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Recycle old roof tiles to reduce weeds and establish positive water flow away from your foundation
Unfortunately, this area of the country has many hailstorms in a given year which often leads to the need for roof repair and/or replacement. My personal home was one that required a complete roof replacement. As the roofing company began ripping off roof tiles I asked myself "could these materials be re-purposed?" After some research, I discovered used roof tiles are an inexpensive option to reduce weeds and establish positive water flow away from a home's foundation. 

The first step when using re-purposed roof tiles is to clear a space in your yard to store the tiles to prevent them from damaging the existing yard. However, the best option, if time and energy permits, is to prepare your flower beds and/or garden for the used tiles to be placed as they are removed from the roof. The shingles serve as excellent weed control and they are heavy enough they won't blow away on a windy Kansas day. Landscape fabric under the shingles are an effective way to prevent persistent weeds from finding the nail holes. It is also necessary to remove nails that remain in the roof tiles to prevent future yard hazards. 

Good opportunity to improve water-flow around a home:

Before you begin laying down your re-purposed roof tiles, survey the ground and add dirt where needed.  A positive grade away from the house is essential in preventing water around the foundation. When this is done you can begin laying the roof tiles in beds around the home. Start with shingles from the lowest area to the highest as this will serve to shed water away from your foundation just like your roof would. When your finished with the layout, add your preferred mulch.                                  .

It is also important to highlight when improving the grade is to address how your downspouts discharge away from the house with either splash blocks, landscape piping or buried piping. I prefer buried, black, non-perforated landscape tubes. 

You shouldn't need to look too far for discarded roof shingles with all the hail activity in area. Roofers will be glad to let you take them off their hands since its fewer trips to the land fill. 

The above picture is an example of the discarded roof shingle being used as weed control under mulch. Dirt was added to correct the negative slope. A layer of cheap landscape fabric under the shingles keeps persistent weeds from finding the nail holes and a layer of mulch will cover everything up. This process also serves to protect the foundation from settlement as the ground is less likely to shrink away from the foundation due to dryness. One more benefit is that mulch beds make mowing easier and there is less to mow. 
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