and with the seat unit so close to the tub floor, water consumption is reduced by not needing to fill the tub with as much water.
The unit is also easy to fold, reducing to a height of just 28cm, and all while having the seat still attached.

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Product News

Bantam Stander Delivers New Package

The Bantam is a fantastic stander, with positioning including 90-90 sitting, fully vertical standing, full supine lying and anywhere in between. It has been updated for 2022, and can now be offered as a great value package that delivers additional accessories.

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Ready, Set, Race: Try
Frame Running

The Petra Frame Runner is new to our range and is now available for trials! Frame running is an excellent athletic pursuit, fantastic social activity and, most importantly, is just good fun!

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A Supportive Stroller for Everyday Outings

The Duro Stroller is a supportive, stable and easy stroller for everyday outings. Whether navigating city footpaths or the outdoors terrain, the Duro Stroller has a great range of support and positioning accessories that will enable you and your child to embrace the outdoors.

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Go Anywhere with a Vinyl GoTo Seat

Did you know the ever-popular GoTo seat from Firefly can be ordered with a vinyl cover? The vinyl is water resistant, can be wiped clean and is hard wearing – making this portable seat even more functional. 

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In Depth: Complex Positioning Needs

Children and young people with the most complex needs require special care and attention in terms of positioning. They may not have the ability to move independently or communicate discomfort, so their therapy team and carers need to look at a full spectrum of indicators to best understand their needs.
Every day, supportive positioning should aim to provide adequate rest and relaxation, assist mealtimes and daily care tasks, and facilitate participation in a range of engaging activities for the body and mind.
Finding the most appropriate supportive positioning relies on the team having a good understanding of all the factors relating to the child. Consideration is given to the child’s abilities, what difficulties they have, and what the objectives are for participation in the family or community. The unique qualities of the child, the requirements of the family or carers, and the environment in which the product is to be used, provides further information to assist us in identifying suitable products. Most importantly, understanding a person’s physical presentation is key to determining what features and adjustability is required to provide adequate support and comfort. To meet these needs, products require large degrees of flexibility and adjustability.
Our clinical approach, as well as our specialist knowledge, enables us to assist in guiding the process of finding a suitable product.

We have recently welcomed two new products to our range to assist with these most complex needs.
The SmartSeat Pro is a highly specialised seating system that provides an ‘easy chair’ with the ultimate support and postural alignment. With a host of adjustments, as well as accessories, this chair can be set up to provide a tailored fit for each individual to ensure optimal positioning and comfort. We now have stock available for trials, so please book an appointment to see it in action.
The Till Stander is a highly adjustable 3-in-1 standing frame that suits children and young people with a range of disabilities. The frame can be used to support a range of postural deviations, and the advanced model features joints at the hip, knee and ankle so that individual adjustments can be made to support the correct length and angle.

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