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A Topic I Didn’t Want to Write About, But Feel I Have To

As I sat down to write my article for this month, I wanted to write about the new school year, providing words of wisdom to help everyone start off the year on a positive foot. But I keep thinking… [Read more


Communicating With Each Other Just Got Better   

I am pleased to announce Member Forums, a new place to share ideas, ask and answer questions, post information and be part of the community. [Read more]


Welcoming New Families Begins Long Before School Starts

Welcoming needs to be done in an intentional way.  With deliberate planning and implementation, you will help to create an atmosphere that welcomes families and helps parents to feel a sense of trust and confidence. Here is how we do it. [Read more]


New Jewish Education Materials Now Available

BimBam is a new set of educational videos created to spark connections to Judaism through digital storytelling. They are creative, fun, and accessible for learners of every age. [Read more].


Why Early Childhood Education: “In the Beginning Is Relation”

I used to think of preschool as the place where little kids learn the basics – a few letters and numbers, when to sit still and be quiet, and how to color within the lines and use things like school paste. But there is more to it than just that. [Read more]


Tales of Glitter and Glue...

So, we had parent orientation on Thursday night, all the parents of incoming 2-year-olds sitting in little tiny preschool chairs intently listening to all that their new teachers had to say about carpool, toilet training, and separation anxiety.

Talk about anxiety, out of the corner of one teacher's eye, she sees movement in the back of the room, out of eyesight of the parents. Yes, it was a mouse frolicking among the freshly scrubbed dolls and toys.
Did the teacher scream? No.
Did she run out of the room? No.
Did she keep her cool until everyone left an hour later? Absolutely.

This month's Tales of Glamour and Glue was submitted by Carol Paster, Early Childhood Director at the Iris Family Center for Early Childhood Education in South Orange, NJ. If you would like to share an interesting or funny short anecdote of your own, please submit it to Amy Damast at


Make your hotel reservations for Kallah. 

Join the more than 150 teachers, directors, lay-leaders, and others with an interest in early childhood programs associated with a Jewish organization in St. Louis, MO from February 19 through February 22, 2020.

Registration opens the last week of October. Learn more about Kallah on our website.

An intentional learning environment is one that fosters activity and feedback and creates a culture that encourages metacognition, that is one in which the learner becomes aware of his/her learning process. Teachers and directors can learn to create environments suited for intentional learning and develop a reflective practice. Curriculum can be used as a blueprint to organize, plan, and create meaningful activities and experiences.

We have arranged a block of rooms and special rates with Hilton Frontenac Hotel. You can start making your room reservations now though the booking page they have set up for this event.

You can also extend your stay by three days (before or after) at the same rate by calling the hotel after you booked your room online.


September 2019

TEACHERS ONLY: Using Job Charts To Teach Across Content Areas
Date: Sept. 19, 2019
Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm EDT

For Directors and Assistant Directors: Providing Effective Formative Feedback To Improve Instruction
Date: Sept. 26, 2019
Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm EDT

Click here for the full ECE-RJ calendar.


Membership Dues 2019-2020

Did you know that this year marks the 20th year of ECE-RJ?  In honor of this auspicious occasion, we are launching an EXCITING promotion to help you engage your staff and your community with our ECE-RJ community!

  • NEW!  A special network just for Assistant Directors!  For only $180 for the year, you can join your Assistant Director in ECE-RJ
  • REVISED!  Join your ENTIRE faculty for only $120 for the year.  Whether you have 3 teachers or 30 teachers – this is an amazing opportunity to give your teachers the gift of ECE-RJ

Have questions?  Reach out to our VP of Membership, Lisa Samick at  

ECE-RJ Unite is proud to feature articles written by ECE-RJ members and members of our larger early childhood community. The content is designed to educate and inform members. Publication of an article does not imply endorsement of a product or position. For information on article submission, contact Amy Damast at
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