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Financial Freedom—Why Not?*

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The YFSOL Team

*Seriously—why not?

Do Yacht Crew Want Crypto?
Crew Survey Results 

We surveyed the top earners on board yachts to get their opinions about what would help everyone build wealth—including you.

Here are the responses to one of the questions, along with the percentage of respondents who ticked a particular answer. We asked what kinds of investments appeal to the top earners:
Cryptocurrencies were the least popular of the suggestions we made. Do you agree? Click here and add your voice AND have a chance of winning an Amazon voucher worth €50:
What I Would Invest In...

Be Rich: Step 2—Beat Risk 

Risk is the secret sauce to becoming rich. It's what drives the growth of your money. Embrace it, tame it and above all use it. Here's how to do so without losing your shirt:
Financial Planning—Risk & Reward
Animated Guide to Financial Freedom, Step 2: Risk & Reward

Be Rich: Step 1 (from the last newsletter) is here: The Journey.

Swallow the Anchor—Season 3

In the premiere episode of season 3, Clive Evans, YFSOL’s chairman, talks about the one thing you can do every day to achieve your dreams.

Click here to listen: Swallow the Anchor Season 3 Episode 1.
Click here to listen to the whole of the last season:
Swallow the Anchor Season 2

Can You Believe THIS?!

Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller album is the best-selling album of all time. It made Jackson tens of millions of dollars. In his life, he earned an estimated $1.1 billion from his songs. Yet he squandered it all. At the time of his death, he reportedly owed $500 million.
In our experience, the average yacht crew member will fritter away close to $1million during a 10- to 15-year career in yachting. Imagine, instead, leaving yachting a millionaire...

Meet Teresa in Antibes

Set up a face-to-face consultation with Teresa in Antibes. She'll be there until 9th March.
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Yes! I Want to Meet Teresa

Qualifications News—Do Your Certs in Ireland

At the end of last year, we had an exclusive meeting with the National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI) in Co. Cork to hear about its Professional Yachting Association (PYA) approved courses for the yachting sector. Here is what we learned.

Run together with the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) Tourism & Hospitality Studies Department, the NMCI courses range from introductory level to management level. They fall under the Guidelines for Unified Excellence in Service Training (GUEST) and the college is the only GUEST approved training centre in Ireland.

All GUEST approved trainers at NMCI have extensive yachting and high-end hospitality backgrounds and are based at the NMCI or CIT.
Jim O’Byrne, Head of NMCI Services, said, "Working onboard a superyacht offers you a unique lifestyle and the opportunity to travel the world. These courses will give students all the theoretical and practical skills necessary to be an active crew member onboard a superyacht, ensuring that every yacht owner receives the highest levels of service and presentation."

In the coming year, the NMCI will be running entry-level deck and engine courses, OOW levels, right up to chief engineer and master level. The NMCI’s superyacht courses are open to anyone above the age of 18.
For more information on the National Maritime College of Ireland’s Superyacht Division email

You Are in the Draw for an Amazon Voucher worth €50—AND YOU CAN DOUBLE YOUR POTENTIAL WINNINGS

You deserve something for taking the time to read this briefing.
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In the meantime, don't trust dumb luck to earn yourself some extra money. Take action—Plan—Work towards financial freedom. You can do it. All you need to do is ask us to help.

See you in the next issue.

The YFSOL Team
In a recent survey we did among the top earners in yachting, cryptocurrencies were the least popular of the investment suggestions we made. Do you agree? Click here and add your voice AND have a chance of winning an Amazon voucher worth €50:
What I Would Invest In...
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