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As our city responds to the spread of coronavirus, we will be providing periodic email bulletins, summarizing and sharing important news and information.
Dear Friends,
With a long Labor Day weekend upon us and sweltering heat moving into the region, many people will head to the beach in the next few days. We are at a key point in our battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, however, and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has released some tips to help you stay safe as you enjoy the holiday weekend.
Tips for Staying Safe at the Beach this Labor Day Weekend: 
  • Face coverings are required at all times when you are not in the ocean. 
  • Stay at least six feet away from all other beachgoers 
  • Do not gather with people who do not live in your household 
  • Visit the beach at off-hours like the early morning or evening to avoid large crowds 
  • Spread out - Los Angeles has 20 beaches along 70 miles of coastline 
  • Pick up your trash when you leave 
  • If there is no room in a trashcan, don’t overload it. Take your trash with you or find a can with space. 
  • Do not light bonfires. Beach bonfires are illegal and harmful to both the environment and other beachgoers. 

Los Angeles continues to make progress in shrinking our case rate and we are moving closer to being able to apply to open more businesses. But this progress and the hard work we have done to stop the spread of COVID-19 will all be for naught if we get careless this weekend. Please wear a mask, avoid crowds, and wash your hands frequently to do your part to end the pandemic. 
Thank you for your partnership as we work to move Los Angeles forward, do good, and get things done in our neighborhoods. 
Take good care, 

Councilmember, 11th District 

P.S. Even though many City facilities - including my offices - will be physically closed to the public, my staff and I remain at work and available to serve you. If you want to reach us, please call 213-444-3508. It is a new central number that allows you to reach us even when my staff is telecommuting. You can also email us, and you can call 311 to request basic city services. We are committed to continuing throughout this public health crisis the work we do every day to help solve problems in our neighborhood.

Updates: A Summary of Recent COVID-19 News and Announcements 




The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health regularly releases updated data tracking the spread of COVID-19 cases throughout the region. The numbers highlight the painful reality of how this disease is spreading in Los Angeles, demonstrating demographic disparities in who is getting sick with COVID, and showing that the disease is hitting the lower-income and working-class communities hardest. Updated community data can be found below. 
Westside Cases by Community (as of September 3, 2020 at 8 pm): 

  • West Los Angeles - 471 
  • Westchester - 394 
  • Del Rey - 328 
  • Mar Vista - 297 
  • Venice - 266 
  • Brentwood - 269 
  • Playa Vista - 129 
  • Pacific Palisades - 116 
  • Marina Peninsula - 30 
  • Playa del Rey - 27 
  • Palisades Highlands - 22 
  • Mandeville Canyon - 22 

See the data dashboard at
Los Angeles County officials announced an updated reopening plan Wednesday, keeping shopping malls closed while allowing barbershops and hair salons to operate indoors again under certain restrictions.
Hair salons and barbershops will be allowed to operate indoors at 25% capacity if they practice social distancing, and employees wear masks and follow other health-related mandates.
You can find out more about the new rules for salons in LA at
Wearing a mask correctly can help significantly reduce COVID-19 transmission, and studies are now showing that wearing a mask also helps offer some protection from getting infected. 
Your mask isn’t effective, however, unless it’s covering your nose and mouth. It isn’t effective if it’s in your pocket or sitting at home. It is only effective when it is always worn while you are outside of your home and near people not in your family.…/evidence-mounts-that-masks-help-l…
Even as the federal government has fallen short on providing the coronavirus testing we need, thanks to Mayor Garcetti, the City of Los Angeles is stepping up to make sure free COVID-19 testing is available to ALL Los Angeles residents!
Residents are encouraged to visit one of the more than 100 county and city-funded sites (including drive-thru and mobile pop up sites) located throughout the County of Los Angeles to get a free test, whether or not they are experiencing symptoms.
Register for a test at a location near you using the interactive map or directory at the link below.
Appointments are available at or by calling 213-978-1028. 
Contact tracing is when health workers notify you that you’ve been in contact with an infected person, and you should also get tested. Public health departments have used contact tracing for decades to fight infectious diseases. 
In California, our contact tracing program is called California Connected. 
Under this program, health workers will talk to those who have tested positive. They’ll alert anyone they may have exposed, keeping names confidential. They’ll check symptoms, offer testing, and discuss next steps like self-isolation and medical care.
By finding spread patterns quickly, we slow infection and help avoid outbreaks. This lets California keep healthcare needs below capacity and safely reopen businesses.
You can find out more about California Connected at
Have you visited a restaurant or business that's not following proper safety protocols, such as socially distant spaces, not requiring face masks, or poor cleaning procedures? You can report violations by calling 311 or visiting
It takes everyone doing their part to stop the spread of this pandemic. If you see a business not complying with safety guidelines, please help protect our neighborhoods by reporting the business to the city. 



LAUSD School Boardmember Nick Melvoin has set up a network of support to assist with questions about technology, learning, and other resources. Check out the list of resources below. 


Los Angeles Unified will continue to provide nutritious meals to students and community members who need them while students are learning in virtual classrooms, and thanks to a change in the operating hours, students and families will now have ample time to pick up their meals and eat before online classes begin.
LAUSD's Grab & Go Food Centers are now staffed weekdays from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Two meals are provided per person. Los Angeles Unified students and their parents should bring their meal barcode card (available at their school) or barcode (sent by mail) to get scanned for meal pickups. Each student has a separate bar code. Adults do not need a barcode to pick up meals.
If you have any questions concerning your student's account, please email For additional information and menus, please visit LAUSD Food Services.




On Wednesday, the City of Los Angeles declared a fiscal emergency and authorized big budget cuts. Angelenos are going to be feeling a lot of pain — and our police union’s insistence on more money for raises is largely responsible. 
To pay for police union raises and bonuses, the City will slash funding for emergency preparedness for earthquakes and wildfires, slow purchase of equipment for the fire department, and cut gang intervention programs. The City will need to cut programs for affordable housing, renter assistance, lunches for our seniors, and support for small businesses. The City will need to cut funds for street resurfacing, new traffic signals, sidewalk repair, and maintaining parks and seasonal pools. And to pay for the raises, the LAPD says it will need to cut neighborhood patrols, harming 911 response times. The police union approach means Los Angeles residents will pay LAPD more money to do less policing. 
At Wednesday’s meeting, Mike proposed a simple amendment, asking for the city to invite the police union to discuss postponing their raises and bonuses to avert devastating cuts to the services Angelenos need, and to prevent a dangerous increase in 911 response times. Unfortunately, Mike’s motion failed by a 9-3 vote, and then Mike was the lone vote against moving forward with service cuts and furloughs for civilian employees.
To find out more about how the police union is forcing budget cuts that will make Los Angeles less healthy, less secure, and considerably less safe, read Mike’s Op-Ed published by the Los Angeles Times at the link below.
The city council voted this week to spend $10 million on a legal defense fund for renters facing eviction in LA. 
The action taken by the city council calls for a program similar to the “right to counsel” legal aid fund that Mike has been working with tenant rights organizations to advocate for in recent years, and will help make sure that tenants have access to resources to defend themselves when facing an eviction. Especially with the variety of new laws regarding eviction proceedings at multiple jurisdictions, the emergency eviction defense fund will help stop people from becoming homeless as the pandemic continues. 
Governor Newsom signed a new bill into law this week, allowing tenants in California who pay at least 25% of the rent that they owe and prove financial distress because of COVID-19 to avoid eviction. The new law will not apply in Los Angeles, however, since LA has a stronger eviction-protection ordinance on the books.
To help tenants navigate the confusing legal landscape, the City Attorney has created a webpage to answer questions. According to the City Attorney’s office, “Tenants in the City of Los Angeles who experience COVID-19 financial stress will continue to be protected from eviction by the City’s existing tenant pandemic ordinance. The City’s ordinance offers overall greater protection for tenants than the State’s new law (AB 3088 - The Tenant Relief Act of 2020) or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) new order, although the State’s new law provides some additional benefit that tenants should consider.”
Check out a few facts that help answer some key questions facing LA tenants and landlords in the next few days at
The city council voted this week to devote up to $50 million in federal funds to new programs meant to assist low-income homes in LA, including a “right to recover” program that would replace wages for people who test positive for COVID-19 and need financial aid. The LA program will be modeled after a San Francisco effort that launched earlier this summer.
The council additionally voted to explore a broader “paycheck assistance” program that would provide supplemental income to poor households left out of federal programs. City staffers will report back with more details on both programs, which will be funded by federal money earmarked for COVID-19 relief, at an upcoming council meeting. 
The Los Angeles Community College District is easing its enrollment process for the Fall 2020 school year and making it affordable for Angelenos to receive an education that will prepare them for a professional career. 
The LACCD College Promise program guarantees acceptance to any of LACCD's nine community colleges for graduating high school seniors or first-time, full-time college students of any age in Los Angeles County. Students will not be charged tuition fees for enrollment. 
If you or someone you know is interested in this program, check out the virtual enrollment toolkit at the link below.
The City of LA is offering Angelenos who have been hardest hit by the pandemic resources and support.
With the help of the city’s Economic and Workforce Development Department, L.A. Connected will provide residents with access to financial resources such as Economic Impact Payments, Unemployment insurance, income tax credits, banking resources, and more.
Find out more at
Hire LA's Youth is a city effort offering virtual and in-person jobs for young people, between the ages of 14 and 24, who live in the City of Los Angeles and meet the eligibility criteria. All COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed at in-person job sites.
The program will help young people prepare for a summer or year-round job, including writing a resume, practice interviews, and learning how to manage the money they earn.
2020 is a unique year for Hire LA’s Youth, but the program continues and is stronger than ever because the City of Los Angeles knows that opening the door to a job is life-changing for any young person, especially those facing economic and social challenges.
Find out more at
Los Angeles is offering an online job portal for residents who have been impacted by COVID-19.
The L.A. Job Portal enables residents to apply to job opportunities across all industries throughout the county. Jobs are being posted on a regular basis and cater to a wide variety of skill sets.
Please visit to find out more and start applying.
Mayor Garcetti announced recently that he was extending the program that offers free outdoor dining permits to restaurants through the end of 2020. 
Great Westside restaurants are already participating in the program. Check out an updated list of Westside restaurants participating in the program at
A new City of Los Angeles program is providing emergency artist relief funds to artists who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The payments are designed to support artists and performers, especially those who have had difficulty accessing traditional unemployment or other relief funds due to the nature of their work—and support the creation of new public art for the city. 
Artists can find out more and apply at



Late last month, the USPS suddenly decided to suspend mail service to Mar Vista Gardens, a Westside public housing development with more than 600 families and 1,800 residents. The regional Postmaster told residents that if they wanted their mail, they needed to pick it up themselves -- at a post office more than a mile away. 

The decision had significant and severe consequences for residents for Mar Vista Gardens. Many of them do not own cars or have access to get to the postal facility. Many are seniors or people with disabilities who don’t have the ability to make daily trips outside their homes. Many of them are essential workers, juggling job responsibilities and trying to educate their kids at home -- they don’t have the flexibility or the time to go to an offsite location to retrieve their mail. The decision to suspend their mail service denies them access to essentials, such as their income, medicine, and voting and election information.

After advocacy by Mike, neighbors in Mar Vista Gardens, local groups like People Organized for Westside Renewal (POWER), and leaders like Congressmember Karen Bass, the postal service has temporarily resumed delivering mail to the more than 600 families at Mar Vista Gardens. 

The US Postal Service additionally let neighbors know that they will be doing “daily evaluations” to ensure there are no issues with delivery. While this is encouraging progress, the USPS has also circulated flyers to the community saying they are continuing to move forward with their controversial and burdensome plans to install centralized mailboxes for the more than 1,800 people who live in the complex. 

Mike will continue monitoring the situation to ensure this essential service is preserved for the families who live in Mar Vista Gardens.
To help the city stop unregulated rentals from taking affordable housing off the market, while preserving the ability of hosts to share an extra room or their primary residence when they are away, Los Angeles City Planning launched a new compliance system to remove Illegal short-term rental listings from home-sharing websites. 
The system uses an Application Programming Interface (API) that automates the collection and verification of short-term rental listings and has the capacity to automatically take down unpermitted listings on host websites.
This innovative digital tool enhances the city’s ability to enforce the city’s home-sharing ordinance that went into effect July 1, 2019 and will help hold companies accountable for upholding the ordinance’s terms. Already with the launch of the API this month, illegal listings have decreased by 14 percent. 
This technology-fueled effort is a great step to striking a balance between hosts, home-sharing companies, and the city in order to maintain LA’s housing stock.
You can read the full press release…/229efab3-2d38-45c3-88a2… and visit…/initiatives-poli…/home-sharing to learn more about the Home Sharing ordinance.
LADOT is gearing up for a new cycle of its competitive speed hump program that will allow residents to apply for a new speed hump on their neighborhood street.
The application portal will open Wednesday, September 16 at 8 am. There are only 30 slots available in each council district, so residents are encouraged to apply right at 8 am!
Once slots are full, LADOT staff will conduct a comprehensive study of each application and will open the next cycle in six months. 
Find out more about the application at the link below.
Help shape the future of your neighborhood.
Throughout the month of September, Los Angeles City Planning will be hosting a series of virtual office hours sessions to discuss the Westside Community Plan Update -- an effort to modernize the local guidelines that dictate how we can create thriving neighborhoods that align with environmental, land use, and housing goals for the city. 
During office hours, city planning staff will be available to speak with residents about the land use ideas that have been presented during past planning workshops for each of the four areas on the Westside undergoing community plan updates.
Neighbors will have the option to sign up for 45-minute time slots for one-on-one or group meetings. Residents can sign up for a meeting using the following links. 

Should appointment times fill up, or your preferred time is not available, please be sure to sign up on the waitlist link provided on each page, and planning staff will follow up with you. 
Learn more about Westside Community Plan Update at the link below.…/community-p…/planning-westside
The City is launching a new effort to help support families during the COVID pandemic.
Starting Monday, August 31, the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks will offer alternative learning centers and after school programs for elementary school students in grades 1 - 5.
Kids participating in the program will play in safe and supervised learning spaces, engage in recreational activities, have access to the internet, and more. Participants are encouraged to bring their own lunch, a wifi-enabled tablet or computer, headphones, and other personal learning materials. No instruction will be given by staff, only supervision to ensure children’s safety.
All centers will follow guidance from the Los Angeles Department of Public Health and Centers for Disease Control. Staff and participants will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms and temperature checked.
The SAFER at Parks program will be held at 10 locations throughout Los Angeles, including two centers on the Westside - Penmar Recreation Center and Westchester Recreation Center. Space is limited to 24 participants per location each week.
Registration is open now at
A heatwave has hit LA, and there are steps you can take to stay safe and cool! 
The heat can become dangerous, especially for children, pets, people who work outside, and people with certain health conditions. Staying safe in high heat is important. Follow these simple tips to stay cool: 

  • Drink plenty of cool water! Stay hydrated. 
  • Wear loose, light-colored clothing that will keep you cool. Wear sunscreen and a hat for protection.
  • Check on neighbors who might be vulnerable to the heat, especially those without air conditioning. 
  • Never leave children or pets in a car - not even for one minute. Temperatures inside a car can quickly skyrocket to deadly levels. 
  • If you work or play outside, take frequent breaks to hydrate and cool off in the shade. 
  • Don't forget your pets! Keep pets indoors if possible. If kept outside, give them plenty of water and shade to rest in. 
  • Symptoms of heat-related illness include dizziness, fatigue, faintness, headaches, muscle cramps, and increased thirst. If you experience these symptoms, seek medical attention.

Find out more about staying safe as it heats up at
The City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks manages many of our open spaces in LA and has provided a list of public areas that are open and closed to the public, and canceled events while we work to avoid gathering in crowds during the pandemic.
Neighbors using city parks should always practice physical distancing and are required to wear face coverings to protect themselves and others.
Visit to find out more.
You can help make sure your neighborhoods get the representation and resources you need. The Census 2020 questionnaire is still available online and by completing it, you can help make sure that when policymakers decide how to invest in communities, or how many representatives each community should have, the City of Los Angeles will receive what we deserve. 
#BeCounted today by visiting
With the heat we are experiencing, the Los Angeles Fire Department reported that the Wildfire Danger rating for the City of Los Angeles is likely to be VERY HIGH, and LAFD advises that the need for extreme caution will likely continue into next week.
Those of you in high fire risk zones, please be vigilant and please be prepared. Review the LAFD's Ready, Set, Go protocols at
Sign up for NotifyLA at 
Resources are available to help ensure your neighborhood is prepared in the event of an emergency.
Ready Your LA Neighborhood (RYLAN) is a service offered by the City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department that empowers and provides resources for neighbors to organize and properly prepare for emergencies such as wildfires or earthquakes.
The neighborhood-driven program works to engage neighbors with emergency prep resources and materials that they can use to develop an emergency response plan of action. The RYLAN team offers training for resident leaders and a ton of emergency prep resources that can be used to save lives and reduce damage.
In response to the pandemic, the RYLAN team is offering a DIY and a virtual, team-led workshop option for neighborhood groups to participate and get the tools needed to prepare their community.
If you would like to learn more about the program and set up a training session for your neighborhood, please visit….
Neighborhoods throughout LA are signing up for a program Mike helped create to calm vehicle traffic on local streets so residents have more room to get fresh air while abiding by public health advice to stay at home and to maintain physical distancing. On certain streets in the participating neighborhoods, LADOT is posting signs and temporary barriers to slow traffic, making it safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Del Rey and West LA/Sawtelle were the first in line for the new program when it launched in May, and applications are open for other neighborhoods that want to participate.
If you would like your neighborhood to join the family-friendly streets program, see the application form LADOT at…/apply-slow-street-your-neighborho…
As public health officials advise us to stay at home as much as possible, the City of LA has extended our limited relaxed parking regulations through October 1st. Full details below:
Relaxed enforcement is extended for the following categories:

  • Residential street sweeping
  • Expired registration
  • Overnight/Oversize parking districts
  • Peak/rush hour and gridlock zone parking restrictions
  • Ticket/tow for oversized/overnight parking

Enforcement continues for:

  • Metered parking
  • Time limits within preferential parking districts for vehicles without a valid or recently-expired permit
  • Posted time limit zones in residential and commercial areas
  • All posted Temporary No-Parking signs
  • Blocking emergency access areas
  • Colored curb zones
  • Parking restrictions for City-owned lots

In addition to these steps, Angelenos will not face parking fine increases when failing to pay a ticket. Residents will also be given extended grace periods for residential and commercial drop off or pick up; granted extensions on all deadlines for payments; and offered temporary permits that can be printed at home for those who have renewed their permit but will not receive the new hangtag before their current permit expires.
Vehicles displaying recently expired permits within preferential parking districts will have a two-week grace period following the expiration to renew.
On October 1, parking enforcement will begin again, with the exception of street sweeping enforcement, which will resume at a later date. 
Los Angeles Sanitation & Environment's SAFE centers are open to help neighbors safely and properly dispose of hazardous household items - for free!
Residents can dispose of hazardous household items like paint, paint thinners, cleaners, and solvents used oil, furniture polish, or unwanted electronic equipment, which are unsafe to put in your black bin or down the drain.
There are seven SAFE Center locations, including two on the Westside at the UCLA SAFE Center in West Los Angeles and the Hyperion Safe Center in Playa del Rey.
Residents are required to wear a mask, place their waste in the trunk of the car, and stay in their vehicles when at the center.
Visit or call 800-773-2489 for more information. 
Thanks to LADOT Officials for sprucing up a faded crosswalk at the intersection of Speedway and Washington at the Venice Beach boardwalk this week. 
This improvement will enhance visibility of the pedestrian crossing as people cross the busy intersection to get to the beach. 
Mike was excited to join the grand opening of The Book Jewel, the district's newest independent bookstore. The passion project of Karen Dial of Drollinger Properties, the new store opened last week, on 87th Street in the Westchester Triangle.
Mike was glad to join Karen and her family, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce, neighbors and others for the grand opening, and for a little shopping. The store has a great kid's section and well-curated inventory reflecting the diversity of Los Angeles. 
Open 10 am - 8 pm seven days a week, the store will eventually also feature a restaurant and event space. Visit at 6259 W. 87th Street in Westchester, or check them out at
Thanks to LADOT Officials and the Bureau of Street Lighting, a series of neighborhood safety improvements were recently installed at the intersection of Beatrice Avenue and Inglewood Avenue in Del Rey.
The improvements include a freshly-painted pedestrian crosswalk, solar-powered rectangular rapid flashing beacons, night-time street lights, and additional pavement markings and signage. 
All of these improvements will greatly enhance safety for pedestrians who walk the busy intersection to move around the Del Rey community.
Big thanks to the Del Rey Neighborhood Council and community members for pushing this project forward.
Thanks to a partnership between Mike’s office, the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and the Venice Neighborhood Council, we have completed part one of an effort to improve the Westminster dog park in Venice.
This week, Rec and Parks crews made improvements to the dog park to make it more inviting for both dogs and their companions, including adding new wood chips to protect pets from splinters. The next phase of the ongoing project will convert an area of the dog park to a new small dog park. 
Thanks to Bob Davis and the Department of Recreation and Parks team and the Venice Neighborhood Council for their work to get this community upgrade going.
Del Rey residents will notice a new neighborhood art piece at the corner of Mindanao Way and Lincoln Boulevard. 
The utility box was painted by local artist Ana Miro (@TheArtsyWagon) and celebrates the beautiful and rich Latin culture that is a part of the fabric of the Del Rey community. 
Thanks to the Del Rey Neighborhood Council for sponsoring this community beautification project.
The Pacific Palisades Farmers Market has returned to the neighborhood!
Last weekend, he community farmers market resumed operations after months of not operating because of the pandemic. And the market reopened at its former location on Swarthmore Avenue, in the Palisades Village area. The market continues down Antioch Street, past Sunset Boulevard and is using the added space to ensure that social distancing is possible.
Come check out the delicious fresh food and treats this Sunday from 7:30 am to 1 pm. Please make sure to wear a face mask, wash your hands frequently, and stay at least six feet away from anyone not in your home. 

OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center is an awesome nonprofit located in West LA that provides the community with grief support services, education, resources, and hope.
In response to the pandemic, the Our House team partnered with local companies and organizations for their first-ever Week of Wellness that took place from August 24 - 30. 
The week-long virtual event offered free daily classes hosted by grief experts in the areas of visual arts, music, cooking, writing, and other grieving related areas that encourage wellness while inspiring hope and healing for grieving teens and adults.
To continue to help those in need, the team is giving everyone free access to all of the wellness activities from the virtual event. 
If you or someone you know is grieving, please visit
Are you a homeowner with a vacant accessory dwelling unit (ADU) and looking for a qualified tenant?
Consider applying to the LA ADU Accelerator Program, a one-stop-shop for homeowners interested in renting their ADUs. This program pairs older adults with homeowners willing to provide a stable home by offering their ADUs as affordable rentals. In exchange, homeowners receive benefits such as qualified tenant referrals, tenant case management, and stable rental payments. 
Visit to apply before September 18 for priority review.
Mayor Eric Garcetti's Youth Council empowers members to advocate for youth causes by giving them a voice in City Hall. It also helps develop the leaders of tomorrow. For the 2020-21 school year, the MYC will be conducted virtually. For more information on joining the MYC, please visit
Application Deadline: September 30




Just ahead of the Labor Day holiday, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is providing travelers with an increasingly touch-free experience through cutting-edge technology, physical changes and policies that are designed to help people Travel Safely at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). As more passengers begin returning to the skies, LAX is also providing technology and improvements that are creating a more comfortable, seamless and digitally based airport journey. Check out some of the highlights of the new effort at LAX below. 
Turn Your Phone Into a Check-in Kiosk Remote Control  
Guests traveling out of the Tom Bradley International Terminal now have the option of using their personal mobile device to control one of a dozen airline check-in kiosks within the Departures Level.  
Passengers simply approach one of the designated kiosks, located in Aisle A of the terminal, and connect to a designated Wi-Fi service. Once connected, guests use the camera app on their phone to scan a unique QR code on the kiosk in front of them, and their phone will become a trackpad to control the kiosk. This innovative service, a first in the United States developed by the aviation technology company SITA, prevents travelers from having to touch the screen on the kiosk, instead putting control of the check-in process into their own device.   
The service is available for any of the nearly two-dozen airlines that participate in the common-use check-in kiosk program. 
Touchless Faucets, Hands-Free Drinking Fountains and Hand Sanitizer Stations  
LAX plumbers have retrofitted traditional, manually operated drinking fountains in Terminal 4 to create a touchless system. To activate the drinking fountain, guests simply approach the device and lean over to begin the flow of water. Plumbers are installing an additional system in Terminal 5 as part of a pilot program to test the systems' reliability and functionality within the airport environment.  
Plumbers are also converting more restroom faucets to touchless systems. Nearly half of the approximately 240 touch-type faucets have been replaced to date. LAWA requires touchless restroom faucets in all new construction.  
Additionally, crews recently installed more than 250 hand sanitizer stations throughout the airport. An additional 100 stations will be installed this week, along with 18 sanitizing wipe dispensers located at the Smarte Carte rental stations.
Virtual Assistance Available  
The Virtual Assistance pilot program, which is now available in Terminal 2, allows airport guests to have real-time conversations with a customer service professional over a touch-free tablet system installed at the information booth.  
As guests approach the information booth located on Lower/Arrivals Level, they will find a tablet connected to a Guest Experience Member (GEM) or other trained volunteer waiting to help them from a remote location. GEMs are available to answer questions between 7 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. daily. The live video feed means guests can simply walk up to a tablet and begin a conversation as needed.  
Some of the services offered at these screens include help with directions, ground transportation, shopping and dining recommendations and more. If guests require immediate attention from medical or law enforcement personnel, the representative can request their presence on the guest’s behalf. Should a guest require translation assistance in a foreign language, the representative will contact LAX's translation service.   
Click here to watch a video of the new Virtual Assistance in action.
Protective Barriers Keep People Safe 
To help reduce physical contact throughout the airport, LAX and its partners have installed hundreds of new Plexiglas and acrylic barriers. LAX crews have installed more than 700 Plexiglas barriers at airline ticket counters and other locations around the airport.  
As part of its national "Stay Healthy, Stay Secure" campaign, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has installed new acrylic barriers and associated equipment at TSA’s security checkpoints at LAX. These installations provide additional physical barriers between TSA officers and the traveling public at document checking podiums and along conveyor belts.  
This new style of acrylic barrier can be seen in Terminals 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and the Tom Bradley International Terminal in areas where passengers prepare to put their carry-on items through the X-ray scanners and in the bag search areas. Other areas of the security checkpoints will retain the Plexiglas barriers that were installed earlier this year. 
Creating Touchless Elevators  
As a pilot program, elevators within the LAX Terminal 1 are now programmed to stop automatically at every floor, preventing the need for guests to touch individual buttons.   
At the same time, the airport is testing new NanoSeptic button covers, which provide a self-cleaning anti-bacterial surface that is applied over high-touch surfaces such as elevator buttons. These special applications are currently being tested in elevators inside Terminal 1 and the Tom Bradley International Terminal.  
Signage on elevators will indicate whether two or three people are allowed in the elevator at a time, depending on the size of the elevator. Family groups are exempt from this limit. LAX requests that those who are able to take an escalator or stairs do so, so the elevators can be reserved for those who need them. Guests are also reminded to keep at least six feet distance from other guests as they wait for their ride.
Personal Protective Equipment Vending Machines with Touch-Free Payment  

Guests at LAX now have access to personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hand sanitizer, face coverings and gloves via convenient vending machines located in the ticketing areas of most terminals. Each machine offers touch-free payment including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.
The new vending machines are available in pre-security areas of the Upper/Departures Level inside Terminals 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and the Tom Bradley International Terminal. Each vending machine also has an anti-microbial shield installed on hard surfaces, which provides long-lasting anti-bacterial protection. 
All of the items available in the machines, including hand sanitizer, disposable face coverings and nitrile gloves, are TSA compliant and can be brought through any of the TSA security screening checkpoints. Other products available include hygiene kits, thermometers, Ultraviolet-C sanitizers and over-the-counter medications. Products may vary by location. Click here for a video of the new PPE vending machines.
Other New Pilots and Programs
Need a face covering?  
Face coverings are required at LAX, and there are now Travel Safely Ambassadors working in Terminal 1 and the Tom Bradley International Terminal to remind guests and provide a free face covering if needed. Click here to watch a video of the LAX Travel Safely Ambassadors in action. 
UV-C Lights  
The airport is also piloting the use of UV-C lights in public areas. One pilot includes installing UV-C lights in a men’s restroom located in the Terminal 1 baggage claim area. The lights are designed to destroy pathogens that may be in the air and not yet treated by the UV-C lights within the air-handling units. The second pilot includes installing UV-C lights within escalator handrails at Terminal 1 and at the Tom Bradley International Terminal.  




Mike was happy to host another great #NeighborsHelpingNeighbors event in Venice on Friday, as he and volunteers distributed boxes of fresh produce and masks to hundreds of people at Oakwood Park. 
Thank you to Cedars-Sinai, Project Mask Los Angeles, Helper Foundation, and our wonderful volunteers for making this tremendous weekly event possible.  
Westside Friends Los Angeles mutual aid organization is providing relief during the pandemic for seniors, the immunocompromised, and others in need living on the Westside.
The organization is composed of thousands of volunteers who provide groceries, medicine, meals, and other goods to those in need. They have established a help hotline, a weekly newsletter that shares updates and pandemic resources, peer-to-peer delivery/errand support, block captain program, and other programs to support people in need. 
Westside Friends LA has also established a match leadership team made up of UCLA medical students who are responsible for connecting volunteers with people in need. 
To learn more about this amazing mutual aid group, please visit If you or someone you know is in need of support, give them a call at 213-785-2052.
Help support local efforts with your purchase of a few good books.
Starting this Labor Day weekend through September 8, Rotary Westchester is hosting its 65th annual book sale.
The book sale will be held in the Ralphs parking lot located at 8824 Sepulveda Blvd. Neighbors are invited to stop by from 9 am to 7pm to shop thousands of book titles. Proceeds will benefit humanitarian, educational, and community projects locally and internationally. 
Please wear a mask and practice physical distancing while at the event.
Help support our frontline workers and families in need who have been impacted by COVID-19 from the comfort of your backyard. 
Pacific Palisades Troop 223 has partnered with community organizations for the Great Backyard Campout - an effort to raise funds for the Westside Food Bank while bringing families and friends together for a fun camping experience. 
Here is how you can participate: 

  1. "Reserve a spot" by setting up a page at the link below; 
  2. Rally your friends, family members, and neighbors for support by asking them to visit your page;
  3. Families determine the date and setup of their campout and share their experience using #GreatBackYardCampout
  4. Children prepare dinner 
  5. Parents prepare breakfast

Each $1 raised through this event will provide four meals to someone in need.
Visit the website below to register your family for this experience and learn more about how to set up a great campout for everyone to enjoy.…/the-first-great-backyard-camp…/e282434
It is time to raise donations and awareness for all those diagnosed with muscular disease and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), including one of our own LAFD Firefighters, Eric Stevens.
Eric was recently diagnosed with ALS a month after getting married. His hope is to shed light on this underfunded disease, start a dialogue, and motivate people in power to make changes that allow terminally ill patients to have access to treatments that are still in trials but are proven to be safe.
The primary goal of the LAFD and UFLAC's involvement in the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Virtual Fill the Boot is to support those personally affected by muscular disease and to reach thousands of people with the message that individuals suffering from ALS are in a race against time for life-saving treatment to be approved by the FDA.
IAFF Firefighters have helped raise the funds for MDA to develop medications that are helping to stop and reverse the effects of certain muscular diseases. People diagnosed with ALS and other muscular disease are in a race for their lives. They need to find a cure now and that can only be done with your generous donations.
Every day, children are born with muscular dystrophy and adults are diagnosed with ALS and other life-threatening diseases that take away their most basic freedoms - like walking, talking, eating, hugging, and ultimately life itself.
Money raised from Fill the Boot also helps kids with muscular disease go to a summer adventure camp where once a year, they can be themselves and be around other kids just like them.
Please visit the link below to find out more about how you can help Eric Stevens and thousands of others with muscular disease.

Please remember to check out for up-to-date resources available to students, seniors, renters, homeowners, small businesses, workers and others in Los Angeles during this crisis. 


For the most accurate and current information, please visit:

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health:

City of Los Angeles:

Reminders - Resources Available 

Support and resources are available. Check out the infographics below for more information. 










As this COVID-19 crisis continues, neighbors are helping neighbors through mutual aid networks — groups of people who volunteer to make grocery runs, food deliveries, pharmacy pick-ups and more — all while following proper public health protocols.

Here on the Westside, Westside Friends are connecting volunteers with people in need. The Senior Support Coalition is offering no-cost services to local seniors. And Ground Game- Los Angeles is launching a mutual aid network in neighborhoods around the city. If you would like to volunteer, or if you need the assistance of any sort, you can find out more about the great groups of neighbors at this link.

Project Mask LA has also started mobilizing sewers to assemble non-medical facemasks to help Angelenos prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you need a mask or are interested in helping produce them, contact Project Mask LA on Facebook

We are in this together -- and we will get through this together, neighbor to neighbor.

Learn more in the video at
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